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 YEARS WITHIN THE FIRM: 9 year as international free lance (15 years in Labour and Social Security Ministry Spain)
LICO, Laos
( Elaboration of guidelines & manuals, training, dissemination, social dialogue for
LM integration..
2007 to
Murcia, Spain INFO (Murcia
Development and
Latvia developed Guidelines-manuals with description on EU requirements, participation
in Committee for evaluation of te...
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1 cv alberto cerda mico almm+rd+osh+vet+trade feb 13

  1. 1. 1 CURRICULUM VITAE ACERDAMICO@YAHOO.ES PROPOSED POSITION IN THE PROJECT: EXPERT ON  FAMILY NAME: CERDÁ MICÓ  FIRST NAMES: ALBERTO  DATE OF BIRTH: 2 January 1962  NATIONALITY: Spanish  CIVIL STATUS: Single  EDUCATION: INSTITUTION [DATE FORM – DATE TO] DEGREE (S) OR DIPLOMA (S) OBTAINED: Universidad de Murcia, Facultad de Derecho/ Universidad de Valencia, Facultad de Derecho (1979-1985) Law degree: 5 years degree European Institute for Public Administration Maastricht (NL) (1997) Diploma on EU Relations, Enlargement & Policy Making URBACT Secretariat Paris (May and September 2012) Training on project management EU Urban Development State Labour and Social Security Inspectorate (1986 to 1988) Labour and Social Security Inspector (Master Degree on OSH issues). Awarded several Diplomas on OSH issues.  LANGUAGE SKILLS: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent, 5 - basic) LANGUAGE READING SPEAKING WRITING English 1 1 1 Spanish 1 1 1 Italian 1 2 4 French 1 1 2  MEMBERSHIP OF PROFESSIONAL BODIES:  Labour and Social Security Inspection; ILO external consultant.  AIC. Association of International Consultants  OTHER SKILLS:  Computer skills: complete command on Microsoft Word, Windows, Excel, Power Point, Internet, etc.  PRESENT POSITION: Free-lance consultant on labour and social issues. President of international consultancy Frame Solutions S. L.
  2. 2. 2  YEARS WITHIN THE FIRM: 9 year as international free lance (15 years in Labour and Social Security Ministry Spain)  KEY QUALIFICATIONS: (Relevant to the project)  Expert on active labour market policies and regional development, labour law, employment restructuring in enterprises, Vocational Education and Training, working conditions including gender issues, occupational health and safety (OSH), Social Security, work injury care and insurance and unemployment benefits. ILO experience.  Design and implementation of active labour market measures (ALMM) and coordinate with regional development initiatives (ERDF); active labour market policies definition, tender evaluation, implementation and follow up including ESF and Equal; Experience to develop tools for analysis and forecast of labour market trends, monitoring and evaluation tools; experience with Labour Market Observatories in cooperation with social partners. Expert on local development and employment.  Expert on introduction of OSH culture in Educational institutions and training programmes for OSH technicians  Long-standing experience with EU ALMM/VET/ERDF funds and grant/evaluation procedures (IPA/ESF); implementation addressed to groups under risk of social exclusion;  Promotion of employment, occupational training (TOT approach) and assistance to job seekers and social services;  Lead expert for URBACT EU project fostering employment and urban development with transnational experience  Training Needs Analysis, Formulation of Training Plans, Training for trainers (TOT) on capacity and institutional building;  Expert on Regional Development Agencies, organization, structures, resources, programming and monitoring, etc.  Institutional Development: Strategy, Policy & Training Resources (and TOT);  Performance Appraisal, Work Planning and Review Systems;  Experience in planning, project monitoring and evaluation, mediation with municipalities, regional agencies, social partners, teaching, public relations experience, media campaigns; social dialogue including gender issues.  Knowledge of EU socio-economic cohesion policies in regions in decline;  Business and competitiveness promotion. Corporate Social Responsibility certification and guidance (CSR). Elaboration checklist to monitor WB & IFC's Performance Standards on Social & Environmental Sustainability  Free Trade Agreements (and GSP) and labour rights. ILO core standards, WTO.  Elaboration of business plans, import-export oriented policies, supporting tools and grants, including evaluation of tenders (PRAG rules). Feasibility studies and organization of business exploratory missions.  