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What great principals do differently


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Published in: Education, Technology
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What great principals do differently

  1. 1. Written By: Todd Whitaker Presented By: Allison Page WHAT GREAT PRINCIPALS DO DIFFERENTLY
  2. 2. 1. It’s people, not programs that made the difference. 2. Get better Teachers 3. Improve the teachers you have 4. Sometimes administrators focus on ‘buying into’ programs to fix our problems 1. It is never about programs, it should ALWAYS be about people. 18 THINGS THAT MATTER MOST
  3. 3. 5. All principals are aware that the students in their schools have individual needs. GREAT principals are even more aware that their teachers have individual abilities. 6. Nothing makes the difference than the quality of our teachers. 7. That main variable in the classroom is the teacher. -what do teachers expect of themselves? -what do principals expect of themselves?
  4. 4. 8. How do you treat people in your building? ALL people? Not just teachers… -praise must be authentic -We never have too much nice. 9. Our behavior sets the tone. -Consistently filtering out the negatives that do not matter and sharing a positive attitude, we can create a much more successful school. WE DECIDE THE TONE OF OUR SCHOOL
  5. 5. 10. Recognize and use your most effective teachers as positive role models -multiply their productivity and maximize other teachers’ talents 11. Hire GREAT teachers -Want the school to become the best teachers I hire. 12. Standardized tests measure only a part of what schools should be doing -focus on the behaviors that lead to success, not the beliefs that stand in the way of it.
  6. 6. 13. Focus on behavior, then beliefs -a change in behavior leads to a change in beliefs. “Effective principals maintain a professional respect for others’ beliefs…But in certain situations, beliefs are irrelevant; what really matters is behavior. In other situations, a change in behavior paves the way for a change in beliefs. In these situations, effective principals focus on behaviors, not on beliefs.”
  7. 7. 14. GREAT principals are loyal to their students, their teachers, and school. 15. Base every decision on your BEST teachers. -What will my best teachers think? -Draw from your superstar teacher role models in your school and the change of expanding acceptance and implementation will grow (LESS effective principals focus on their most resistant teachers) “Our superstar teachers will always be effective teachers, BUT if we do not value their contributions, they will limit their influence to their individual classrooms.”
  8. 8. 16. Effective principals understand high achievers, are sensitive to their needs, and maximize their abilities. -High achievers are the first to leave when they do not feel valued and important! 17. Set expectations at the start of the year. -Clearly established, focus on the future, and consistently reinforced.
  9. 9. 18. CLARIFYING YOUR CORE: -Without a core of firmly held beliefs, it’s difficult to steer a steady course. -With a core, we feel secure and confident and in turn, so will our teachers and so will our students!