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  1. 1. Swirl Cupcake Truck Anna Guarisco Alyssa Tilkin Heather Lightsey Margaret Seither
  2. 2. Mission Statement Our mission is to provide our loyal customers with unique and deliciouscupcakes and receiveexcellent service from our cupcake team.
  3. 3. VisionStatementTo keep the honor and tradition ofTuscaloosa by creating unique and delicious cupcakes.
  4. 4. Positions • Baker • Decorator • Cashier• Catering Operator • Manager • Truck Driver
  5. 5. Job Descriptions
  6. 6. Executive Baker • Prepare all batters, icing and other items according to recipes and yields • Maintain a solid knowledge of all menu items
  7. 7. Assistant Baker• Complete opening duties: set-up work station with required tools, equipment and supplies, inspect the cleanliness and working condition of all tools, equipment and supplies, check production schedule; establish priority items for the day, start prep work for items needed for the day.• Prepare cupcake pans and cake pans for all retail baking and prepare pans for customized orders• Breakdown work station and complete closing duties; return all food items to the proper storage areas, rotate all returned product; wrap, cover, label, and date all items being put away; straighten up and organize all storage areas; clean up and wipe down food prep areas, reach-ins/walk-ins, shelves; return all unused and clean utensils/ equipment to specified locations, turn off all equipment not needed for the next shift; restock items that were depleted during shift.
  8. 8. Decorator• Decorate cupcakes and cake pops• Create fondant, chocolate and royal icing decorations• Royal icing decorating• Prepare custom order (which includes filling cakes and carving cakes into shapes)• Maintain inventory and production area cleanliness• Clean equipment and utensils
  9. 9. Cashier• Greet customers entering establishments.• Answer customers questions, and provide information on procedures or policies.• Issue receipts, refunds, credits, or change due to customers.• Count money in cash drawers at the beginning of shifts to ensure that amounts are correct and that there is adequate change.• Take call ahead orders• Box and give the customer the cupcakes
  10. 10. Catering Operator• Assist in the timely and hygienic preparation of menu items.• Organizing staff rotations• Ensuring health and safety regulations are strictly observed, recorded and archived• Monitoring the quality of the product and service provided
  11. 11. Manager• Maintains staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees• Maintains a safe, secure, and legal work environment• Develops personal growth opportunities.• Plan and implement procedures and systems to maximize operating efficiency• Formulate department/unit policies and practices• Review performance data (financial, sales and activity reports) to monitor and measure productivity, goal progress and activity levels• Facilitate the preparation and analysis of reports• Co-ordinate financial and budget activities for maximum operational efficiency
  12. 12. Truck Driver• Drives Swirl truck over regular scheduled route, and sells cupcakes, cake pops, and beverages, to industrial and office workers, students, and to patrons of sports and public events• Loads and unloads truck.• Maintains truck and food-dispensing equipment in sanitary condition and good working order.
  13. 13. Job Specifications• Baker: Must have a high school diploma or • Catering Operator: Must have a bachelor’s equivalent. Must have a minimum of three degree in management or hospitality-related years experience in bakery production. Must field. Minimum one year outside or group sales be able to work and stand over long periods of experience in the food-service industry or time. Must be able to lift and carry heavy items related field. Must possess outstanding (35 lbs or more). organizational skills and a meticulous eye for detail. Must have full-time availability.• Decorator: Must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Must have a minimum of three • Manager: Must have a bachelor’s degree in years experience in bakery production, with at management or hospitality-related field. least one year of decorating experience. Must Minimum one year outside or group sales be able to work and stand over long periods of experience in the food-service industry or time. Must be able to lift and carry heavy items related field. Must possess outstanding (35 lbs or more). organizational skills and a meticulous eye for detail. Must have full-time availability.• Cashier/Greeter: Must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Must have knowledge • Truck Driver: Must have a high school in basic mathematics, must possess good diploma or equivalent. Must be CDL analytical and communication skills. Must be (Commercial Driver’s License) certified, with highly motivated and a hard-worker. Must be minimum two years experience of truck diving. proficient in Microsoft Office and Point-of-Sale systems. Experience is preferred but not required.
  14. 14. • Ads in… – newspapers – social media – word of mouth Recruitment Plan – flyers – etc.
  15. 15. Interview Questions1. What would you bring to 7. What do you like about Swirl? our business?2. Have you ever had 8. How did you find out experience in the about Swirl? industry? 9. How long are you3. What are you strengths? planning to stay with us?4. What are your 10. What are your weaknesses? qualifications?5. What were your Background Check: Yes or previous jobs? No?6. What was most satisfying at your last job?
  16. 16. Training Plan• Give a tour of our facility• Teach our recipes• Train decorators our famous swirl• Customer service training
  17. 17. Orientation Plan• Tour the facility• Introduce all of the employee to each other and management• One your first day, shadow an experienced employee before you can work on your own
  18. 18. Salary• Cashier- Minimum wage• Baker- $10/hour• Decorator- $8.50/hour• CateringOperator- $17/hour• Manager- $19/hour• TruckDriver- Minimum wage
  19. 19. • Insurance• Paid vacations• Raises• Promotions Benefits• Bonuses
  20. 20. Wellness Program• Everyone on the staff could go to a group fitness class together. You could advertise it at work.• You could have a “health nut” bulletin board that advertises when group fitness classes are and it could have ways to stay healthy and healthy recipes.• Let your staff know it is important for them not to come in if they are sick because we do not want to harm our customers. They just have to supply a doctor’s note. Also ever employee gets a sick day once a month. Regardless if they are actually sick one day of the month or just wants to take a day off.
  21. 21. Potential Hazards to Employees• Burns• Slipping and falling• Allergic Reaction• Cutting themselves
  22. 22. Requests• We would like off all holidays• We would like a paid lunch break and we would like it to be an hour and a half• We would like to be $20 an hour for our time• We would like paid vacations every month• We would like our children to be able to come to work with us everyday
  23. 23. Negotiations• Closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years and all of the other holidays you can pick one to be off• We can have 30 minute breaks and two 15 minute breaks• We will be paid $12 an hour• 1 Paid vacation per year depending on sonority, have to work with company for at least one year• Once every 2 months take your kid to work day
  24. 24. Unionize• We are NOT going to unionize!!! – Because we managed to work out our issues with the managers therefore we do not have to unionize.
  25. 25. StrawberryCupcake with Strawberry Icing
  26. 26. Lemon Meringue Cupcake with Toasted Meringue Icing
  27. 27. ChocolateCupcake with Pink Vanilla Icing
  28. 28. ChocolateCupcake with Milk Chocolate Icing
  29. 29. Holiday Cupcakes
  30. 30. Cake Pops
  31. 31. Marketing