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Trade Show Countdown

The following infographic offers a timeline of trade show preparation tasks needed for a successful event.

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Trade Show Countdown

  1. 1. • Order literature, promo items, giveaways • Reserve time/space for dinners, parties • Figure out staffing requirements and schedules Sales and customer service reps Professional models for demos Begin marketing your attendance Email, social media, direct mail • Continue working on trade show booth • Check arrival dates of booth, promo materials • Confirm that everything has arrived at venue • Conduct a final training session for staff, models • Reserve the trade show booth space • Check contracts and payment dates • Develop a trade show marketing plan Write your sales pitch Prepare marketing materials • Plan a new booth or redesign the old one Plan your show message Select graphics, font, color • Create an attractive trade show booth Prepare interactive content Determine layout and lighting • Finalize booth and materials production • Determine how to ship items to the show • Start making travel and hotel arrangements • Implement training classes for event staff • Begin pre-show marketing initiatives Invite buyers to stop by your booth Create incentives for visiting the booth • Confirm that booth and materials will be ready • Confirm shipping and installation arrangements • Confirm travel and hotel reservations • Register all attendees for exhibitor badges • Arrange to make final vendor payments • Schedule dinners, meetings with buyers, prospects • Assemble post-show packets to send to leads • Send previously assembled follow-up packets to leads • Evaluate leads: quality, conversions, cost per lead • Analyze results: leads, demos, sales, brand awareness • Study effectiveness of booth: graphics, displays, demos • Assess booth staff: numbers, training, effectiveness • Compare final costs to budget, figure out ROI • Determine success, decide whether to attend again 9MONTHSAHEAD3MONTHSAHEAD1WEEKAHEAD1–2MONTHSAHEADAFTERTHESHOW12MONTHSAHEAD6MONTHSAHEAD • Determine your trade show budget • Decide which show(s) to attend • Forecast targeted sales and ROI 18% start planning 2 – 4 months ahead 28% 22% of exhibitors start planning their trade show marketing 1 – 2 months before the show * Source: get ready 4 – 6 months before the show.* Plan for Success! TRADE SHOW COUNTDOWN