Executive summary- SACRED Trust Fund- Non-Profit Initiative


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Non-Profit initiative by the Bullion International Pte Ltd, Singapore

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Executive summary- SACRED Trust Fund- Non-Profit Initiative

  1. 1. C/O Bullion International Pte LtdSacred Trust Fund 10 Anson Road, #15-14 International Plaza, Singapore 079903 email : sujata.lhila@gmail.com HP : 65-97854402 FAX : 65-62980746 Confidential Executive Summary for SACRED Trust Fund (A Not-for-Profit Project for the Benefit of All Sentient Beings) 10th June 2010 Prepared by Ms Sujata Lhila 10 Anson Road, #15-14 International Plaza, Singapore 079903 for His Holiness the Karmapa, Lineage Holders, Lama Norbu Repa, Potential Donors, Financiers, Marketing AgentsTerms of usage : Should you receive this document without the explicit permission or knowledge of MsSujatha L Chamaria or any officer of Bullion International Pte Ltd, you are hereby warned and informed that you are holding to confidential and sensitive information that you are unauthorized to read or own.Should you persist to read on or disclose the content of this business plan, we shall initiate legal actionsagainst you to claim damages from you and to stop you from further distributing this classified material.Please delete this from your possession and inform us at the contacts listed in the letterhead with regards to this leak. Our rights remain, fully reserved. Page 1 / 4
  2. 2. C/O Bullion International Pte LtdSacred Trust Fund 10 Anson Road, #15-14 International Plaza, Singapore 079903 email : sujata.lhila@gmail.com HP : 65-97854402 FAX : 65-62980746 ConfidentialExecutive SummaryThis executive summary has been written to present Sacred Trust Fund to prospective donors, financiersmarketing agents and team members and to assist in forming the team and raising capital needed to startthe activities and bring the products and services to the sentient beings.The Organisation:Sacred Trust Fund (STF) is a new organisation intended to be started in Kolkata, India. It is intended toregister the organisation as a not-for-profit charitable company under the form of a trust or foundation. Itis intended to have the headquarters, and holding company of the trust in Singapore.It is STF’s goal to start a number of non-profit charitable projects in India. It aims at benefiting allthrough its projects and undertakings both in the physical world in India and worldwide. It intends tobring happiness, reduce suffering and the causes of suffering and spread loving kindness and compassion.It intends to make offerings to those in a privileged position and provide help and benefit to the needy,poor and under-privileged.STF’s main areas of focus are hidden in the word SACRED. They are as follows:S: Spirituality, Sangyay, SanghaA: ArtC: CharityR: ResearchE: Education, EnvironmentD: Dharma, DevelopmentVision:The vision for each of the heads is summarized below:Spirituality, Sangyay, Dharma, Sangha: STF will endeavour to give the gift of Dharma to all through itsactivities. It will do it through various measures such as, creating spiritual support for all, sponsoringlineage-holders and teachers and their teachings and seminars, performing pujas, practicing anddisseminating information, books and pamphlets about the dharma and the benefits of taking refuge in theBuddha, Dharma and Sangha.Art: STF will work towards the spread of arts and artifacts. It will commission new works and preservethe old. It will also patronize other forms of art, especially the traditional art forms of the world andpreserve the heritage of the humans. STF also intends to patronize art works of a soulful nature ofcontemporary styling. It also will patronize the artists. The various forms of art works include but are notlimited to temples, sculptures, paintings and the performing arts.Charity: STF intends to provide free/ subsidized medical treatment and free medicines to the poor and Page 2 / 4
  3. 3. C/O Bullion International Pte LtdSacred Trust Fund 10 Anson Road, #15-14 International Plaza, Singapore 079903 email : sujata.lhila@gmail.com HP : 65-97854402 FAX : 65-62980746 Confidentialneedy by building clinics, hospitals and holding camps. It also intends to provide free vegetarian meals tothe poor and needy through its various soup-kitchens located strategically all over the world. It alsointends to provide free clothing and other articles of daily use for the comfort of poor and needy beings.Research: STF intends to sponsor research in mind-body connection, psychology and alternative healingmethods. It also intends to conduct research in the nature of spiritual emergencies and its management.STF intends to