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1 cv alberto cerda mico almm+rd+osh+vet+trade feb 13


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1 cv alberto cerda mico almm+rd+osh+vet+trade feb 13

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE ACERDAMICO@YAHOO.ES 1 LANGUAGE SKILLS: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent, 5 - basic) MEMBERSHIP OF PROFESSIONAL BODIES: Labour and Social Security Inspection; ILO external consultant. AIC. Association of International Consultants OTHER SKILLS: Computer skills: complete command on Microsoft Word, Windows, Excel, Power Point, Internet, etc. PRESENT POSITION: Free-lance consultant on labour and social issues. President of international consultancy Frame Solutions S. L. PROPOSED POSITION IN THE PROJECT: EXPERT ON FAMILY NAME: CERDÁ MICÓ FIRST NAMES: ALBERTO DATE OF BIRTH: 2 January 1962 NATIONALITY: Spanish CIVIL STATUS: Single EDUCATION: INSTITUTION [DATE FORM – DATE TO] DEGREE (S) OR DIPLOMA (S) OBTAINED: Universidad de Murcia, Facultad de Derecho/ Universidad de Valencia, Facultad de Derecho (1979-1985) Law degree: 5 years degree European Institute for Public Administration Maastricht (NL) (1997) Diploma on EU Relations, Enlargement & Policy Making URBACT Secretariat Paris (May and September 2012) Training on project management EU Urban Development State Labour and Social Security Inspectorate (1986 to 1988) Labour and Social Security Inspector (Master Degree on OSH issues). Awarded several Diplomas on OSH issues. LANGUAGE READING SPEAKING WRITING English 1 1 1 Spanish 1 1 1 Italian 1 2 4 French 1 1 2
  2. 2. 2 YEARS WITHIN THE FIRM: 9 year as international free lance (15 years in Labour and Social Security Ministry Spain) KEY QUALIFICATIONS: (Relevant to the project) Expert on active labour market policies and regional development, labour law, employment restructuring in enterprises, Vocational Education and Training, working conditions including gender issues, occupational health and safety (OSH), Social Security, work injury care and insurance and unemployment benefits. ILO experience. Design and implementation of active labour market measures (ALMM) and coordinate with regional development initiatives (ERDF); active labour market policies definition, tender evaluation, implementation and follow up including ESF and Equal; Experience to develop tools for analysis and forecast of labour market trends, monitoring and evaluation tools; experience with Labour Market Observatories in cooperation with social partners. Expert on local development and employment. Expert on introduction of OSH culture in Educational institutions and training programmes for OSH technicians Long-standing experience with EU ALMM/VET/ERDF funds and grant/evaluation procedures (IPA/ESF); implementation addressed to groups under risk of social exclusion; Promotion of employment, occupational training (TOT approach) and assistance to job seekers and social services; Lead expert for URBACT EU project fostering employment and urban development with transnational experience Training Needs Analysis, Formulation of Training Plans, Training for trainers (TOT) on capacity and institutional building; Expert on Regional Development Agencies, organization, structures, resources, programming and monitoring, etc. Institutional Development: Strategy, Policy & Training Resources (and TOT); Performance Appraisal, Work Planning and Review Systems; Experience in planning, project monitoring and evaluation, mediation with municipalities, regional agencies, social partners, teaching, public relations experience, media campaigns; social dialogue including gender issues. Knowledge of EU socio-economic cohesion policies in regions in decline; Business and competitiveness promotion. Corporate Social Responsibility certification and guidance (CSR). Elaboration checklist to monitor WB & IFC's Performance Standards on Social & Environmental Sustainability Free Trade Agreements (and GSP) and labour rights. ILO core standards, WTO. Elaboration of business plans, import-export oriented policies, supporting tools and grants, including evaluation of tenders (PRAG rules). Feasibility studies and organization of business exploratory missions. Social Security expert; Human Resources Management Project Management; Management Development, Teamwork & Empowerment; Elaboration of technical proposals for tenders (FIIAPP,; Arcadis BMB Management Consultants BV,; Agriconsulting Europe; EEO, Human Dynamics EC Phare, Tacis, Meda, Cards, IPA Procedures, Tendering, Evaluation and Procurement, PCM on social-economic issues; Organisation & Management of Study Tours, Conferences, Seminars & Training Courses. SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE IN THE REGION: COUNTRY DATE FROM – DATE TO: Latvia 2001 - 2002 Turkey 2004 (7 months), 2006 (5 months), 2007 (1 week) Moldova 2005 (2 months) Ukraine 2004 (October-November). May 2007 Bulgaria 2007 (July-October 2007) Bangladesh 2006-2008 (several missions) Romania 2007-2008 (key expert several missions). 2013 Senior expert ALMM (30 work days) China 2007-2010 (KE 100 work days + STE organize study tours) 2009 (STE 15 days 2nd. Int. Forum Emergency Management and 12 days Int. Symposium OSH Chemicals, Shengzhen) 2013 (STE 10 days EU-China Symposium on Comparison of Social Assistance Policies) Georgia 2009 (16 to 20 Feb 09) Croatia 2009-2010 (KE 100 work days; STE 55 w/d) Serbia 2010 (KE 60 work days) Vietnam 2011 (STE 19 days) Maghreb (Morocco, Argelia & Tunisie) 2011 (STE 22 days) Spain, UK, Greece, Belgium, Portugal, Cyrus, Italy, Poland & Romania 2012 (50 work days)