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Overview of Bauhaus as Design Movement.

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  1. 1. • BAha Timeline with Concept of waves. Bauhaus falls in the third wave, its was the start of the modern movement. Happened in the first half of the 20th century.
  2. 2. Bauhaus was born in the city of Wiemer in Germany in 1919 AD after World War 1 by Architect Walter Gropius.
  3. 3. ddfewfregeggdgdg Bauhaus in literal sense means “School Of Construction” Curriculum designed by Walter Gropius clubbed art, design, architecture and handwork was Important part of his philosophy. “Learning by doing” had become an unofficial motto. Learning according to material and skill such as metal, textile, wood, ceramic and printing was present but Architecture remained core activity in the institution. The final Goal of all Artistic Activity is Architecture. -Walter Gropius Bauhaus School in Dessau Germany 1925 by Walter Gropius.
  4. 4. Principles Of Bauhaus. Form Follows Function. Focus to function must be given. Design must fit its purpose, be durable, economical, useful and beautiful. Quality, design for mass production and simple.
  5. 5. Major Contributors Lazlo Maholy Nagy, Visual Designer Yellow Circle 1921 Oil on Canvas
  6. 6. Q 1 Suprematistic Z II
  7. 7. Space Modulator L3 Nickel Construction
  8. 8. Paul Klee Painter The Twittering machine Three Exotic Youths
  9. 9. Fire in the Evening,1929 Senecio,1922
  10. 10. Wassily Kandinsky Painter Compositon VIII Oil on Canvas
  11. 11. Brownish 1931
  12. 12. Succession 1935
  13. 13. Johannes Itten Painter
  14. 14. Marcel Bruer Architect Wassily Chair Cantilever chair
  15. 15. Bauhaus Cradle The Bauhaus Cradle emerged in the early days of the German design school, but the simplicity of this magazine holder, both with regard to the form and colors used, doesn't undermine the inherent playfulness of the design. By peter keler
  16. 16. Bauhaus Lamp Probably the most iconic piece of lighting to come out of the Bauhaus, William Wagenfeld's lamp, constructed of precisely cut glass and metal, is among the first objects to emerge under the Bauhaus' technology-focused regime.
  17. 17. Barcelona Chair Designed in 1929 by future Bauhaus head Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and partner Lily Reich, the gentle, swooping lines Barcelona chair served as a precursor of what was to come with the mid-century modern furniture movement.
  18. 18. Bauhaus Chess Set Designed in 1922 by Josef Hartwig, the best part about the chess pieces is that the design of each also indicates the type of movement it is capable of.
  19. 19. Bauhaus Tea Infuser Designed in 1924 by Marianne Brandt, the Bauhaus tea infuser has a built-in strainer, non-drip spout, and heat-resistant handle made of ebony, embracing the school's principals of combining functionality and aesthetic.
  20. 20. Bauhaus Weaving
  21. 21. Posters And Typography
  22. 22. Buildings as Outcome of Bauhaus movement. Bauhuas Archives, 1965 Walter Gropius
  23. 23. Bauhaus building, Dessau.
  24. 24. Bibliography . Design the international movement with Indian parallel. – H Kumar Vyas Theory and Deign in the first machine age. – Rayner Banham