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Evt 6664 Session 3 (A)


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Evt 6664 Session 3 (A)

  1. 1. UWF EVT 6664 Session 3 (a) BY: Anthony C. Grant THE KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL, FAMILY, AND COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS Partnerships in Polk County Florida Public Relations Our goal is to provide members of our community with up-to-the-minute news and information on public schools in Polk County. Community Involvement Welcome to the Community Involvement homepage of the Community Relations Department. Here you will find a variety of information on how you can start getting involved in public education as a business or community organization. Please browse our site and contact us with any questions you might have. Broadcast Communications Our goal is to provide the citizens of Polk County with a quality source of news and information about the programs and services offered by the Polk County School Board. We welcome your input as we continue to develop this valuable communications tool as a link between homes and schools.
  2. 2. Volunteers The Polk County School Board has an outstanding volunteer program, with over one million service hours donated by more than 30,000 volunteers each year. Investing in our schools helps students succeed. Becoming a Volunteer The security of our students is a primary concern. Volunteers pay a one-time, non refundable fee of $24.00 to cover the cost of a Florida Department of Law Enforcement background check. Payment is made by certified check or money order payable to the Polk County School Board and submitted with a volunteer application at the school site. Volunteer approval is continuous from year to year and applies to all Polk County Schools. Check with your school and make sure you are not already approved. How Can You Help? Ways to Help The Polk Education Foundation has several ways for an individual to help with the many progams they offer. Here is a list of some of the ways you can help. 1. Donate "Just One $ for the Kids" Payroll Deduction Program If you are a Polk County School Board employee, you can help by filling out a payroll deduction card for just $1/month. This
  3. 3. money will automatically be taken out of your check and used to help those events and students involved in various programs. The money you donate may be deducted from your taxes if you request a tax deduction letter at the beginning of each year. Please contact Lou Ann Antonelli (863) 534-0519 at the foundation office for more information or download a payroll deduction card and send it back to the PEF Courier Route E. Pledge A pledged gift offers donors an opportunity to support the Foundation by making monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments. If 10,000 Polk County residents donated just $1 per month, the Foundation could raise over $100,000 in just a year! Memorial or Honor Gifts Make a gift in memory or in honor of an individual or group. Contact our office for more information. 2. Sponsor • Grants Grants for teachers, schools and special projects are funded through the generosity of individuals, corporations and civic groups • Event Sponsorship Sponsoring a Polk Education event or program provides many benefits to your organization. o Sponsorship could be provided to things like the county science fair, spelling bee, poetry contest, academic competitions and minority achievement banquet just to name a few.
  4. 4. • Sponsor a Foundation Program AmeriCorps Polk Reads, Take Stock in Children, Teacher to Teacher/School to School Connection, Project Fill-A-Bucket and more. 3. Volunteer • As an Event VolunteerServe on an event planning committee and help with various tasks associated with hosting events • As an Office Volunteer Assist with various tasks and projects as needed • As a Reading Tutor Work with K-3rd grade students. http://www.polk- • As a TSIC Mentor Serve up to 30 minutes per week mentoring a scholarship student in grades 7-12. 4. Purchase Purchase a License for Learning license plate. This license plate shows that you care about education in Polk County. When you pay for this plate, the additional $20 will be returned to Polk County classrooms through grants and services of the PEF. The $20 is also tax deductible. These tags are available at your local tag office. The tag is listed under Florida Educational. Click the link below and renew your tag now. Please consider purchasing Support Education License tags for your company or fleet vehicles as well. 5. Plan A retirement fund advisor, tax attorney, or certified financial planner may advise you of the best way to make a planned gift that would benefit you most.
