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                 ACCU ISION
                 LASER EYE CLIN...



    Can you see yourself without glasses or contact lenses? If you wear

Your eyes are little short of an optical miracle. But if your focus is imperfect (i.e. when the c...
                                            At ...

The basis for successful treatment of visual         At Accuvision, Wavefront analysis is a ...
        Throughout your time with us, our priority is to provide the highest ...

We want you to be as confident as we are in our technology and procedures, so here are the ans...

    Laser vision correction is achieved by re-shaping the cornea, using a laser
    to rem...

                                                        Wavefront diagnostics are part o...

Enhanced procedures now allow the benefits of laser vision correction to
be enjoyed by patients prev...

This brief summary offers an overview of the range of AccuWaveTM laser
vision correct...

                                   At Accuvision we don’t just provide advanced laser vision corr...

Corrective surgery from Accuvision is safe, fast and effective. The quality of ...
                                                                     BEYOND YOUR EXPECTATIONS

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Accuvision - Laser Eye Surgery & Treatment Brochure


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Accuvision is a bespoke provider of laser vision correction, combining expertise, technology and integrity, provided in a friendly and caring environment.

Call Accuvision today on 0845 000 2020

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Accuvision - Laser Eye Surgery & Treatment Brochure

  3. 3. OPEN YOUR EYES... TO ACCUVISION ▼ IF you’re not entirely happy with your vision, making the first steps towards changing your life starts here. Accuvision is a bespoke provider of laser vision correction, combining expertise, technology and integrity, provided in a friendly and caring environment. Thousands of people's lives have changed Our treatments are backed by our Lifetime improved treatments for impaired vision, for the better at Accuvision, where you will Care Commitment ensuring our dedication including lazy eye (amblyopia) treatments be cared for as an individual and your to the highest standards of patient care, and ‘all laser’ trans-epithelial vision correction hopes and apprehensions about laser long after treatment has been completed. using our advanced laser systems. vision correction will be fully understood. Our clinical team led by Mr Chad Rostron To find out more about your eyes and how We pride ourselves on being the very best FRCS, a world renowned corneal specialist we could improve your vision, please read at what we do, providing world class and NHS consultant, have been actively this brochure, visit surgeons and consultants (recognised as involved in bringing about much needed or contact us on 0845 000 2020. experts in their field), able to use the latest change in refractive surgery. We believe We look forward to meeting you soon. ▼ technology and treatments effectively to that we are at the forefront of vision The Accuvision team give the very best outcome for your vision. correction techniques, regularly introducing Accuvision Lifetime Care Commitment – because your eyes are for life "I was so impressed by the service given to me by Accuvision and Your eyes are for life and our care for them extends for life too. Following their unbeatable and honest completion of treatment, every patient can contact us 24/7 or arrange to see us pricing. It's rare to find an about their vision, for life. Our lifetime Care Commitment is your guarantee of our total commitment to your visual future. organisation that shows such care and attention to their patients." BENJAMIN DAVIS ▼ ACCUVISION BECAUSE YOUR EYES ARE FOR LIFE 1
  4. 4. IS IT TIME TO SAY GOODBYE TO LENSES ? Can you see yourself without glasses or contact lenses? If you wear glasses or contact lenses it’s difficult to imagine life without them. In fact, it’s easy to forget what a bind they can be. How many times have you misplaced your Accuvision Laser Eye Clinics... glasses or dropped a contact lens at the where people like you come first. worst possible moment? How many times With the latest advances in technology now have your glasses broken, requiring available at Accuvision, laser vision expensive replacements? And how many correction has never been safer or more different pairs do you need to do the things predictable. Our world-class team of expert you want to do? surgeons and optometrists have one priority: to deliver the very best visual outcome for On top of the sheer inconvenience of glasses you. When you choose Accuvision you will and lenses there are added complications also benefit from unrivalled levels of that you may have experienced. You’ll know personal care, every step of the way. how the quality of your vision can adversely Why? Because we know receiving such a impact upon every aspect of your life, from service is your priority. We will treat you as reading and driving, to working in an office an individual and our procedures are finely or watching a sporting event, catching a bus tailored to cater for your specific needs. or choosing a meal from a blackboard menu. Glasses are not an option in many An estimated 30 million people around the sports and whilst lenses do provide an world have already benefited from laser alternative they are also affected by mud, surgery. Isn’t it time that you did, too? dirt, dust and sweat. Why opt for a laser correction procedure? Our AccuwaveTM laser correction procedures will introduce you to a new experience in consultation, patient care, and the very best treatment that can leave you free from your dependence on glasses or contact lenses ▼ and greatly enhance your quality of life. 2
