The purpose of life & universe ( iln )


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The purpose of life & universe ( iln )

  1. 1. ^^^^^^ The Pupose of LifeAvadhesh Varshneya • Please reada book called "Autobiography of aYogi" by Swarmi Yoganand. Thebook summarily answers all thequestions of yours.24 days ago • Like •2Follow venugopalvenugopal maganti • I believe that the primary purpose of life is to re produce and keep the speciesgoing ,like all other animals.The more important purpose,as humans, is to improve lives of as manypeople as possible,whether or not they related to you,.The universe exists to support the earth,whichalone can support life.The question of life on other planets will be a matter of conjecture forever.,for,man is an animal with infinite capacity to dream and imagine.23 days ago • Like •1Follow Ravi KantRavi Kant Maheshwari • Ravi Kant Maheshwari • I am also excited to know opinions.....keep onposting..23 days ago • Like •
  2. 2. 1Follow SteveSteve Dufourny • Hi Dear all,I beleive humbly that we are catalyzers of the universal 3D sphere. Inside this sphere, we have a center,the most important sphere.After we have the cosmological fractal with the moons, the planets, the stars,the BH, the groups of Super BH .......we have also inside this sphere, quantum spheres, coded since thebegining. The evolution is a road of optimization towards the eternal creativity. We are still young atthe universal scale. 13.7 to 15 billions years, it is young still. All is light in fact, a light became mass onthe line of time. All is composed by the same essence, spheres turning .....If we are on Earth , there are reasons, we are catalyzers of spherization and harmonization. Theconsciouness and the intelligence are tools of spherization and harmonization. All is linked since thebegining....23 days ago • Like •2Follow ChiranjeeviChiranjeevi Tallapragada • Thank you @Avadesh. I will check it out. I would also be interested inknowing from common people like us how they feel about life. Sometimes whenI flood the dish to drain out ants I feel may be someone is also drainingus out. May be we are also one sort of bacteria some spoiling and somecleaning up or rejuvenating the earth. What are we in someone elses eyes(like may be god?)23 days ago • Like •2karthikeyan arumugathandavan • Chiranjeevi, interesting topic........ to share a similar thought, when we are forced chase the ants of many types in many situations , Iused to wonder One mug of water is complete flooding for them and a bucket poured is literalTsunami ..!!But could we adjust to live, as suggested by some schools of thought to accommodate all beings &creatures ...... next to impossibility.The compromise is the purpose of life .23 days ago •3
  3. 3. Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Chiranjeevi Tallapragada:I am a fence sitter. Neither religious nor irrligious. Let me explain. Do you know the mayawadis ..howthey say "Neti-Neti" or "Na-iti", meaning "this is not it".I prescribe to it in my own way ..not all of science nor all of religion!What I like about the Rigveda is its Nasadiya sukta, where the concept of the beginning of time andspace is described. It states that before Cosmos evolved out of Chaos, there existed a single entity theveda calls Hiranya Garbha. "The one with light within". It is interpreted as the Brahmanda or thecosmic egg.Formal religion loses its bearings in such an era. Where time and space have no meaning, when chaospervades all. Described as "Gahanam agbhiram Saleela", the water of space. Narayan (the one whocame over the waters - of space), is the god underpinning Brahma. (Narayan is no doubt a lateraddition).here is a good translation in english...from wikipedia.Who really knows? Who shall declare it here?Whence was it born? Whence issued this creation?Even the Gods came after its emergence.Then who can tell from whence it came to be?None knows when creation has arisen;Whether He made it or did not make it,He who surveys it in the highest heaven,Only He knows, or maybe even He knows not.Hinduism is the only religion that asked such questions thousands of years ago. No wonder Sankhyasgodless creed developed here. (impersonal formless god).Read the real sukta here and may be you will get some answer.This ekam eva advitiya was infested with Ahankara (awareness of the self, ego) and it thought "I amone let me be many" and that started the world.In such a scenario, there will be many like us, at other places in the cosmos, some much more ancientthan us!23 days ago • Like •3Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Now using Neti-Neti, switch your position and go the scientefic/logical way.Penguins, to impress their females gather stones all around their legs. The lady-penguin is impressedwith the guy with most stones. The guy thinks "hey I am rich"! Presto, the lady uses the nest to breed.Both are happy. They breed, raise young and die. The stones are forgotten.Now look at humans ..they amass riches and power, (stones on a beach), impress women, raisechildren, fight some wars (sangharsh), win some lose some, then die.The riches stay back, are used up and gone.Who gains? What is the gain?I sometimes feel it is all a jaal. The ultimate gainer is the impersonal collection we call the species.People come and go, the only objective is the simplest one! Perpetuation of the species.
