Christian Bowman Internet Marketing Technology


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Day 1 of Get online in 09 workshop in Brisbane, March 2009.

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Christian Bowman Internet Marketing Technology

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Technology in Plain English Christian Bowman
  2. 2. First help desk Video QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  3. 3. The talk • Why is technology awesome for business? • What stuff can I do automatically? • Website Lingo • Website Technology • Cool stuff you can do with a database • “Are you ready to order now?” • Metrics • Technology and Your Business
  4. 4. Why is technology awesome for business? • It can do stuff automatically - Saves you time & money eg. common activity • Read the minds of your prospects • Cost effective • Get a PhD in Awesome overnight • Increases your sales
  5. 5. What stuff can I do automatically? • Lead generation • Business building • Client nurturing • Database segmentation • Audience surveying • Content delivery • Product/Service fulfillment
  6. 6. Key Website Terms • Domain Name Identifies an address on the internet • Hosting/Server Physical storage of your website data • Website - Pages with content Company Info, Single option landing pages, Blog posts, Shopping Carts, Online Survey, etc…
  7. 7. Website Types • Static Content is stored in the page file, data presented all the time changes are typically manual • Dynamic Content is stored in a database, data is presented when required • CMS - Content Management System Typically a Dynamic Site which allows users to edit their site themselves • Blog - Dynamic Site which displays posts according to date - similar to an online diary.
  8. 8. QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  9. 9. Multimedia Technology • MP3 Files - Compressed sound files • Video Streaming - Video playback online • Podcasting - Media for download to personal players • Camtasia - Video recorder of computer screen Links to software on resource page
  10. 10. Key Internet Marketing Terms • PPC - Pay Per Click • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation • Keywords - Significant words or phrases in a website’s content eg. “Gold Coast Accommodation”
  11. 11. Getting Domain Names • Domain Name Research , • Domain Name Registration,, • Pre-Ordering Domain Names
  12. 12. Cool stuff you can do with a database • Keep records of clients & prospects • Who bought what, why and when... • Create campaigns for a specific group • Ability to merge data – eg. Dear ~FirstName~, check this out...
  13. 13. Using an Internet Marketing Based Database • Have your activities work together • Centralise your marketing operations • Automate communication sequences Email, Mail, Fax/SMS • Automate and Schedule activities • Automatically keep track of your user
  14. 14. Example of Automation Automatic Data Entry: Contact Name Email Source Time/Date Interests Email Capture Web Page Segmentation: Survey Results Email Activity Targeted Content Delivery In less than an hour
  15. 15. Why receive payments online? • Save administration time • Automatic invoicing • Receive payments after hours • Automatic price changes • Get money in your account faster
  16. 16. Payment Mechanism Terms • Internet Merchant Facility Ability to receive credit card payments into your BANK • Payment Gateway Ability to accept credit card payments on your WEBSITE • Shopping Cart Software on your website for customers to make ORDERS for your products & services. • Check-out – Order form with your CUSTOMER’S DETAILS and PAYMENT
  17. 17. Merchant/Gateway Vs PayPal • Merchant/Gateway: Pros: Checkout process is quicker and easier Funds arrive quicker, Hosted on your server, Cons: Expensive to setup Tedious application process • PayPal: Pros: Free & Easy to setup Cons: Host on PayPal site, Bias towards Paypal members, horrible support – CAN’T CALL
  18. 18. Merchant/ Gateway
  19. 19. PayPal
  20. 20. Key Advertising Metrics • Impressions - How many people SAW your Ad? • CTR - Click Through Rate % of people who saw an Ad/link and then CLICKED CPC - Cost Per Click Total money spent divided by the number of clicks • CPA – Cost Per Acquisition Average cost per lead based on sales/leads
  21. 21. Key Traffic Metrics • Visits How many DIFFERENT people saw your page? How many pages did they view? New or Returning? • Traffic Source WHERE did my visitors come from? Search, Keywords, Type-in, Advertising or Other websites? Content Popularity What are my most popular pages?
  22. 22. Technology and Your Business • How is my web site performing now? • Which technology do I need right now? • Can I make changes to my website before I know what I need to change? Every week you delay could be costing you lots of dollars $$$$