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Poetry in Agricultural Communications


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A digital exhibit on poetry in Ag Comm

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Poetry in Agricultural Communications

  2. 2. In honor of National Poetry Month this April, the Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC) presents a digital exhibit centered around poetry in agriculture. Poets throughout the ages have been inspired by nature. It is no wonder, then, that agricultural communications has a lyrical side. The following poems and images represent items in ACDC’s Volume One Number One (V1N1) collection.
  3. 3. The Current Cover of The Current April 1885 The Current, April 1885, p. 207
  4. 4. Successful Farming Cover of Successful Farming July 1932 Successful Farming, July 1932, p. 26
  5. 5. American Agriculturist Cover of American Agriculturist, June 1881 American Agriculturist, June 1881, p. 252
  6. 6. American Agriculturist Cover of American Agriculturist December 1902 American Agriculturist, December 1902, p. 653
  7. 7. For more information about these materials or the rest of the Volume One Number One (V1N1) collection, please contact us!