  5. 5. • Bequests Remembering the Education Foundation in a will or living trust is one way to support future student achievement. To be recognized appropriately, the following language must be used for a will or living trust to be recognized: “I give, devise and bequeath to the Polk Education Foundation (or the Polk Education Foundation Endowment Fund) the sum of ______dollars (or ______% of the estate, or otherwise describe the gift)” For more information, please contact Susan Copeland, phone: (863)534-0434. • Charitable Annuities Charitable gift annuities make it possible for a donor to benefit public school students or teachers while guaranteeing income for specified parties and specified lengths of time. This is achieved by donating assets to the Foundation in exchange for the Foundation’s promise to pay the specified party the guaranteed income. For more information, please contact Susan Copeland phone: (863) 534-0434. Charitable Trusts: • Charitable Remainder Trust: You may establish a trust designed to provide income to you or one or more beneficiaries for life or a specified number of years. At termination, the trust assets are paid to the Polk Education Foundation. • Charitable Lead Trust: A Charitable lead trust is similar to the charitable remainder trust with one exception. With a charitable lead trust, the Polk Education Foundation receives the income payments for a term of years of the life of the individual(s). When the trust terminates, the remaining trust assets and undistributed income revert back to you or your beneficiaries. For more information, please contact Susan Copeland phone: (863) 534-0434. • Life Insurance: You may provide for a future gift by naming the Polk Education Foundation as a primary, co-primary or contingent beneficiary on your life insurance policy. You may also transfer
  6. 6. ownership of a paid-in-full policy to the Foundation, or purchase a policy naming the Foundation as owner or beneficiary. For more information, please contact Susan Copeland phone: (863) 534-0434. • Retirement Plans: Retirement plans can make a desired gift possible by naming the Foundation as beneficiary of all or a portion of the remainder of the account. For more information, please contact Susan Copeland phone: (863) 534-0434. Mentors - Youth Motivators and Take Stock in Children Youth Motivators The Youth Motivator program brings together positive role models from the community and students who can benefit from one-on-one attention. Students are selected by teachers and guidance counselors. Parents sign a permission form for participation in the program. Students and mentors meet, usually once a week, to work together to improve grades, set goals for improved attendance and behavior or focus on career interests. Take Stock in Children Take Stock in Children is an award-winning program that provides scholarships, mentors, and hope for a better future to Florida's most deserving low-income, at-risk children. A public-private partnership, this school-based mentoring organization has positively affected the lives of more than 11,000 children since 1995 AmeriCorps Polk Reads
  7. 7. AmeriCorps Polk Reads is a grant-funded reading tutoring program in Polk County, Florida. Members provide reading tutoring to more than 425 K-3 students each year while working collaboratively with community agencies to strengthen community ties. Doing Business With Us Business Partners Good education is good for business and good for the community. The purpose of the Partners in Education program is to strengthen the educational process through collaborative relationships between schools and the community. Vendor Application The School Board of Polk County welcomes the opportunity for a business relationship with interested suppliers in the community. The district’s Purchasing Department is interested in fostering participation by all qualified business persons offering commodities and/or services that may be used by the District. Facilities and Operations Projects Here you will find information on Facilites Projects, Construction Bids, Pre-qualification, Permits, and Public Announcements.
  8. 8. School Concurrency Ideally, School Concurrency provides coordinated planning among the County, local governments, and the School District to ensure that school capacity is available at the time of impact of residential development. Polk County’s accelerated growth has led to a growing demand for school facilities. The implementation of public school concurrency will result in a cooperative and financially feasible process permitting the School Board to address existing school crowding and to provide adequate capacity for projected new growth. Instructional Programs and Materials In order to enhance the focus of researched based materials to be used with all students in Polk County and to ensure that the professional learning provided by consultants is focused on district priority professional learning needs, all external providers of professional learning must complete the PCSB Instructional Program Review Application. Awards and Distinctions It is an honor for the Department of Community Relations to be recognized for the quality of our work. The programs and projects on this page are representative of the good work that the PCSB Department
  9. 9. of Community Relations produces daily with the united goal of providing rigorous, results-driven educational opportunities for Polk students. Recognition Programs The Polk County School Board has many events and programs celebrating the accomplishments and hard work of our staff, community partners and students from both the present and the past. The following recognition events are coordinated by the Community Relations Department. Hall Of Fame Nominations The Polk County Public Schools are seeking nominations for its Hall of Fame. Face and Master Key Awards The About Face Award recognizes secondary students who have made a significant turn around in their behavior, academic achievement and attendance in school. One student from each middle and high school in the district receive the award annually at the Awards Program. Students are nominated by their school and receive a medallion for their success. The extraordinary efforts that teachers of exceptional students make to help them achieve their maximum potential. They award the Master Key award to four exceptional education teachers who have demonstrated excellence, perseverance and longevity in their careers. This event is made possible through the sponsorship of TECO Energy.