Social Security expert; Human Resources Management  Project Management; Management Development, Teamwork & Empowerment;  Elaboration of technical proposals for tenders (FIIAPP,; Arcadis BMB Management Consultants BV,; Agriconsulting Europe; EEO, Human Dynamics  EC Phare, Tacis, Meda, Cards, IPA Procedures, Tendering, Evaluation and Procurement, PCM on social-economic issues;  Organisation & Management of Study Tours, Conferences, Seminars & Training Courses.  SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE IN THE REGION: COUNTRY DATE FROM – DATE TO: Latvia 2001 - 2002 Turkey 2004 (7 months), 2006 (5 months), 2007 (1 week) Moldova 2005 (2 months) Ukraine 2004 (October-November). May 2007 Bulgaria 2007 (July-October 2007) Bangladesh 2006-2008 (several missions) Romania 2007-2008 (key expert several missions). 2013 Senior expert ALMM (30 work days) China 2007-2010 (KE 100 work days + STE organize study tours) 2009 (STE 15 days 2nd. Int. Forum Emergency Management and 12 days Int. Symposium OSH Chemicals, Shengzhen) 2013 (STE 10 days EU-China Symposium on Comparison of Social Assistance Policies) Georgia 2009 (16 to 20 Feb 09) Croatia 2009-2010 (KE 100 work days; STE 55 w/d) Serbia 2010 (KE 60 work days) Vietnam 2011 (STE 19 days) Maghreb (Morocco, Argelia & Tunisie) 2011 (STE 22 days) Spain, UK, Greece, Belgium, Portugal, Cyrus, Italy, Poland & Romania 2012 (50 work days)
  3. 3. 3  PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: DATES LOCATION COMPANY POSITION DESCRIPTION Since March 2013 Vientiane, Laos LICO, Laos Interrnational Consulting Ltd. Director of services on Social Corporate Responsibility + Social&Enviro nmental Standards (S&E) Provide services and technical advice to companies in Laos on:-  Human rights issues within the supply chain  Social auditing  Environmental sustainability systems and operations  Dispute resolution  Stakeholder engagement  Advise on S&E and Corporate Social Responsibility  Project Management in EHS and CSR  Training development, providing internal/external training, coaching  Liaising/facilitation with government/Civil Society organizations and Media  Management Systems (ISO 9000/14000 series, OSHAS 18000, SA 8000)/GMP May to Nov 2012 Spain, UK, Greeto June ce, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Romania and Poland Red Local (Madrid) and Urbact Secretariat in Paris Lead expert For the EU financed URBACT project “E4C: E-skills for innovative cities” aimed to promote growth and employment related to E-SKILLS and ICT through integrated urban strategies in order to: - enable the ACQUISITION OF E-SKILLS: ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) user skills, ICT practitioner skills and e-business skills, - facilitate the UPGRADING OF E-SKILLS, - PROMOTE ICT PROFESSIONS. As Lead Expert provided technical advice partners needs and expectations; defined the project work programme, expected outputs and related methodology, supported partners and their URBACT Local Support Groups implementing the transnational exchange activities; support to elaboration of Local Action plans on ICT support and e-skills development, draw- ing lessons from these activities to disseminate lessons learnt, good practices, etc. Septemb er 2011 Spain, Morocco, Argelia & Tunisie Full Audit and Prevent Senior Short Term Audit Expert Elaborated and implemented a checklist to monitor IFC's Performance Standards on Social & Environmental Sustainability, with definition of methodology to follow up clients' roles and responsibilities for managing their projects. 7 multina- tional companies audited in 3 Magreb countries. E & S monitoring of 1 to 6 PS: Social and Environmental Assessment and Management Systems: Labor and Working Conditions: Pollution Prevention and Abatement: Commu- nity Health, Safety and Security: Land Acquisition and Involuntary Reset- tlement: Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Natural Resource Management. Additionally elaborated checklist to audit IFC's General EHS Guidelines July- Novemb er 2011 Vietnam DMI Associates (www.dmiassocia, France) with Bceom, Adetef, Idom and Incom vn Senior short term expert For the EU funded Multilateral Trade Assistance Project III (MUTRAP) Ministry of Industry and Trade provided Analysis of the provisions contained in Free Trade Area agreements of new generation on workers and social rights. Analysis of ILO core standards and other international labour rights (WTO). Overview of the main reasons (legal, economic and social) regarding the establishment of a link between social protections and trade-related issues; Analysis of the impact on Viet Nam