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Diversity Recruiting and the Social Graph


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Diversity Recruitment and the Social Graph, challenges in capturing diversity across social networking channels. Challenges in leveraging diversity in the social media space. Presented at HR/Benefits Sector meeting in Dallas March 2012

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Diversity Recruiting and the Social Graph

  1. 1. DIVERSITY RECRUITING AND THE SOCIAL GRAPH Ananda Chakravarty March 2012 HR/Benefits Sector Meeting Dallas, TX
  2. 2. • Social Networking (Soh-shuhl Net-wur-king) n. Engagement with a community of shared interest• This really isn’t new…
  3. 3. NO OFFENSE TO AUSSIES… VIDEO – Foster Miller Beer Commercial – Social Networking
  4. 4. Social Recruiting (Soh-shuhl ri-kroot-ing) n. Toengage in finding and attracting employees, newmembers, students, athletes, etc. specifically throughsocial media or social networking sites online.Also not new…
  5. 5. SOCIAL RECRUITING – FRIENDS? VIDEO – 2008 IBM 826 Friends Commercial – Social Recruiting
  6. 6. So what IS new? What’s changed?∇ Offline to Online∇ Recruitment and Sourcing Information∇ Job Seekers and Diversity Experiences
  7. 7. Offline to Online?∇Medium∇Adoption∇Distribution
  8. 8. Recruitment and Sourcing Information∇Accessible∇Searchable∇Messy - Incomplete, inconsistent, and multisourced
  9. 9. Job Seekers & Diversity Experiences∇Previously unknown connections are known∇Establishing connectivity is instant∇Connections are typically weaker
  10. 10. THE ONLINE EXPERIENCE…IS DIFFERENT VIDEO – Daily Beast, Parody of Online-Offline experience on social media networks
  11. 11. SOCIAL NETWORKING∇ The Strength of Weak Ties - Mark Granovetter (Stanford Sociology Prof., 1974) ∇ Weak ties are more effective than strong ones in finding a job ∇ Strong ties already saturate and overlap individual’s other strong ties ∇ Weak ties expand the network to new networks through key nodes ∇ Groups usually tie together based on a small set of interests (even a single interest) ∇ Social capital is key, and the driver is Trust∇ Minorities have their own groups and ‘shared interest’ is their cultureYou’re only as strong as your weakest link!
  14. 14. SOCIAL RECRUITING 2008•••
  15. 15. THE DIVERSITY DEMOGRAPHICONLINE STATISTICS ON THE DIVERSE WORKFORCE AND COMMUNITY1. 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Labor, CPS and Pew Hispanic Internet Data 2011
  16. 16. CHALLENGES FOR DIVERSITY ONLINE• Identification∇ Self defined (non-obvious)∇ Candidates don’t associate with their classification∇ Multi-racial, Multi-ethnic, challenging for accurate segmentation∇ Limited data collection∇ Photos common and automatically discriminates, style over substance Yes, that’s a PhD, do you people just not get it?!
  17. 17. CHALLENGES FOR DIVERSITY ONLINE• Qualification∇ Self-identified (as in a resume)∇ Social media groups are easy to join/unjoin, small number of members participate regularly∇ ALL online recommendations at a personal level are positive (different for corporate), does not qualify candidates (except maybe for Biz Dev/Sales)∇ Education and work experience details collected may be across long periods of time or not collected (e.g. FB, Google+, etc.)∇ Inherent discrimination through data collection of: ∇ Older people ∇ Less active users of social media, again style over substance∇ Privacy constraints are recent, impacts qualification∇ Metrics are not easily available across the key hiring factors: ∇ Quality of Hire ∇ Time to Fill ∇ Cost of Hire
  18. 18. THE DYNAMIC SOCIAL GRAPH & TIMELINEA long time ago…, well…less than 20 internet eternity The World Wide Web is 2.3B Users launched, W3C Consortium formed for the internet1. March 2012 compilation: Sources: Wikipedia,,,, Quantcast, Alexa
  19. 19. White Black Asian Latino Other Age >44 Male Female18.5MM UV Trend of Print to Digital2.2MM Users becomes pronounced0.01MM UV First Professional0.5MM Users Networking Site0.1MM UV Reached user base of8.2MM Users 115MM users globally121MM UV 27% of users earn six150MM Users figure salaries13MM UV Valued at $12B, sold for $35MM139MM UV850MM Users 6.3MM sites link to FB16MM UV Largest socnet site100MM Users reaching African Americans17.5MM UV Rejected Google buyout for $900MM
  20. 20. White Black Asian Latino Other Age >44 Male Female 4B Videos streamed160MM UV daily Accessed regularly in22MM UV 12 languages59MM UV in US Largest Q&A Site100MM UV Total today - crowdsourcing90.1MM UV 30MM tweets daily300MM Users Breaks out FB’s social into professional and social3.2MM UV Fastest site to break12MM Users 10MM Uvs < 5 months4.9MM UV High Growth rate,100MM Users 100MM in 6 months185MM UV onGoogle
  21. 21. THE SOCIAL GRAPH – DIVERSITY NICHENOTE: THIS IS NOT ALL INCLUSIVE, BUT CONTAINS KEY RECRUITING FOCUSED SOCIAL NETWORKING PLAYERS 1MM+ Hispanic/Latino Professional Users 105 Historically Black Colleges & Universities Linked Over 22MM Registered Users (primarily African American) Deep connections to the US Wounded Warrior Programs and Hire a Hero programs 16MM+ Uvs, largest US Based exclusively Hispanic/Latino Ad Network Recently launched African American professionals site
  22. 22. SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERTS < 6 years Social Media expertise really starts around 2006 < 4 years Solid business models for Social media have been around since 2008 < 2 years Effective social recruiting has been around since 20101. Cartoon - courtesy use only.
  23. 23. RECRUITING EXPERTISE IN SOCIAL MEDIA• Some concerns to keep in mind: ∇ Almost 70% of members in a social media group are Inactive ∇ FB Usage is typically strongest across personal networks – friends and relatives – not professional ∇ Recruiting, Social presence, Branding online has enormous costs in Time & $$ ∇ Certain jobs are not suitable for social media ∇ High volatility of sites - fast up, fast down – e.g. Myspace ∇ Mobile technology is coming and may overwhelm online social networking – esp. in diversity ∇ Certain sites are more in tune with specific groups, targeting is critical ∇ Exclusivity on sites (or positions) can be characterized as discriminatory and non-compliant ∇ Over 23,000 currently open job positions with “Social Media” in the title – low-balling this at $50k , these jobs are valued at $1.1B annually1. 1. March 2012 statistical snapshot,
  24. 24. EMPLOYMENT BRANDING IS THE BUSINESS SOCIAL MEDIA FOR DIVERSITY∇ Employment branding is the key asset opportunity for Social Media∇ Diverse communities have just begun the process on the social networks∇ Focus on where the diverse community works and plays, don’t drive them to you (but let them if they want)∇ Broadcasting will be hit or miss∇ Agencies rely on Comscore/Quantcast ratings, which have poor correlation with high diverse traffic sites – Non-diversity sites are relative, and diversity site data are wrong.∇ Diversity Branding must be FACT to successfully build brand presence ∇ Functional, Authentic, Collaborative, Targeted
  25. 25. THANK YOU!@achakravarty presented are those of the author only and do not reflect the position orviews of any organization. This document’s sole purpose is educational.