  10. 10. Volunteer of the Year Volunteer of the Year honors outstanding volunteers in our schools. Each school nominates a volunteer who has provided exceptional service to students and teachers throughout the year. There are three categories of winners, youth (up to 21), adult (22-60) and senior (61+). Twelve outstanding volunteers are selected each year as finalists, four in each category. Volunteer of the Year is sponsored by The Ledger. Learn and Serve Grants Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Teachers can write Learn and Serve grants to help fund the efforts that they would like to make in their schools and communities. Below are the grant applications as well as some other helpful resources. Family and Consumer Sciences General Information
  11. 11. The mission of Family and Consumer Sciences is to strengthen families and empower individuals to take action for the well-being of self and others in the home, workplace, community and the world. Family and Consumer Sciences prepares students for jobs in related occupations and equips them with lifelong learning skills as family members. The programs of instruction include exploration of careers, employability skills, consumer education and resource management, nutrition and wellness, family living, child development, parenting skills, fashion design and clothing construction, life management skills, and home management and technology. Training for gainful employment opportunities begins with entry level through technical level, to managerial and professional levels. Wage-earning programs are Early Childhood Education, Culinary Operations and Fashion Design and Production. Family and Consumer Sciences School Based Enterprises Family and Consumer Sciences programs across the county provide serves both to their school and to the community. Please follow the links in the charts below to find out more. Workforce Education Mission The Mission of Workforce Education is to educate students to be responsible, productive, competent contributors to the workforce. Career Academies
  12. 12. Career academies are small, personalized learning communities within a high school. Students enter the academy through a voluntary process; they must apply and be accepted with parental knowledge and support. A career academy involves teachers from different subjects working together as a team. Staff teams, who often share common planning time, work together to implement the key features of the academy and provide students with career training. Students may be grouped together for several periods every day with a core group of teachers. This promotes a family-like atmosphere and results in close student-teacher ties. A career academy includes the following essential elements: • A small learning community supported by a local advisory committee • A career theme that may include a college-prep curriculum and lead to industry certification • Partnerships with employers, the community, and higher education By design, these three central elements of a career academy lead to a school that is rigorous and relevant. Sponsors and Support Many thanks to the 2008 Take Stock in Children Major Golf Sponsors
  13. 13. Lakeland Tournament Host Lake Wales Tournament Host A total of $85,000 was raised at the tournaments and due to our match from the Florida Prepaid Foundation allowed us to purchase $170,000 worth of scholarships. Community Centers There are currently 30 community centers in Polk County that are affiliated with the Polk County School Board. Many of these sites are actively training and all sites are offering computer services for students or adults or both. There have been over 1600 logins by community center participants in 2009. This partnership is making a difference in Polk County! Chain of Lakes Achievers, Inc. Compassion Action for Eloise Resource Center 1900 Havendale Blvd. Suite D Haitians, Inc 710 Snively Avenue Winter Haven, FL 33881 Florence Villa Community Winter Haven, FL 33880 863-299-7177 111 Ave R NE 863-298-4485 Contact/Liaison Name: Seretha Tinsley Winter Haven, FL Contact: Johnny Brooks & David Site Trainer Name: Cheryl Watford 863-294-2410 Dennis Contact/Liaison Name: Dr. Harry Site Trainer Name: Lois Sainthill Reszetucha Site Trainer Name: None Lake Shipp Elementary School Wahneta Sports & Wilfred Smith Community 250 Camellia Dr Neighborhood Assoc. Center Winter Haven 33880 Next to Wahneta Elementary 135 Avenue Y NE (863) 291-5384 315 4th Wahneta Street E Winter Haven, FL 33881 Contact & Site Trainer: Nathan Guteras Winter Haven, FL 33880 863-298-7898 Contact/Liaison Name: Daniel Contact/Liaison Name: Mary
  14. 14. Noble Smith Site Trainer Name: Brittanie Site Trainer Name: Brittanie Moore Moore Winter Haven Cultural Arts & Recreation Center 801 Avenue T Winter Haven, FL 33881 863-291-5675 Contact/Liaison Name: Wayne Davis Site Trainer Name: Amelia James References: © 2007 Polk County Public School District, Florida