of the labour provisions. Analysis of labour rights in CSR and codes of conduct April 2010 EU and Spain Public Policy Management Institute ome, Lithuania Frame Solutions www.frameeurop Senior short term research expert EU funded project No JLS/2008/FRAC/PR/1006-30-CE-0306544/00-11 and for the Directorate-General for Justice, Freedom and Security of European Commis- sion implemented a study to evaluate the EU actions promoting and protecting children’s rights and to conduct comparative analysis of institutions and policies for promoting and protecting children’s rights in 27 EU Member States. Elaborated the study on Spanish implementation of EU actions on promotion and protection of children’s rights March 2010 to Sept. 2010 Serbia EEO Group S.A. (www.eeogroup.g r) and EPRD (Poland) Senior Key expert on evaluation active employment policy For the EU financed project “to enhance data management, forecasting and moni- toring and evaluation capacity of the National Employment Service (Eu- ropeAid/128079/C/SER/RS), provided technical assistance on: - analysis of existing methodologies for monitoring and evaluation of labour mar- ket measures. Elaboration of a national level Needs Assessment Paper for M&E - Prepared Needs Assessment Paper to draft internal documents (handbooks and manuals) for implementation of new methodology for monitoring and evaluation of active labour market programmes. - Revision of methodologies for conduction of evaluation and development of evaluation reports on selected labour market programmes - Organised a study tour to Spain to learn on functioning of Employment Agencies and use of EU funds From January 2010 (14 months) Croatia Human Dynamics (www.humandyna , BBRZ ( ADECRI Senior Key expert Labour Market/HHRR EU funded “Fostering Effective Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Labour Market” strengthening capacities of local stakeholders and Labour Market agents to facilitate access to labour for persons with disabilities. Support a One-stop-shop and a public campaign promoting employability. Undertaken National Study on Needs assessment for PWD and LM integration.
  4. 4. 4 ( Elaboration of guidelines & manuals, training, dissemination, social dialogue for LM integration.. Elaboration of 8 county level Action Plans for PWD integration in LM. Training on CSR and PWD integration, work place adjustment and assisted work for PWD. Elaborated guideline on monitoring and evaluation of programs Nov. 09 – May 2010 Croatia SAFEGE-PM- EPTISA- RAMBOLL, ST Expert for ESF grant schemes on employment EU funded project “Project Pipeline for IPA / EU Structural Funds”, Phare 2006: - analysis of information provided in grant scheme development plans; - drafting evaluation criteria and operation identification sheets; - drafting Guidelines for applicants (Grants on ALM geographical mobility, entrepreneurship, skills development, competitiveness SMEs, groups under risk of social exclusion like disabilities-roma people-log tern unemployed-women, young, etc; social economy, local employment partnership support, social services for the communities June- July 2009 Multilateral AESA Consortium Agriconsulting Europe SA Senior Evaluator EU Lot 2 Multi Evaluator (English, French and Spanish) EU initiative “INVESTING IN PEOPLE – LMIS (improving labour market information systems)”, Call for Proposals. Aimed to support measures promoting labour market information systems in Latin America, Maghreb & Western Africa able to generate accurate and timely data to efficient analysis of labour demand and labour supply Decemb er 2007 to Decemb er 2010 June- July and Sept-Oct 2009 Nov. 2013 China China EPOS Health Consultants and GOPA (Germany) for a EU financed project for the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of China Agrer: EU-China Policy Dialogues Support Facility I EU funded Agrer: EU-China Policy Dialogues Support Facility II Senior international Key expert on work injuries rehabilitation (until 2009). Short term expert for study tours 2009 - 2010 Senior ST expert Emergency Management & OSH 2009 (27 w/d) EU project: ”Technical Assistance for EU-China Social Security Reform - Component 2: Social Security Systems/Administration Development” key expert on work injuries rehabilitation to advise on the following fields: OSH Prevention: support the review and adjustment of workplace safety standards, organise public information campaigns to increase awareness, implement training programmes for employers (CSR) to implement workplace safety measures; Rehabilitation: advise on the improvement of medical rehabilitation