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See the work of the fastest growing creative agency in the Washington DC area.

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Ace Inc Marketing and Communications Portfolio

  1. 1. with T. (301) 632-2095 E.
  3. 3. COREMEN, INC. 4200 FORBES BLVD., SUITE 105 LANHAM, MD 20706 TEL: (301) 306-0040 FAX: (301) 306-0699 CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS MATERIALS AND TOOLS CAN BE THE SAME. THE PEOPLE USING THE TOOLS AND INSTALLING THE MATERIALS MAKE At Coremen, the Difference is Our People. THE DIFFERENCE. OUR TEAM IS BOTH EXPERIENCED AND KNOWLEDGEABLE IN COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION. Customer Service: We know that every new project With almost a decade’s worth is an opportunity to establish a relationship that can impact the success of our business for many years. This of experience and knowledge is why, we make every effort to meet or exceed your expectations. Coremen is dedicated to reintroducing hon- at hand, Coremen’s dedicated esty and integrity to the commercial construction industry. NEW COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION Our only objective is building partnerships that last. team of experts embody impec- DESCRIPTION LOCATION cable customer service, excep- COMMERCIAL RENOVATIONS Quality: While other companies’ promise of quality work is only good until something goes wrong, Core- tional quality, open dialog and CSX Transportation – Headquarters Engineering Building Baltimore, MD Plainfield New Jersey Charter School Plainfield, NJ men’s promise is backed by meticulous planning and TENANT BUILDOUTS execution. At Coremen, we’ve developed a process to continually evaluate the work of our sub-contractors, streamlined scheduling that is Anytime Fitness Clinton, MD suppliers, vendors and employees. Our process makes unsurpassed in the commercial Circles Clothing Temple Hills, MD our promise to provide exceptional quality, superior prod- Famous Footwear Waldorf, MD ucts and unmatched service rock solid. construction industry. Famous Footwear Richmond, VA Famous Footwear Baltimore, MD Communication: The Coremen team is available Fragrance World Forestville, MD twenty-four hours, seven days a week. We’ve invested in taking advantage of the most current technologies avail- MIL Corporation Bowie, MD able and innovative workflow methods to make certain ML Interior Designs Washington, DC we’re never out of reach. Coremen employs every pos- sible mean to establish an open line of communication, Northwood School Baltimore, MD guaranteeing the successful outcome of your project. Waldorf SDA Church Waldorf, MD Whitaker Dental Practice Washington, DC Timeliness: Utilizing state of the art communication and scheduling tools, Coremen’s key staff is able to continuously monitor and track your project’s progress. We’re committed to ensuring the tightest of deadlines are met. A COMPANY BUILT ON KEEPING PROMISES COREMEN, INC. 4200 FORBES BLVD., SUITE 105 LANHAM, MD 20706 TEL: (301) 306-0040 FAX: (301) 306-0699 RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS IN ALMOST 10 YEARS IN BUSINESS, WE’VE LEARNED THAT EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE WERE CRITICAL FACTORS IN ASSURING A SUCCESSFUL PROJECT FOR OUR CLIENTS. RESIDENCE ABOULHOSN, CHAFIC JOYCE, DARRYL 6586 Long Beach Drive, St. Leonard, Md 20685 9108 Charlie Farm Court, Laytonsville, Md 20882 (703) 548-8723 (301) 253-8843 ANYTIME FITNESS (SEEF RAHMAN) MANNING, TYRON & TONYA 9130 Piscataway Road, Clinton, Md 20735 7203 Purple Avens Avenue, Upper Marlboro, Md 20772 (240) 605-7939 (301) 599-5684 ASRATE, DEBBIE MCINTOSH, DEVON 4951 Sherier Place, N.W., Washington, Dc 20016 17609 Clinton Drive, Accokeek, Md 20607 (703) 731-9686 (301) 283-6250 AYODEJI, ROBERT MIL CORPORATION (LISA CARMEL) 16940 Livingston Road, Accokeek, Md 20607 4000 Mitchellville Road, Bowie, Md 20716 (301) 441-9743 (301) 809-1329 BIEDLER, PENH ROBINSON, WINSTON & KIM 1604 W. Pratt Street, Baltimore, Md 21223 10902 Forestgate Place, Glendale, MD 20769 (215) 272-1944 (301) 464-8749 BOONE, GEORGE & SARAH SAMAN, JOHN 5626 Coolidge Street, Capitol Heights, Md 20743 1198 Cordova Drive, Lusby, Md 20657 (301) 336-1033 (301) 989-4605 HALL, COLTON & JACKIE STURM, PEGGY 4302 SanDwich Court, Waldorf, Md 20601 10307 Arethusa Lane, Upper Marlboro, Md 20772 (301) 870-4387 (301) 599-6452 JOHNSON, JAMES THE MCHUNU STORES (EDDIE PAIGE) COREMEN, INC. 4200 FORBES BLVD., SUITE 105 LANHAM, MD 20706 TEL: (301) 306-0040 FAX: (301) 306-0699 8706 Mount Clair Court, Clinton, Md 20735 3243 Donnell Drive, Forestville, Md (202) 368-7158 (301) 943-6429 - Coremen Construction Branding & Marketing T. (301) 632-2095 E.