  4. 4. And higher up somewhere, the super organism GAIA straddles the planet in splendid isolation. It plans,It plots, Its ultimate purpose entirely out of our puny ambit, and drives life throughout. Kasmai devayahavisha vidhema?Who is this GOD, that we shall worship?23 days ago • Like •2Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • The sukta link... .23 days ago • Like •Follow ChiranjeeviChiranjeevi Tallapragada • Thank you @Jayendra. Some I understood some I didnt. May be that iswhy Iasked this question. As they say one who knows wont have any questions andone who doesnt know also wont have any questions.I liked your Penguins example. The only difference is both men, women aswell as children are after the pebbles in case of human beings.There is this movie In Time. Where everyone remains young but lives onlyfor one year after they are 20. The transactions are all in terms of time.Very interesting concept. Everyone spends the time left to gain time sothat they can live longer. I wonder if this is the purpose of life on earthto keep working to extend ones life. Those who have plenty of time dontknow what to do with their time. Theirtime goes in protecting that nobody steals their time. It sounds funny whenseen in this way. But how different is real life anyway?23 days ago • Like •1Follow venugopalvenugopal maganti • I am no fence sitter,and the universe is supposed to have started from soonya,--apoint which has no dimensions,but from it emerge lines,figures in 2,3 and multi dimensions-and theentire universe-when did this happen?from the dimension less point emerged the universe in an infinitely tiny fraction of a second,and that is the beginning of the cosmic time scale,on which ,again theappearance and extinction of human beings is ,but a small fraction-and when does it end,and how?itwill go back in to the dimension less point,from which it once emerged,again in a tiny fraction of asecond--and when?when the cosmic time scale decides to stop--and who decides?the same one whoinitiated the creation--whether that some body exists or not,is a question with out answer--one should
  5. 5. ask him/her self,what gives a person conscious ness,and what happens to it ,when he leaves the world--it is an oscillating pendulum,between life and death ,with no resting point--only life and death arecertain,and even that appears to be a maya,if you think too much--that is why mere mortals like me arehappy with a simplistic explanation,AS I MENTIONED IN MY EARLIER COMMENT and carry onwith my work in the time left for me on this great earth(I,WHO?)23 days ago • Like •1karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-( then ) .......What is the purpose of the Universe ?!?!23 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Karthikeyan, mere mortals dont bother with that question.But it is entirely possible that if there is a creator, the purpose may be so alien and lofty, we wontaccept it even if someone were to tell it.Read "Childhoods end" (Clarke / Aldiss). It is powerful SF.It deals with this question.22 days ago • Like •Follow SyedSyed Imam • I think answer to this question is that its a test for us and who pass will be rewardedHeaven and failure to this test will thrown to Hell22 days ago • Like •1Follow UjwalUjwal Jha • I find this post a bit Childish. Young people like to ask these question, there is no answer tothis question however there are many people searching for the answers everyday. We do have betterunderstanding to the world we live.To understand this we need to know what we are, you may not enjoy to learn that we humans are! Weare the most dangerous virus, and as we know that the viruses (most of them) are tuned to use theavailable resources and grow as fast as one virus can. We are doing the same, consuming the resourcesas and growing our population.
  6. 6. If you look at scientific researches made through out the history until today has two basic purposes.1. Provide human longer life. Which of course has got lots of success as well. We live twice as longerthan just 100 years ago our ancestors could even imagine.1. Find ways to travel faster. If we want to know what is around earth and what is in our solar system,we must travel faster. We have had great success in knowing about our solar system.There is nothing called Grand Design of GOD. Life is evolved. There are 16 episodes of The universeseries on History Chanel. Watch them ....... It has latest information from different Probes in Spaceupdated till 2010.If the knowledge of these discoveries becomes common, most of religion will lose its holds. But thetruth is truth. We are a kind of virus and we need more and more resources to live comfortably andhealthy so that we can travel faster and gather all the resources available in the universe.22 days ago • Like •1karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-Ujwal,I think about religion / tradition / culture on this subcontinent , you have unscientific view. All Indianpractices have a very strong scientific basis .There are many many examples ..........!!22 days ago •4Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Ujawal.." travel faster and gather all the resources available in the universe. " anddo what?THAT was the question.What is the purpose of life on earth? Why does the universe exist? Does anyone or anything else knowsabout existence other than us?Truly speaking, we dont know the answer.If self replicating DNA evolved into what we are today, WHY did that happen? Sirely there needs to bea purpose?You can understand the uselessness of ear sleep breed die cycle after cycle..surely?22 days ago • Like •1
  7. 7. Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • We need to know the higher purpose. Some claom to see it. Others theorize only.But try we must.Even if childishly.22 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Syed Imam:I have nothing against religion, but...What is the point of sending people to eternal damnation and eternal heaven?That would be a sheer waste of resources. Even for god!Furthermore, a god who makes us, and whom you call Rahim (merciful), why the heck would hebehave llike some D company Don, being judgemental on his own creation!What would be the difference then in such a vengeful angry god and a village hegemon?Break out of this shell of human values plastered on a god.A universal god is above all this. Has to be.Vedic aryans had these jealous gods (Indra). European aryans had Thor and Odin.But later the Indian aryans realized their error and talked of the one god that is all encompassing.Even later, came the nirishwarvadis godless creeds who were equally respected. Buddha himself didnot advocate any god.He stressed more on Pancha-Shila.Something akin to a chinese religion that stresses more on right actions.THAT is nore honest than saying god will eternally damn or reward some one for their actions.THAT leaves NO room for improvement / refornation.Yes the concept of Tauba is there, but what of prople who never repent? Eternal hell?Karma siddhanta atleast holds out promise of salvation even to the damned of the damned.21 days ago • Like •2Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Good Zinnia M, but it pains me when perfectly well educated people stick to this"angry god heaven hell" stuff just as an article of faith. I expect educated people NOT to take anythingas just "articles of faith" Afterall here we are, discussing higher things and here is "alice in wonderlandstuff"! Its a bit difficult to sromach once we see that historically these heaven / hell guys have betweenthem killed more people than most other religions. The Bible with its inquisition, and crusades, andIslam with its sowrd. The massacres in India are legend. Are we to endure these things again and again?Akbar the greats massace at Chottod after Haldi Ghati is famous. And so is Nadir Shahs at Delhi.There is something barbaric and uncouth about this pious heaven / hell bullshit, and someone has tocall a spade a spade. Enough of Nehruvian hypocrisy of sugar coating things and calling all that"historical ties"! All I can say is "My foot"!
  8. 8. 21 days ago • Like •Follow venugopalvenugopal maganti • I find odd comments like childish--,a bit too harsh--for thosands of years,Indiansspent millions of hours on this subject and concluded that every thing you feel,see and enjoy ismomentary and later a myth.Every thing is dependent on mans imagination,invention,and through hisconstant endeavor man has always tried to modify,nature ,rather than adapt and live with it in peace.Ifthe chinese had advanced science and maths ,back in 4th or 5th centiuries,the europeans re discoveredthe likes of telescope,only in 14 th century from the chinese version--and the Indians had astronomyand maths with them for thousands of years--while the animal lurking in the man always tells him tolive to feed and re produce,even at the expense of others,religion,philosophy,culture,traditions,andcivility tried to reign in these animal instincts,and hence this 7 billion population today--simultaneously,Indian philosophy sought to put the limitations and illusions of human mind throughseveral texts in perspective,which were developed by the best possible minds over thousands of years.A regular example quoted is ,there are a thousand earthern pots with water,and in each pot the Sun ispresent--its image gives you the impression that the sun is present in each one of them--and this is theillusion,that the man feels,as he is himself the earthern pot(body) ,and the conscious of self being theimage,the Sun here represents the universal/cosmic conscious,which itself can be an illusion,andconsequently,the image in the earthern potBy the way,I too am an engineer,and know that science has improved human life,and has given it manypleasures--but,it also threatens to destroy the species,and whether we will bequeath anything to futuregenerations ,again depends on the wisdom of humans--science,my friends,is no gospel of truth,andoften contradicts it self--and the knowledge TV channels also dish out several programmes on Egyptianmummies,allegedly based on re search by western scholars,re searchers,and intellectuals--the visualimpact of all those stars exploding,formation of earth,moon,evolution of life etc,, are theories,myfriends,there is no video of the original events--yes,they give you enough logic,and create the illusionin audience that what they propose is absolutely true and nothing but true--what they do not show,however are the views of a plethora of scientists,who oppose these views as mere imagination,and full offalse assumptions--if theory of relativity it self is disputed,what else can be an etenal truth?And by theway,ALBERT EINSTEIN was no atheist--why?Be cause science helps you only to understand nature and not create it--and to day,as now sciencesays,the axiom that energy can not be produced or destroyed,but can only be transformed from oneform to other--it self stands contradicted,with big bang theory--no body is sure,whether energy gotcreated first,or matter,as they are both interchangeable.Lets keep science and religion separate,but Imust remind you,both are dependent on faith of their followers21 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • Venugopal.........Nice posting there but please have one point for further thoughts / consideration................ as far this sub-continent is concerned, religion was and is Science !!