technologies and the upgrading of rehabilitation facilities; Work injury compensation: definition of disability levels and management of work injury contributions and payments. - Lecturer at the 2nd China International Forum on Workplace Emergency Management: “Corporate Social Responsibility and Emergency Management at workplaces”. Provided technical advise to Chinese State Administration for Work Safety (SAWS) and National Centre for Emergency Management - Lecturer at the China International Symposium on Work Safety and Sustainable Development of Chemical Industry, Shengzhen Oct. 2009. “Holistic approach for Public Role on OSH. EU Models”. Assistance provided for SAWS Lecturer at the EU-China 3rd . Symposium on Comparison of Social Assistance Policies, Wuhan July to October 2007 Sofia, Bulgaria Project Management ( & Murcia Regional Development Agency (INFO: www.ifrm- EU funded project Short term international expert on Active Employment issues and Regional Development “EC PHARE Service Contract – Preparing good quality strategic documents, promotion of partnership and cooperation and assistance for project development capacity, State Planning Organization, Bulgaria. Provided advise on: - Provided to the Managing Authority of the Human resources OP assistance for the development of procedures, manuals, communication strategy, identification of projects and training (TOT programmes) . - Elaborated a guideline for ESF project promoters (including information about the evaluation process) and implementation on ALMM - Prepare long term relations among INFO Murcia (Regional Development Agency) and counterparts in Bulgaria on business and competitiveness promotion June 2007 Turkey GTZ International Services. EU funded project for the State Planning Organization Senior short term training Expert Support the capacity building within central, regional and local administrations to prepare them for the implementation of economic and social cohesion measures in line with Operational Programmes. Implementing training (TOT) in capacity development, HRD training for civil servants within State Planning Organisation, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Ministry of Transport, and Ministry of Industry and Trade MAY 2007 TO MAY 2008 Romania EPRD Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development Ltd. (Poland) & European Consultants Organisation ECO (Brussels) Key expert on Active employment measures EU financed project to support Romanian Ministry of Labour & stakeholders in the implementation of grant schemes for active employment measures (AEM) mainly for youth, long-term unemployed and job seekers in rural areas and the implementation of the lifelong learning grant schemes,. Key expert on Active Employment Measures, grants, procedures (including evaluation and monitoring tools), dissemination, training beneficiary parties (TOT), promotion of the involvement of stakeholders AEM, coordinate with VET grants. - Guidelines for ESF project promoters and implementation, monitoring tools, etc
  5. 5. 5 March 2007 to March 2008 Murcia, Spain INFO (Murcia Regional Development and Bussiness promotion agency). www.ifrm- Senior international consultant INFO’s support and promote the involvement of the Regional Development and Business promotion Agency in the implementation of international projects and programs with EU financing and other international donors. Familiar with INFO structures, organization, programs & activities to transfer to international projects know-how of INFO in EU policies on Reg. Development Operational Plans and Business promotion. Local development Agents and Chambers of Commerce promotion Manual on Regional Development, including project management & implementation procedures, monitoring and financial control. Application documents, Project Selection and Award, Contracting Documents, Templates for Reports, Monitoring Documents. Organizer INFO business promotion mission for Ukraine. May 2007 October 2006 to 2008 Dhaka, Bangladesh German Technical Cooperation GTZ – GFA www.gtz- Senior short term expert German Technical Cooperation project ‘Social and Environmental Standards in the Clothing Industry’, one of the components of the GTZ programme ‘Promotion of Private Sector SMEs in the post MFA Era (PROGRESS)’. - Assessment of labour inspection & incentive system of both governmental and non-governmental supervisory bodies (including the textile producers associations) needs assessment, taking into account the capacity building initiatives earlier been provided by int. donors - Screening of existing training