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Task 2 animation


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Task 2 animation

  1. 1. 3D Animation Task 2 –Laymen’s guide to the Theoryof 3D
  2. 2. Applications of 3D 3D animation isnt just used in films . It is also used in many industries. These include: Visual effects Games Architecture TV idents Simulation
  3. 3. Displaying 3D Polygon Animation Programming interfacesAn example of a application programminginterface (API) is Direc3D. This program isthe base for the graphics API on the Xboxand Xbox 360 . It is used to render 3Dgraphics in applications. Graphics PipelineThe graphics pipeline is the process thattransforms a 3D image into a twodimensional screen.
  4. 4. Rendering Techniques Distributed RenderingIs the process of distributing a single ender job across anetwork of computers. This reduces the renderingtime of a frame. EnginesRendering engines render out the 3D graphics based ofof the models and textures it provides. Commonexamples are OpenGL and DirectX.
  5. 5. Rendering Techniques LightingEverything in real life reflects light. Light sources areadded to 3D Animation environments to create apossible shadow which would need to renderedproperly to make the object look realistic. TexturesTextures are added to 3D Animation to make theobject look more realistic and to be able to decide howthe texture effects the lighting and reflection of lightoff the object.
  6. 6. Geometric Theory VerticalsVertices (a vertex) are the points in a shape where2 lines connect. LinesLines can be changed n 3D animation. They can becurved , straight or smoothed. CurvesCurves are either distorted straight lines orseveral straight lines put together to create acurved shape.
  7. 7. Geometric Theory PolygonsIn geometry a polygon s a flat shapeconsisting of straight-line segments. Motobjects in 3D animation are made frompolygon as the basic shapes then reconfiguredto get a specific shape. FaceA face is any flat part of an object. For examplea cube is made up of 6 square faces MeshesA mesh is the wire frame that shows theoutline of an object. Every object created in 3Danimation has a mesh.
  8. 8. Mesh Construction Most models and environments made in 3D animation are made from primitive shapes and then adjusted. For example a table would be made out of a cuboid rectangle and 4 cylinders. This would then create the mesh for the object. Everything made in 3D animation is straight. For example a curve is made up of many straight lines to give it a curved look. The more lines used the more smooth the surface would be.