Daniela presentation Amsterdam 2012


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Amsterdam River Cruise Expo 2012

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Daniela presentation Amsterdam 2012

  1. 1. 2nd River Cruise ConventionAmsterdam, November 2012
  2. 2.  AmaWaterways was founded in 2002 by Rudi Schreiner, Kristin Karst and Jimmy Murphy. AmaWaterways operates all-inclusive river cruise vacations on the waterways of Europe, Russia, Vietnam and Cambodia. They have 15 custom-designed vessels in Europe, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Africa offering a large selection of different itineraries.
  3. 3. AmaDagio
  4. 4. AmaCerto
  5. 5.  APT is based out of Australia. They have been a family company since the 1920’s - owned by the McGeary family. APT Group is a multi-brand business with an extensive global portfolio of touring and cruising products including part ownership of AmaWaterways.
  6. 6. AmaCello
  7. 7.  Luftner Cruises - Amadeus is based out of Innsbruck, Austria. Newest member of PSA / ACE. Founded over 30 years ago their fleet offers exclusive luxury river cruises on Europes most important and picturesque waterways - along Dutch and Belgian rivers, up and down the Rhine, Main, Moselle, Rhône, Saône and Danube. Amadeus has a fleet of eleven of their own ships.
  8. 8. MS Amadeus Elegant
  9. 9. MS Amadeus Symphony
  10. 10.  Avalon waterways is based in Littleton, Colorado and belongs to the Mantegazza family which owns Globus and Cosmos. Avalon Waterways runs a fleet of 19 small river ships They specialise in giving their guests the opportunity to design the cruise they desire most, from the food they eat, the ship they sail on, to their excursions and entertainment, as well as their destination.
  11. 11. Avalon Visionary
  12. 12. Avalon Creativity
  13. 13.  CroisiEurope is based in Strasbourg, France. They own a fleet of 27 river and small ships. CroisiEuprope offers a wide selection of different itineraries. Their river cruises travel most European Rivers as well as the Mediterranean Coast and Vietnam.
  14. 14. MS La Belle de Cadix
  15. 15. MS Beethoven
  16. 16.  Based out of Market Harbour, England, the River Cruise Line specialises in European river cruises. They’re an independent tour operator, well known for their customer service. The River Cruise Line has 13 small river ships
  17. 17. MS Princess
  18. 18. MPS Amsterdam
  19. 19.  Based throughout England Shearings provides their customers with holidays throughout Europe and the UK via bus, rail, air, ocean and river cruise. Shearing Holidays prides themselves in the reputable quality and reliability of their work, which has won them a large number of loyal customers. They offer over a 100 river cruises worldwide to their customers. 17 River ships are used for their lines, 6 of which are exclusively chartered by Shearing Holidays.
  20. 20. MS Alegria
  21. 21. RV Indochine
  22. 22.  Three generations of Taucks have been pioneers in escorted travel since their first tour through New England n in 1925. Tauck River Cruising coordinates every detail to ensure their passengers experience the culture of their destinations, their cruises are all-inclusive, personalized, and board no more than 118 passengers. They have 7 of their own River ships.
  23. 23. MS Swiss Emerald
  24. 24. MS Treasures
  25. 25.  Based out of Salford, England Titan river cruises travel along the great waterways of Europe, Russia, China, Egypt or Canada. Titan began river cruising in the 1970’s. They use 29 different cruise lines for their river cruise travel portfolio.
  26. 26. Duoro Queen
  27. 27. Regina Rheni II
  28. 28.  Uniworld’s headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, with an outstanding European operations team which reports directly to our Los Angeles headquarters. They also have satellite office in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and a China operations team in Beijing. Uniworld cruises tavel to Europe, Russia, Egypt, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China. Currently, they have a fleet of 10 of their own boutique ships.
  29. 29. River Countess
  30. 30. River Tosca
  31. 31.  eWaterways currently offers the largest selection of small ship and river cruises from around the world. eWaterways works with over 400 cruise line suppliers from around the world and supporting more than 9,000 travel agencies through a Agency Portal. eWaterways comprises a global team of Travel, Technology and Small Ship Experts in offices located in London, Paris, New York, Melbourne and Bucharest.
  32. 32. The Royal Crown