manuals and other relevant documents - Reviewing monitoring techniques applied by labour inspectors/ private monitors, effectiveness, relevance of collected data, promoting social dialogue. - Meetings with all stakeholders related to RMG sector (textiles) to identify needs on social compliance including the provision of training (TOT) & elaboration of strategic documents for action to improve working conditions and CSR. January- May 2006 Turkey IBF-GFA leaders of 12 consultancies Consortium for European Union Project Team Leader Technical Assistance to Turkish Employment Organisation (ISKUR) for 2006 Programming Exercise to evaluate efficiency and impact of ALMM/RD of EU program following ESF policies: - design capacity building measures for İŞKUR offices & formulate, implement & monitor local employment policies together with stakeholders addressed to groups under risk of social exclusion (social dialogue oriented including gender issues) - provide better matching and placement services for job seekers and employers & improve active labour market measures & relations with private employment agencies, academic institutions and private sector at national and local level - coordinate policies and measures among several international program’s on employment, vocational training and regional development (NUTS II) in coordination with the State Planning Organization and regional development structures, including capacity building measures and Grant Scheme, avoiding overlapping and evaluating impact, proceedings and results. - Recommendations for improvement of impact of ALMM Grant Scheme programs (including evaluation and monitoring tools). Tools for forecast labour market trends; promoted Labour Market Observatories Nov. 2005 to date Spain FRAME SOLUTIONS SL www.frameeuro President. Senior Expert on Social Issues EU-International Advising Technical Assistance Coordination Implementation & Evaluation, including PCM on social issues Business support and competitiveness. Corporate Social Responsibility Regional Development and Employment Organize Study Tours to Europe for international projects Jan -Sept 2005 Barcelona, Spain PREMAQUA Team Leader Director of National Spanish Survey “working conditions, social security scheme and early retirement in the cement production” done for the trade union CC.OO.” October /Novem ber 2004 Kiev, Ukraine GVG/BCEOM (Germany/France) Senior Short term expert EU-Project: ‘Support to the development of the Accident insurance system in Ukraine’ (TACIS) • organization and coordination of social insurance and work injury care measures with other relevant key players for the Accident Insurance Fund • launching Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) work accident prevention campaigns to achieve the active involvement of Social Partners. • Analysis of cost/benefit of OSH preventive measures and finance the Fund. • Elaboration training and disseminating material for OSH promotion. January- July 2004 Ankara, Turkey Consortium led by GVG Team Leader EU Project: ‘Support to Labour Ministry on EU directives on occupational safety and health (OSH)’. Aimed to align the OHS standards in Turkey with EU by: Institutional capacity building and training; OHS promotion; Improved capacity of laboratories for OHS delivery. Assisted the Directorate General for Occupational Health and Safety to follow up changes in the EU acquis & transfer new EU regulations promoting social dialogue. 2001- 02 Riga, Latvia Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. FIIAPP ( EU funded Twinning Spain- Pre-Accession Adviser EU Twinning programme addressed to Latvian authorities on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) regulations to improve the Latvian level of OSH through EU legislation. Drafting documents for transposing EU directives, developing the capacity of the Latvian Labour Department and the State Labour Inspectorate applying PCM. Designed a new dimension for OSH; training courses and seminars held on risk assessment, internal control, organisational structure of OSH management;