  4. 4. Here at Paragon, we strive to make learning a rewarding, fun and Who We Are powerful experience. & What We’re About Whether your child needs support in a particular subject, study skills, or overall personal and academic growth, our instructors are highly skilled and eager to begin this journey with Our Roots... Today... you! Our instructors include former and Paragon Learning was founded by a former high school Our model of excellence continues today as we consis- current teachers, Ivy League graduates, teacher and Harvard University graduate in partnership tently strive to provide the best one-on-one, at-home tu- successful professionals, and most importantly, with her husband who has a background in social ser- toring services for K-12 students in the metro DC area. experienced and caring individuals. vices and law enforcement. Our mission is to provide the highest quality in tutoring services tailored to each individual student’s needs as We specialize in K-12 Reading, Writing, Math, Extremely passionate about working for the betterment well as each family’s schedule and budget. Foreign Language, Study Skills and SAT/ACT Prep of youth and our community, Paragon’s founders recog- in the Washington DC metro area. nized the need to provide our students with additional We understand parents’ busy lives and the increasing learning opportunities outside of the school setting. needs of youth, and we are here to offer a solid solution Combining this passion with extensive experience and that incorporates flexibility, collaboration and a lifelong research, Paragon Learning was established as a model approach to learning. of excellence in the tutoring community. Phone (202) 355-3348 Email Web Phone (202) 355-3348 Email Web There is nothing more important in terms of your child’s future than his or her education What you choose to invest in today will multiply in At Paragon, we believe all people are inherently inquisitive and return over the course of your child’s lifetime leading to increased opportunities, skills and confidence. This natural learners. Children are born with the instinct to ask “why” return doesn’t end with your child. It continues for and to explore their surroundings, and it is our job to act as guides years to come as knowledge and quality of life are in this journey. passed down to each new generation in your family. Every child’s education should be a given, not an Working in collaboration with parents, teachers and other support option. The cost of what an average family spends on networks, we surround our students with an enriching environment that “extras” each week can give your child the boost he or promotes ease of learning and gives your child the space to gain and she needs to excel in school and beyond. Your child is practice independent skills. ready, so begin today. Constant reflection and feedback are also key components of our structure. Students are assessed at the start of enrollment and periodically throughout their time with us so that we can ensure a tailored program that changes with your child. After all, every student is unique and that is something to be celebrated. Buy Hours on Your Terms. And Leave the Rest to Us. Individualized Flexible Lifelong Cost: $75/hour Starting where your child is… In-home tutoring… Beginning with the future in mind… Through an in-person meeting, skills All of our tutoring is provided within Tutoring is not merely about this test or Buy one hour at a time, or buy one of our packages assessment and collaboration with the comfort of your own home. Or if you that assignment. It is about building the below for savings. teachers, we do our best to gain a thorough understanding of your child’s needs and your goals. Then we develop a convenient and suitable location of your choice. skills and passion for lifelong learning - both academically and personally. Buy... 10 hours Get... 1 hour free Make an Schedule and pay on your terms… Independent learning… Investment in a program specifically built to fulfill those needs. You decide how much tutoring you’d It is not our intention to have your child 20 hours 3 hours free like and when you’d like it. Simply become dependent on our services Building relationships… purchase hours and use them as you for success. Success is something all 30 hours 5 hours free Strong relationships are essential for successful learning. In addition to matching your child to the instructors see fit based on a schedule you’ve set up with your instructors. students can achieve on their own, and it is our job to provide the right tools and guidance to make sure that 40 hours 50 hours 7 hours free 10 hours free Your Child’s Learning Today! that best fits his or her needs and happens. personality, we also highly encourage and provide opportunities for parent The flexibility and choice are yours! and teacher involvement. Phone (202) 355-3348 Email Web Phone (202) 355-3348 Email Web - Paragon Learning Branding & Marketing T. (301) 632-2095 E.