  9. 9. 21 days ago •Follow VivekVivek Srivastava • The purpose of life is to live on this earth enjoy the resources without any damage tonature or hurting anyone.If you enjoy your life your creator will also feel happy ( Like a parent feelhappy if Kids are happy ).why some one created this life system , to my understanding its all tomaintain the flow of life itself, thats why the reproduction capabilities.There is no sperate Heven orHell , its all in this life only.there are five mahaboot which controls the life - kaam, krodh, lobh, mohand ersya.for more information please refer book Gita.21 days ago • Like •1Follow SyedSyed Imam • @ Jayendra, Yes Allah is Rahim, but also He is the best Judge, and in law Good and Evilcannot be equal, and according to law Evil is bound to be panalised for his acts. You are free to haveyour own views.21 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Syed thanks for the magnanimous "allowance"!21 days ago • Like •Follow SyedSyed Imam • Its my "pleasure" Sir21 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Imam..My problem with "He is the best Judge, and in law Good and Evil cannot be equal, and according tolaw Evil is bound to be panalised for his acts." is that who is to say what is good and bad?THIS attachment to heaven / hoors / hell can have devastating results as many in Pakistan are learningevery day.I attended a show titled "Islam religion of peace" by a man muslims idolise. (Zakir Naik).
  10. 10. At the end of the show, a fellow got up and asked Zakir.."I have a hindu friend who is pious, takes careof his parents, has no vices like smoking and drinking, is kind to all, will he go to heaven?"..and thencame the Zakir Gem.Please consider Zakirs answer and why I hate "heaven hell" preachers / believers.Zakir said."That hindu will go to hell, simply because he is not a muslim! He is failing to offer Namaz 5 times aday. Plain and simple".I was stumped by the arrogance of that statement.Islam has killed thousands simply because they were not good enough as they were not muslims.(Hajjajs order to Mohammad Bin Qasim that he was being too easy on the Kaffirs and the massacres atDebal and Brahmanabad).Christians under Cortes and Pizzaro decimated whole civilizations in south America and plunderedtheir gold. All because the natives were NOT christian and so were good enough for the kill.What happened in 26/11 and who were the planners every one knows.Can you negate all that?We all know who perpetrated the kiilings in Bangladesh and why. One of the politicians in Pakistan hadgloated during the killings "aaj Iman taaza ho gaya". (Reodad Khan 1971). Wah! kya iman logonko marte dekh taza hota hai !!THIS blood lust can come only in people who believe in heaven/hell and not to forget, the 72 hoorswaiting for them in heaven if they kill people declared vajib-ul-qatl"(ex:- salman taseer)THIS is my opposition to jahil thoughts of heaven / hell.21 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Imam:Crime and its punishment by Allah apart, what is your take on the three questions posed byChiranjeevi?Just turning the beads of the rosary and going to heaven and enjoying hoors / twanging a silly harp"forever" could not possibly be the answers.Any thing more concrete than that?21 days ago • Like •Follow UjwalUjwal Jha • Sorry for harsh words. I did not mean anything. Friends.... I know what you do not want toknow and have very little knowledge. Even if I pest link of references, but you wont consider becauseof the situation you are in.Let me put it this way. Do we know what is life mean on earth? Life as we know it .... created by godand which is why we had lots of myth. We believed that the earth is in center and our early scientistswere killed or jailed because it was a threat to religion and god. Today its almost gone.
  11. 11. We or any other species are basically an energy transforming device. Our job is to harvest energy. True,modern scientific researches has destroyed many species. So it will be worse in future because the newunderstanding is very different. We human need more and more energy. We are growing on rapid speed.To secure the required energy we will take away all the animals from planet earth.I know you do not like to hear that but I am telling you what you would see after 50 years. For anexample cow collects energy and gives us back in the form of milk and beef. But cow as an energytransforming device is not very efficient, or not as efficient as we can make our own, result they