help people having a spiritual experience get of psychiatric drugs in a safe manner andunderstand the true nature of their experiences. It intends to set up a free/ subsidized home for peoplegoing through such experiences and introduce them to meditation practice and other practices that willhelp them recognize their sensitive natures. STF also intends to educate people and governments on thetrue nature of spiritual experiences, many-a-times misunderstood by mental health professionals and bringabout a change in the handling and healing of so-called mental illnesses.Education, Environment: STF intends to sponsor worthy students for advanced Buddhist studies. STFfurther intends to propagate the practice of meditation in the current school system. It also intends topublish and disseminate literature based on the teachings. Furthermore, STF intends to providevocational training to men and women so that they are able to earn their livelihoods. In respect of theenvironment, STF intends to educate beings about the importance of conserving our earth and its bounty.It also intends to engage in practices that are environment friendly and sponsor projects for thepreservation and conservation of our natural heritage. STF intends to plant trees all over the planet and tocare for them till they are sustained by the environment.Development: STF intends to build parks and gardens for the enjoyment of all. It also intends to providefree/ subsidized lodging in clean comfortable hotels near stupas, temples and important places of worshipon this planet. STF further intends to build roads and bridges in places that are over-looked bycommercial construction companies. Such places being those that bring beings comfort and convenience.Also, connect to places of worship.Who do the projects benefit?STF intends to benefit all. STF intends to benefit three categories of beings. First are the offerings itintends to make to the realised. Second are all, in need of help and assistance, the poor, needy and under-privileged. The third are all humans undergoing suffering of a specific nature, such as physical or mentalailment, or suffering.There is a lot of work being done of this nature and STF intends to join hands with those organizations, aswell as got it by itself.STF will be one of the organizations that benefits all. STF will position itself as an organisation thatserves all regardless of caste, creed, race or religion and provide benefits spanning a complete line ofproducts and services. Happiness, compassion, loving kindness, joy and equanimity and the greater goodwill be intent of the STF.Pricing of subsidized services will be as per local requirements and even those will be waived for thereally poor and needy. Page 3 / 4
  4. 4. C/O Bullion International Pte LtdSacred Trust Fund 10 Anson Road, #15-14 International Plaza, Singapore 079903 email : sujata.lhila@gmail.com HP : 65-97854402 FAX : 65-62980746 ConfidentialDistinctive Competence:STF is uniquely positioned to serve all due to the following reasons: 1. STF intends to be formed with the blessings of His Holiness the Karmapa. 2. STF intends to have a motivation to benefit all. 3. STF is being led by persons who have taken refuge. 4. STF has on its board people who have many years of experience in social service. 5. STF intends to focus on areas which truly alleviate the suffering of all and is less served by oth- ers. 6. STF also intends to serve in areas that are less served by other organizations and would produce the greatest good. 7. STF intends to keep reasonable prices for its subsidized services. It also intends to provide free services. 8. The persons, behind the project have knowledge and experience in the areas they are servicing.Financial Summary:Based on detailed financial projections, if the STF receives the required funding it will operate withoutlosses by Year ? and recover all developmental costs by end of Year ?. It will serve all.STF forecasts services of approximately, ? in the 1st year. It requires a funding of approx. S$?.The fundswill be used on developmental costs for the outlet, stock as well as working capital. The project willgenerate approx. ? per annum in revenue.STF intends to obtain funds from private donors, foundations and trusts with similar interests,corporations, public fund-raising drives, sale of subsidized services and the businesses and corporationsof the founder.Exit/ Succession Strategy:It is the intention to run and operate STF under the guidance of a competent team and the bless-ings of His Holiness the Karmapa, even after the demise of the founder. While all things are im-permanent, the STF is intended to be operated as far into the years as is possible and serves theneeds of all. Page 4 / 4