  5. 5. - Marriott Hotels Membership Benefits Brochure & Sub-Branding T. (301) 632-2095 E.
  6. 6. FIND & RESERVE DEALS DESTINATIONS SHOP MARRIOTT EVENTS & MEETINGS MARRIOTT REWARDS DINING EXPERIENCES ACCOMODATIONS Check Rates & Availability The JW Marriott Hotel is a luxurious hotel This downtown Washington DC hotel features Check-in date(mm/dd/yy) located on the District of Columbia`s famous more than just a great location. The hotel offers 06/05/08 Pennsylvania Avenue. Situated among the most 22 meeting rooms and 37,000 square feet of recognizable landmarks in Washington DC, this total meeting space, making it a premier Check-out date(mm/dd/yy) 06/06/08 hotel provides easy access to the renowned DC meeting facility in the Washington DC metro monuments, museums and other cultural venues area. All of the hotel`s 738 luxurious rooms are No. of rooms Guests / room around the city like the National Theatre, the equipped with high-speed internet access and Convention Center and the National Portrait 32`` HDTVs with connections for your MP3 Need more rooms? Gallery. Additionally, this hotel is near the player and video camera. The excellent location About this Hotel White House, one block from Washington`s and amenities at this Pennsylvania Avenue Metro system and 15 minutes from Reagan Marriott make it the ideal choice for business Deals at this Hotel National Airport. and leisure travelers. Photo Tour J W Marrio t t ® Ho tel o n Pennsy lvania Avenue 13 3 1 Pennsy lvania Avenue, Washing to n, D i st r i ct Of Col u m bi a 2 0 0 0 4 U SA Pho ne: 1- 202-393 - 20 0 0 Fax: 1- 202- 626- 6991 Sales: 1- 202-393 - 20 0 0 Sales fax: 1- 2 02 - 6 2 6 -1 357 Tol l - f re e : 1 - 8 0 0 -393 - 2 5 03 - Marriott Hotels Website Design T. (301) 632-2095 E.
  7. 7. - Prince Georges Black Chamber of Commerce Corporate Event Invitation Prototype T. (301) 632-2095 E.
  8. 8. mission ADVANCE the understanding of the brain and the nervous system by bringing together scientists of diverse backgrounds, by facilitating the integration of research directed at all levels of biological organization, and by encouraging translational research and the applica- tion of new scientic knowledge to develop improved disease treatments and cures. PROVIDE professional development activities, information, and educational resources for neuroscientists at all stages of their careers, including undergraduates, graduates, and post- doctoral fellows, and increase participation of scientists from diverse cultural, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds. PROMOTE public information and general education about the nature of scientic discov- ery and the results and implications of the latest neuroscience research. Support active and continuing discussions on ethical issues relating to the conduct and outcomes of neurosci- ence research. INFORM legislators and other policymakers about new scientic knowledge, recent devel- opments, and emerging opportunities in neuroscience research and their implications for public policy, societal benet, and continued scientic progress. N AV I G AT I N G A C H A N G I N G L A N D S C A P E F Y 2 0 0 6 A N N U A L R E P O R T Chapter 1 vision & values SFN’S SCIENTIFIC VISION SFN’S ORGANIZATIONAL VALUES Guided by its mission and its values, ethical, and technical dimensions. In Carrying Out All Of Its Activities, The the Society for Neuroscience (SfN)’s Some of these challenges are Society For Neuroscience Is Committed To The Following: vision is that the next decade should common to biomedical research and be one of breakthrough discovery its subdisciplines of bioinformatics Identifying and serving the needs of SfN members as well as the eld of that will lead to the translation of and scientic ethics. Others are neuroscience. scientic advances to improve the unique to neuroscience by virtue health of people everywhere. of the tremendous complexity Continuing to promote greater diversity of neural circuits and their role of representation of women, minorities, and young investigators, along with As SfN represents the entire range in controlling behavior. These geographic and specialty balance, in SfN’s of scientic research endeavors challenges prompt opportunities, meetings, confer- ences, committees, and aimed at understanding, treating, as well as responsibilities, to governance processes. and preventing nervous system develop new tools and approaches Seeking innovative ways to utilize disorders, it fosters the broad for integrating and advancing the technology to better serve members and interdisciplinarity of the eld that understanding of the