  6. 6. 6 Latvia developed Guidelines-manuals with description on EU requirements, participation in Committee for evaluation of tenders & prepare technical specifications for call for tenders; monitoring evaluation systems on OSH were set up in Labour Ministry & the SLI (links with employers organisations, trade unions, etc.) including proposals for employment services to promote job creation policies and for financing the insurance of occupational accidents and work related illness. Development of unified education system for promotion of OSH as for specialists (including labour inspectors) and safety representatives. Developed training curricula on OSH. - Guidelines for the implementation of a uniformed education curriculum - linking the Latvian authorities with the OSH – Quality EU Institutes 1997 Sweden Occupational Health and Safety Board Karolus Exchange programme Exchange Programme: Briefings at Headquarters by each Department on the structure, proceedings & planning; participation in daily work of Swedish labour inspectors. Visit work-sites & interviews with employers & worker representatives. 1994 Geneva, Switzerland International Institute for Labour Studies Director expert Assistant on ALMM International Course on Active Labour Policy & design Active Labour Market Measures; lecture on Labour Administration practices; ran simulation exercises on labour disputes & collective agreements, prepared panels and debates Oct. 91 – Feb. 93 Geneva, Switzerland International Labour Office (ILO) Associate expert, Department of labour administration and labour inspection Follow-up country reports from Latin American region on implementation of ILO standards on labour administration and labour inspection; promote social dialogue, research on labour issues (e.g., role of social partners and labour inspection in Spain, labour inspection in the forestry industry); preparre Technical Memorandum on the joint ILO-Spain programme “modernisation of the Chilean Labour Inspection”; organize seminars on labour administration & social dialogue (e.g. seminar on Labour Inspection in PALOP countries, Angola, 92; labour inspection in Eastern Europe & EEC); participation in training on programme & project evaluation.: fundamental human rights related to trade unions, etc 1989 - 2004 Tenerife/Alba cete/Murcia/B arcelona/ Sevilla, Spain Ministry of Labour and Inmigration ( Labour and Social Security Inspector Monitoring implementation of regulations on Labour issues, Social Security & Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). Participate in international cooperation. Monitoring of ALMM/VET implementation based on ESF & Regional Develop- ment funds (ERDF); access to aids, tax benefit and Grants for employment & business promotion policies, promoting self-employment, social economy & co- operativess. Implementation of measures funded by European Social Fund in line with the European Employment Strategy. Assessment of appropriate use of ALMM grants and action plans defined by the Employment Promotion Institute in order to avoid fraud and misuse. Undertake labour market analyses, work interviews, per- sonal employment plans, active job-seeking policies, assistance for self- employment and reinforcement of social services. Monitor employment / unem- ployment benefits, and social security (including subsidies and promotion of employ- ment of handicapped persons and job reintegration of occupational injured persons & socially excluded groups. etc.) . Monitor payment of premiums/contributions to Social Security, use of social security benefits & provision of work injury benefits. Evaluating levels of work capacity due to accident. Trainer (TOT) for civil servants & social partners on labour , business and social matters. Initiate administrative sanctions procedure in case of labour law violations; provide legal advice to social partners; follow-up complaints; prepare reports on employment restructuring in enterprises; Cooperate with Labour Market Observatories  OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION (e.g. publications)  Awarded several Diplomas from the Ministry of Labour, Spain.  Articles, strategic and methodology papers in the field of social policy and social security, social dialogue (ILO; European Foundation for Improvement Living & Working Conditions - Danish Ministry Employment conference Tripartism in an enlarged European Union, Elsinore 2002.); Contributed Spanish input for “UNEMPLOYMENT EARLY WARNING SYSTEM. EU Case Studies” (EU-China Social Security Reform 08); E-Skills for Innovative cities, Urbact EU Assessment ( C/outputs.../Baseline study E C.doc)  Attended a 2 weeks in-house training on Active Labour Market/VET policies (ESF) in Employment Service, Murcia, Spain, 2004.  Attended dissemination campaign on export promotion methodologies, by Spanish Export Promotion Agency (ICEX), April 2007.  Participated as ILO resource expert on Labour Inspection issues at the Tri-partite Regional Conference held in Tbilisi, Georgia to address all forms Trafficking in Human beings in the Caucasus and related destination countries. February 2009 Contact: