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PopuLLar presentation


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The PopuLLar - Possibly the most motivating EU project for secondary language students - ever

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PopuLLar presentation

  1. 1. PopuLLarEU Project Introduction
  2. 2. PopuLLarEU Project Aims Aims of the project Students • Motivate language learning & linguistic diversity • ICT competencies • Apply creative thinking • Increase partnerships between EU schools Teachers • Using the project with their students • Training as facilitators
  3. 3. PopuLLarEU Project What What is the project Using Music – teenagers primary leisure interest Step 1 • Select a song • Rewrite the lyrics (native language) • Translate their lyrics (target language) • Record singing (both) audio & video • Upload and share Step 2 • Selecting other students songs • Translating (native language) • Record singing audio & video • Upload and share
  4. 4. PopuLLarEU Project What Students • Own the project • Adults are not cool (inhttp://s area of teenage music) the • Quality of the results, subsidiary to the process acktool AEAED 958B7 A/fzp5b Teachers fsm# • Introduce the project • Facilitators/mentors/advisors • Support the processes (if requested) • Provide facilities (space, equipment, uploading) • Soft oversight • See
  5. 5. PopuLLarEU Project Resources The project’s replicability package: For students • Instructional guides • How to videos • Community web spaces (for uploading & sharing) • Support tools For teachers • Guides (pedagogic and instructional) • How to videos • Community web spaces • Support tools A repository of students productions for sharing
  6. 6. PopuLLarEU Project Get involved All schools across Europe First resources will be piloted The only rules • Students cannot share inside their own country Complete project kit online • Cannot share their own language Autonomous use • Songs must be appropriate Share student productions No time limit, no end date For teachers • Website • Join the project community space • News on the project (Facebook) •
  7. 7. PopuLLarEU Project PopuLLar contacts Write to: PopuLLar website: PopuLLar on Facebook: and-Language-Learning/181858685219155