nervous to help manage the problems of scale as a uses multiple approaches to study system. successful association in the 21st century. the nervous systems of organisms Ful lling its Mission in a socially, ranging from invertebrates to SfN will play a key role in economically and environmentally humans across various stages of confronting new issues by responsible fashion, including minimizing development, maturation, and challenging and energizing the SfN’s environmental footprint through aging. SfN also facilitates the eld through active dialogue with energy efciency, recycling, and other initiatives, and being mindful of the translation of research ndings into federal funding agencies, such as broader impact of its day-to-day practices. treatment strategies, encourages the National Institutes of Health, information transfer from the clinic National Science Foundation, and Developing effective strategic back to the basic research arena, others, to dene current needs relationships and collaborative initiatives with appropriate external partners, and contributes to the breadth and to develop strategies for including other scientic so- cieties and of the eld of neuroscience, and meeting them. SfN’s perspective associations, health advocacy groups, its creative use of all the tools of on the eld’s current nature and its foundations, public agencies, government modern biology to understand future trajectory permeates all the entities, educational institutions, corporate entities, information technology service neural function in health and elements of the strategic plan and providers, etc. disease. will guide the initiatives aimed at enhancing key scientic functions, Building a model of iterative planning Neuroscience is a rapidly evolving including the annu- al meeting and into the fabric of SfN governance and management processes, incorporating eld that benets greatly from, The Journal of Neuroscience. This regular evaluation of the impact and and helps to drive, the ongoing perspective will guide the ways success of initiatives and activities and development of powerful new in which SfN will strive to serve periodic revisiting programs. tools used to acquire and analyze its membership and frame the experimental data. The effort to public outreach and governmental make efcient use of the staggering interactions. amounts of diverse information known about the nervous system raises challenges that have social, FY2006 Annual Report • 5 35,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 S O C I E T Y F O R NE U R O S C I E N C E 5,000 ANNUAL MEETING 0 PREVIOUS NEUROSCIENCE MIAMI BEACH 1994 A N N U A L M E E T I N G AT T E N D A N C E Total Attendance SAN DIEGO 1995 Scientific Attendance Nonscientific Attendance ANNUAL MEETING STRATEGY WASHINGTON DC 1996 THE ISSUE: NEW ORLEANS 1997 The rapidly expanding and increasingly complex body of neuroscience knowledge chal- lenges the society to recognize and react to changes quickly enough to sustain the scientific excellence of the meeting. LOS ANGELES 1998 WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN? In coming years, the meeting might have to accommodate more than 35,000 attendees and MIAMI BEACH 1999 18,000 abstracts. SfN must improve its ability to organize vast amounts of content. NEW ORLEANS 2000 HOW DO WE MAKE IT HAPPEN? A working group to be named by council will consider long-term meeting strategies. Staff SAN DIEGO 2001 and the program committee will explore ways to expand the capacity of the meeting within its existing framework. An improved system of reviewing and updating the meeting’s list of themes and topics will provide better documentation for groupings and changes. ORLANDO 2002 NEW ORLEANS 2003 SA N D I E G O 2 0 0 4 WASHINGTON DC 2005 14 • Navigating A Changing Landscape FY2006 Annual Report • 15 - Society for Neuroscience Annual Report Bid T. (301) 632-2095 E.
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  13. 13. - Various Logos T. (301) 632-2095 E.
  14. 14. Ace Inc. Marketing & Communications is a young firm glowing with fresh innovative solutions and the drive to become the premiere communications firm of Southern Maryland. Established during the summer of 2006, by Ace & Stephanie Todd - Ace Inc. has experienced unprecedented growth and success. The dynamic duo’s formula combining smart marketing and conceptual development has proven to be a winning strategy for its clients. Whether you represent an established or start-up business, Ace Inc. provides unmatched service and quality design. ConneCt with us Telephone. 301-632-2095 Email. Visit. T. (301) 632-2095 E.