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Online Marketing


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Online Marketing

  1. 1. Rise Above The Competition at Half The CostMarketing Services
  2. 2. Online User StatisticsOnline experiences begin with a search engine75% of users never scroll past the 1st page of search results!SEO leads have a close rate of 14.6%92% of users who blog daily acquire a customerOver 39% of customers come from search61% of local searches result in purchasesOnline, your reputation is everything
  3. 3. ResultsIncrease in SalesBrand RecognitionBuild Customer RelationshipsPositive Online PresenceA Successful Marketing Campaign =
  4. 4. …with Acelloria’s Marketing ServicesIncrease Your Online VisibilityLocal MarketingGPS ListingViral MarketingBlog/RSS ManagementSearch Engine OptimizationPPC Marketing/RemarketingMobile Marketing/SMS Marketing✓7654321…and many more
  5. 5. Increase Your Local PopularityLocal MarketingAd Placement on Social Media MarketLocal Directory ListingVideo Creation and SubmissionForeign Directory SubmissionSelf-Employed MarketingOnline Classified Ad SubmissionGuest Post Submission ServicesIncluded in Local Marketing Packages:Traditional advertising is on a steepdecline, no longer do consumers searchfor services or products in their localphone books or direct mailWhy Target Locally?12Businesses are changing tactics, theyare moving towards online marketingwhere majority of users spend theirtime searching the WebIf you are self-employed, own a franchiseor brick and mortar business, you canbenefit greatly by creating an onlinepresence3
  6. 6. Placing Your Website Higher on the SERPSearch Engine Optimization1. Your Competitors are WayAhead of YouYour competitors areimplementing online strategiesto get customers, they areinforming thousands of peopleof their services by simplybeing at the top of searchresults2. It Is Cheaper, Yet HighlyEffectiveInbound leads cost 61% lowerthan outbound leads,MarketingCharts reports thatover 39% of customers comefrom searchWhy Is It Important?What is SEO?Social Media MarketingPress Release DistributionArticle DistributionWebsite OptimizationLocal Directory ListingDirectory SubmissionTraffic and user analyticalreportsIncluded in Our Packages:SEO is getting your websiteto rank very high on theSERP (search engineresults page)Search engines rank pagesbased on their relevanceand authority to the wordsthat users enter into thesearch engineWith SEO, results occur“naturally,” meaning you donot have to invest moneyinto paid search ads123
  7. 7. Spread Your MessageViral Marketing1. Offers free products or services2. Utilizes means for effortless transfer tousers of various social sites3. Targets small and large groups of people4. Exploits typical consumer motivations andbehaviors5. Takes advantage of others’ and externalresources6. Incorporates article and video marketinginto campaignElements of Viral Marketing:Encourages people to rapidly spread amessage to others, exploding themessage to potentially thousands ofviewersWord-of-Mouth Marketing12An increase in viewers equals anincrease in customers and brandawarenessSimilar to a biological virus, messagesare spread quickly by using hosts; this ishow viral marketing got its name3
  8. 8. Targeted ClicksPay Per Click Marketing1. Complete analysis of yourcurrent campaign, industry, andgoals2. Development of targeted list ofkeywords3. Group keywords, writematching ads, launch new PPCcampaign4. Test keywords and ads toachieve maximum results5. Constant adjustments, basedon statistics, to campaign6. Eliminate “negative keywords”that waste resources and havehigh bounce rateHow We Can Help:Many Campaigns Fail Because:Text/Link AdsBanner MarketingRemarketingMonthly ReportsKeyword ManagementIncluded in Our Packages:•Lack of management•Poor keyword selection•Bad keyword grouping•Non-converting landing pages•Under or over-budgetedcampaigns•Poor banner and/or websitedesign
  9. 9. Marketing Through The Palm of Your HandMobile/SMS MarketingMobile Package Includes:Cell Usage is on Constant RiseWhether you want to send apromotion, coupon, a link toyour Web page, or shareimportant news, we will send atext message on behalf of yourcompany to your database ofclientsOur services greatly benefitcompanies who areexperiencing slow businessperiods with time-targeted textmessagesNo matter the type of industryyou are in, your business cangreatly benefit fromcommunicating with yourclients anytime and anywhereSMS Marketing Services:With cell phone usagecontinuously on the rise,companies are slowlybeginning to incorporatemobile marketing into theirbusiness strategies in orderto increase website visitorsMajority of smart phoneusers spend their timebrowsing the Web thanmaking actual calls -wouldn’t it be beneficial tomaximize brand awarenessusing all Internet mediums?122Compatibility and OptimizationAnalysis by DeviceCustom Design and Layout byScreen SizeDevelopment of Efficient Mobile-Optimized CodeClick-to-Call FeaturesMobile-Optimized Lead Forms232
  10. 10. Can Customers Find Your Business?GPS ListingWe will add your business as a points-of-interest (POI) location for the following GPSproviders:GarminNavmanMagellanTomTOmMicrosoft Streets & MapsiPhone AppsDroid Google MapsGoogle EarthNokiaCoPilot LiveOur Services:There are at least 165 million activesmartphone users in the US, 78% of whichare adult users (age 15-64); it is crucial foryour business to have its GPS locationlisted to ensure that travelers are notgoing to your competitorsWord-of-Mouth Marketing12The number of GPS users is predictedto increase to 370 million by 2015DestinAtorTechnologiesMio MapsMavigonOZIExplorerBlaupunkt GPSSygicRoute 66iGOAnd various otherthird party GPSmanufacturers.
  11. 11. Acelloria will help present your information through a visually stimulating andeye-catching infographic that will help viewers understand your messagequicker, will increase engagement, and will boost the chances of a viewersharing your content. Our infographics stand out and are greatly utilized byclients from various industries for marketing and editorial purposesDesigners create and code memorable and attractive newsletters that capturereader’s attention, yet are powerful in increasing user response. Our packageincludes unlimited revisions, user-friendly navigation and function design, andclean code. We will convert your existing PSD, PNG, AI design into emailfriendly HTML code which is compatible with all major email clientsOur goal is to create a website for your business that is unique, visuallyappealing, and that follows the latest website trends, such as responsiveweb design, HTML5 coding, and social integrationOther ServicesInfographicDesignWebsite DesignE-NewsletterCoding
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