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Types Of Basketball Courts And Its Maintenance


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Have a look at our presentation to know the different types of Basketball court surfaces. We have explained about Hardwood surface, Asphalt surface, Multi-purpose surface and Advanced surface. Later on you’ll find some maintenance tips for your Basketball court.

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Types Of Basketball Courts And Its Maintenance

  1. 1. The installation of Basketball court surface depends on the selection of outdoor courts or indoor courts…
  2. 2. The selection of outdoor courts surface should be appropriate as per the environment..
  3. 3. Types of Basketball Court Surfaces Asphalt
  4. 4. Best Indoor Court for basketball
  5. 5. The hard maple flooring is a combination of dense wood and fine fibers…
  6. 6. The wood flooring leaves a smooth touch on surface with no place for dirt or grim
  7. 7. Multi-Purpose
  8. 8. This court surface is constructed from multi- purpose plastic floorings
  9. 9. For giving a stylish looks, you can apply multicolor on the panels …
  10. 10. The best advantage is, you can install them in outdoor as they are so strong to cope with any bad weather ..
  11. 11. Advanced
  12. 12. Some multi-purpose courts are called advanced courts due to the advanced features like  Playability and  Responsiveness
  13. 13. Maintenance Tips For Basket Ball Courts
  14. 14. Basket ball courts require timely servicing and maintenance
  15. 15. Regular Requirements of servicing…  Watering  Rolling  Sweeping etc…
  16. 16. Step – 1 Regular cleaning of surface
  17. 17. Regular Cleaning or sweeping Of Basket Ball reduces the premature deterioration of surface..
  18. 18. Causes of Deterioration The regular build up of  Dirt  Leaves  Bird droppings  Pine Needles etc…
  19. 19. Step – 2
  20. 20. Some Other Recommendation for cleaning  Follow A strict schedule of cleaning the surface once in a month..
  21. 21.  Use mild household cleaner for mold, mildew or other stains…
  22. 22.  Use TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) for tougher stains on surface
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