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Paul Sharp presentation


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The River Cruise Line presentation at River Cruise Expo 2012

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Paul Sharp presentation

  2. 2. The World ofRiver Cruising
  3. 3. •Demand for River Cruising is growing YOY. •Stock sells out fast. •River cruising attracts adiverse blend of passengers who will try different itineraries. •River cruise operators continue to grow despitemarket the current economic conditions.
  4. 4. The one thing weall have in commonis the rivers that we sail on and when we sail on them.
  5. 5. •Unlike Ocean Cruising,River Cruise Operators are dictated by tidal conditions.•High water levels prevent us from sailing underbridges on particular rivers. •Low water conditionsprevent us from sailing up the rivers.
  6. 6. Where and whendo river cruises sail?
  7. 7. •February – March: The Nile, Yangtze & Mekong •March – April: Paris Cruises, Dutch Waterways & Rhine Singles Cruises •May – September: Rhine,Moselle, Neckar & Main River, Douro •July – October: Scottish Highlands•August: Seine: Saone, Rhone & Russian Waterways•September: Danube & Yangtze•November - December- Rhine & Christmas Cruises, Douro
  8. 8. As a rule of thumb, UK clients will generally book their river cruise with their travel agent6 months (if not more) in advance of the day of departure. This ensures: •The client gets the cruise and cabin they want. •The Travel Agent protects their commission. •The River Cruise Industry does not become a discounting battlefield.
  9. 9. AVERAGE BOOKING TIMES •February – March: The Nile, AUGUST/ SEPTEMBER Yangtze & Mekong •March – April: Paris Cruises, SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER Dutch Waterways & Rhine Singles CruisesNOVEMBER/DECEMBER/JANUARY •May – September: Rhine, FEBRUARY/MARCH/APRIL/MAY Moselle, Neckar & Main River, Douro JANUARY/FEBRUARY •July – October: Scottish Highlands FEBRUARY/ MARCH •August: Seine: Saone, Rhone & Russian Waterways MARCH/APRIL •September: Danube & Yangtze •November - December- Rhine AUGUST/SEPTEMBER & Christmas Cruises, Douro
  10. 10. The Clientele
  11. 11. River Cruise Holidays (pax 000s), 2009 - 2011•In 2010, the UK river cruise marker grew by 8% to reach over 142,000 passengers.
  12. 12. •The clientele used to be 70-plus but the age band is dropping and many cruisers are now 50-70. •River cruises appeal to the kind ofpeople who like to have something to do all the time.•The majority of passengers on board river cruise ships are empty nesters.•River cruises are a popular choice for customers who like escorted tours.
  13. 13. Small cruise ship City Breaks Rail Holidays experienceCoaching/Escorted Holidays Large cruise ship Group passengers Travellers
  14. 14. In Summary...
  15. 15. •Understand the river cruise calendar.•Work your marketing and advertising around booking patterns.•Make adverts informative and editorial.•Understand that there is sense of urgency when selling a rivercruise due to capacity and let your clients know this.• Protect the healthy levels of commission on offer.•Learn about the ports of call and each river cruise line’s USP’s•Understand the fundamental differences between Ocean andRiver Cruising.•Review your database of clients – river cruise passengers alreadyexist within it.