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Dave presentation


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Dave presentation

  1. 1. HISTORY It has been renamed 5 times in the past:UK Gold Classics, UK gold 2, UKG2 , UKTV G2 It had been a struggling TV programme for years until renamed to Dave in 2007. The idea of the change of name came from a phrase: “Everybody knows a bloke called Dave” meaning that Dave is a memorable name. Once renamed to UKG2, they began to show ordinary morning shows in the evening of the same day. Ratings :Aug 2006 : 0.4% shareJan 2008 : 1.2% share
  2. 2. BRAND IDENTITY Since the rebranding of the channel to Dave the audience haschanged. It now aims to a more male audience . Dave is different from other channels as it repeats other programsmade by other channels. For example it plays :Mock The Week, QI, Top Gear , Dragons Den and many more. Dave‟s mission
  3. 3. AUDIENCE Their target audience are men aged from around 14+ They also target people with moderate intelligence as their sloganis „The home of witty banter‟ They target men whose interests are in cars, gadgets and comedyetc.
  4. 4. IDENTS UK Gold ident : Dave ident :
  5. 5. PURPOSE OF IDENTS The idents introduce their audience to the type of channel Dave is. Compared to the UK Gold ident it focuses a lot more on theirtarget audience and gives a better snapshot of what the channel‟saudience is like. The idents suit the purpose of the channel because they are quiterandom and funny.
  6. 6. WHAT WOULD WE DO ? Make the idents more informative because at the moment they arevery random. They could also show their logo more as their current idents donot make complete use of the space given. They could also make it more eye catching to catch the audience‟sattention.