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VideoforALL Pecha Kucha EN


Today is the video age, with many possibilities for integrating video in to language learning. Language learning is a multisensory process and video allows developing a range of language skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing, with one resource.

Video is a great resource for listening and speaking, for all language learners. Using video helps the student to learn languages at their own pace, when they have the time.

Video for ALL will be the European project that will bring together all current methodologies, ideas and innovative practices to teach and learn languages by integrating digital video. The project believes that video must be a basic tool for a more multidisciplinary approach to language teaching and learning in today’s world.

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VideoforALL Pecha Kucha EN

  1. 1. “bringing together current methodologies, ideas and innovative practices to teach and learn languages using digital video”
  2. 2. Use existing videos for language learning
  3. 3. Make your own videos with students
  4. 4. Video as a communication tool for language learning
  5. 5. Drama production
  6. 6. Screen recording for giving feedback
  7. 7. Screen recording for presentation practise
  8. 8. Students record their own music video... … in a foreign language
  9. 9. Aim: Collection of 50 best video practises with detailed pedagogic material
  10. 10. Active involvement of language teachers (more than 80 Associate Partners)
  11. 11. Share your ideas of how you are using video in language teaching Give feedback Pilot the practises in your classroom
  12. 12. get involved