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2012 ASCE Mississippi Report Card


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Final presentation of the Mississippi Section of ASCE infrastructure report card.

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2012 ASCE Mississippi Report Card

  1. 1. Why ASCE-MS Report Card? Public Health and Safety Deteriorating Infrastructure Funding Shortfalls ASCE is a leader
  2. 2. ASCE-MS Topics Dams Drinking Water Roads/Bridges Wastewater
  3. 3. Grading Process Topic grades were averaged based on different types of facility and funding sources. Federal A State B County C City D Avg B-
  4. 4. Grading Process Over-sight Committee Student Research Groups (JSU/MSU/UM) Member professionals that specialize in the specific fields also volunteered to review narrative and grades.
  5. 5. Dams in Mississippi
  6. 6. Dams Grade: D Inspection Frequency Low Operating Budget Remediation Needs  9th Nationally (All Types)  18th Nationally (High Hazard)
  7. 7. Drinking Water in Mississippi
  8. 8. Drinking Water Grade: C - Potable Water Sources and Suppliers  93% potable water from aquifers Agency Regulation  Lack of enforcement data 21st Nationally per capita needs Funding and Trends  50% shortfall in 20 year study
  9. 9. Roads/Bridges in Mississippi
  10. 10. Roads/Bridges Grade: C State/Federal Roads v Local Roads Agency Programs Funding and Trends  50% shortfall in 25 year study (Roads)  20% shortfall (Bridges)
  11. 11. Roads/Bridges Grade: CTable 3: Total Highway and Bridge Needs with Funding Projections in Millions of DollarsProgram Full Needs Funding ProjectionHighways $25,185 $11,627Bridges $4,612 $3,684Total $29,797 $15,311Total /year $1,103 $567
  12. 12. Wastewater in Mississippi
  13. 13. Wastewater Grades: C - Central Systems v On-Site Treatment Agency Enforcement 14th Nationally per capita needs Funding and Trends  30% shortfall in 20 year study
  14. 14. What can we do? Funding Issues Greater Efficiency/ Technology Improvements Education/ Advocacy
  15. 15. ASCE Future Work Update Report - Improve grading process Increase ASCE member involvement Capitol Improvement Workshops Continue ASCE’s Service to Members and to the Public
  16. 16. INTRODUCTIONThe ASCE-MS report card is an independent assessment of infrastructure in our state. The goal is to increase understanding of the current and future infrastructure needs in Mississippi and prompt decision makers in government to formulate policies and direct the necessary funding to address Mississippi’s infrastructure needs.