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Spanish mutual funds osh wi

  1. 1. 1 Spanish Model WI Insurance • The WI Insurance Mutual Funds • employers' associations • authorized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and Immigration • collaborate in the administration of the coverage of occupational accidents and professional illnesses • as non profit organizations). Similar Model in Germany, France, Switzerland
  2. 2. The property of the Mutual Funds belongs to the public Social Security System • they collect a fee-contribution to cover the occupational risk • paid by the employers (there is not workers contribution), • based on the real salary of the workers • percentage varies from 1 to 9% according to the nature of the activities undertaken by the enterprises • been the contributions higher according to higher rated activity risks • In case of accident with no preventive measures they can be requested to pay 30 to 50% increase of benefits by Labour inspectorate report 2
  3. 3. • Total budget used by the Mutual Funds during year 2007 ~ 6.000 million Euros • All the incomes have to be addressed to improve the OHS services provided by the Funds, no distribution as benefit • We will describe the basic services in OHS prevention provided by the Mutual Funds (from the fee paid by the employers: part A • And additional services they provide as external preventive services: part B 3
  4. 4. A: Mutual Funds General Services (WI fees) • 1.- Contact and inform enterprise on relevant OHS administrative information (how to report on accidents, information on the fee paid by enterprises, names and workers who are registered, etc.). • 2.-Contact companies when there is a reason to pay a visit to company, like in case of occupational accident. • 3.- Visit the company when contracting the services, providing some training and disseminating materials, some basic emergency equipment for first aid, providing general documentation to inform about the “typical risks” in the activity and solve possible doubts that can be outlined by the employers . • 4.- In special cases to carry out initial risk evaluation (mainly in some big enterprises who cover the risk of a high number of workers). 4
  5. 5. A: Mutual Funds General Services (WI fees) • 5.- Report of activities and visits (copy is delivered to employers and workers representatives). • 6.- General training addressed to Employers s, Workers, the workers‘ Representatives, enterprise technicians, etc. on OHS issues. • 7 - investigation of Serious Accidents covered by the Social Security fee. • These investigations are carried out as follows: • 7.1 - contact the accident victim. • 7.2 - contact the company. • 7.3 - contact the medical personnel that carried out the first attendance. • 7.4 - interviews with the accident victim. • 7.5 - visits to the company. • 7.6 - report and proposal of preventive measures related to the accident 5
  6. 6. A: Mutual Funds General Services (WI fees) • All these works require an important number of hours of preparatory administrative work, like: - elaboration of documentation, photocopies, maintenance and inventory of the documentation, telephone calls, etc. • 8 – The Mutual Funds follow up the recovery of the injured persons, requesting them to follow prescribed medical treatment and following the evolution of recovery to control any misuse of medical or financial payments 6
  7. 7. B: Mutual Funds Additional OSH preventive Services • For companies paying additional income to Funds not included in the occupational risk fee. • 1.- Realization of hygienic measurements: • Powder • Noise • Temperature • Humidity • Etc. • These measurements include the visit to companies, periodic inspections, preparation and maintenance of measurement equipment, sending the samples to the laboratory, elaboration of reports…etc. • 2.- Labour risk evaluations, including: • 2.1 - visits to the company. • 2.2 - realization of reports. 7
  8. 8. B: Mutual Funds Additional OSH preventive Services • 3.- Provide training activities addressed to the persons in charge in the enterprise to implement OHS activities, managers, technicians, appointed OHS staff, staff in charge of emergency measures, workers representatives, ordinary workers, etc. • 4.-Attendance to meetings and events related with company preventive structure (OHS Committee, Workers OHS representative meetings with company direction, etc, providing information to workers and employers representatives on the activities implemented by the Mutual Fund as preventive services. • 5.- Maintenance of professional relationships between the preventive structure of the enterprise and mediate when there are discrepancies providing the Mutual Fund technical advise on the discussed matters, etc. • 6.- Provide information to employer to coordinate OHS activities when more than one company is sharing the work place (subcontracting, building sites, etc.). 8
  9. 9. Mutual Funds Financial matters & number of experts • From their total income the Mutual Funds they receive as preventive services, 15% is disbursed to the Social Security System to improve the general SS services and contribute to a financial balance. • there are more than 5.000 OHS technicians working for the Mutual Funds. The Spanish population is 44.000.000 persons. • The total number of OHS high and medium level technicians in Spain working for Mutual Funds or for Preventive Services is around 30.000, which means an increase of 1.000% if compared to figures existing in 1995 before the transposition of the Framework directive 1898/391. • Additionally there are up to 850 active Labour and Social Security Inspectors in the State Labour Inspectorate (all high level OHS technicians) and additionally up to 1.500 high level technicians in National and Regional OHS research institutes who also monitor and assist enterprises to implement OHS policies. 9
  10. 10. Mutual Funds Rehabilitation Services • Covers all surgical specialties/doctor related with the occupational accident and diseases, with the following specialized units: • Specialiced Units Prime care Medicine Traumatology Radiology and radio-diagnosis Physical Medicine and rehabilitation Ophthalmology Surgery of hand and micro-surgery Plastic Surgery Cardiology Neurofisiology Psyquiatry Neumology Phsicology Remaining body capacity evaluation and assessment 10
  11. 11. Mutual Funds Rehabilitation Services • Specialised Surgery Units: • Surgery of the back and bones • Surgery of hand and microsurgery • Arthroscopic Surgery • Repair and plastic Surgery Unit • Multidiscipline Laboratories specialised on: • Haematology • Biochemical • Pathologic Anatomy • Microbiology 11
  12. 12. Mutual Funds Rehabilitation Services • Job reinsertion welfare of a worker suffering accident or illness at work • Professional training/orientation on jobs on demand suitable for remaining skills for handicapped workers • Multidisciplinary approach is applied: - rehabilitative doctors, - physiotherapists, - clinical and industrial psychologists, -welfare assistants, - experts in adults' professional training/orientation, etc. - individual plan for each patient's necessities - psychological assistance to worker and family 12
  13. 13. Mutual Funds Rehabilitation Services • Special Units for Heart Rehabilitation • This service is provided to all the coronary patients that have suffered heart attack or chest angina and the objective is to avoid that he/she repeats, as well as the improvement of the workers health and recovery • Special Units of Rehabilitation the workers get the most advanced techniques in the rehabilitative treatment of the different damages: • Hydrotherapy • Thermotherapy • Electrotherapy • Lasertherapy • Magnetotherapy • Occupational Therapy • Gyms 13
  14. 14. Mutual Funds’ Evaluation Quality of Services • The client‘s defence-guarantee system for the quality of the services • Specific Department of the client‘s Defence and Quality of the services which constitutes an instrument to control and develop levels of quality of the services - based on: • Internet, comments sent to electronic mail address of the Satisfaction Department: ….. @ ……. • The “ Points of attention to the client” located in all centres (Net of centres mail boxes) • Telephone of Attention to the Client: (free of charge) 900 ……... • The continuous evaluation of the satisfaction of the beneficiaries together with some “ specific Programs of evaluation” allows the adaptation of the provided services to the necessities and beneficiary‘s expectations. 14