  5. 5. UNDERSTANDING YOUR EYES Your eyes are little short of an optical miracle. But if your focus is imperfect (i.e. when the cornea, lens or eye is an irregular shape), light cannot focus accurately on the retina and the image you see is blurred. Laser vision correction is ideally suited to the treatment of such conditions. Your eyes work just like a camera. Light POINT OF FOCUS POINTS OF FOCUS rays pass through the clear part at the front (the cornea) then through the lens, which focuses them onto the ‘screen’ at the back of the eye (the retina). There, millions of photoreceptors (light-sensitive nerve cells) LIGHT ENTERING EYE LIGHT ENTERING EYE ▼ ▼ turn the image into electrical impulses that are transmitted to your brain through the optical nerve. Shortsightedness (Myopia) Astigmatism If distant objects are blurred, you may be Both shortsighted and longsighted eyes can shortsighted. In this case your eye is too also have astigmatism. The cornea is not POINT OF FOCUS long, so that rays of light fall in front of the perfectly round but shaped more like a retina and not directly on it. rugby ball. Therefore, rays of light are bent in different directions and do not form a “I was –9.00 in both eyes, so POINT OF FOCUS sharp focus point, so that images blur. was delighted when Accuvision LIGHT ENTERING EYE were able to treat me. I had ▼ Age related longsightedness (Presbyopia) previously gone to another well This occurs in many people as they get known clinic who advised that Normal eye LIGHT ENTERING EYE ▼ older, traditionally requiring reading glasses In a normal (emmetropic) eye, the cornea or bifocal lenses to correct. The lens in the I was not suitable, so to have and lens are matched to the length of the eye gradually stiffens as it matures and thus a positive response from eye, focussing light directly on the retina. Longsightedness (Hyperopia) loses it’s ability to accommodate light rays Accuvision was great.” This produces a perfectly focussed image If close objects are blurred, you may be efficiently. Treatments are available from SALLY GILBERT at all distances. longsighted. Your eye is too short, causing Accuvision which can offer excellent results incoming light rays to fall behind your for people with this condition, please see retina and not directly on it. page 12 for further information. ▼ ACCUVISION BECAUSE YOUR EYES ARE FOR LIFE 3
  6. 6. IS LASER SURGERY RIGHT FOR YOU ? ▼ At Accuvision your safety and total satisfaction are paramount. Laser vision correction may not be suitable for everyone and a successful outcome is dependant on many factors which must be carefully considered. Treatment and eligibility You should ideally be able to Whether or not laser treatment can be answer YES to the following: performed on your eyes depends on a • Do you suffer from shortsightedness, number of factors that need to be assessed longsightedness or astigmatism? by our eyecare specialists at your initial consultation. Although the majority of • Are you over 18 years old? people who come to us are eligible for • Is your prescription stable? treatment, we may decline to treat you if the outcome cannot be accurately predicted • Are your eyes healthy and free from ▼ or if treatment is likely to cause any eye disease? complications. Your lifestyle and occupation • Would you rather not wear glasses may also be an important consideration. In or contacts on a permanent basis? general, the suitability of our procedures for you depends on factors such as: • The degree of optical error • The thickness of your cornea • The existence of any eye disease • The size of your pupil • Corneal mapping data Accuvision will always • Wavefront analysis results recommend the very best solution for your condition, including non-laser treatments, if appropriate. Please note: This is intended as a general guide and there are always exceptions. Detailed analysis of your eligibility for treatment can only be achieved at your consultation. ▼ 4
  7. 7. YOUR INITIAL CONSULTATION The basis for successful treatment of visual At Accuvision, Wavefront analysis is a Wavefront measurement on its own would disorders is an accurate diagnosis. At your standard part of the assessment procedure prove clinically ineffective. Thanks to this “I consulted many other laser initial consultation, a fully qualified Accuvision and incurs no additional cost. remarkable technology Accuvision is able to optometrist will perform a series of diagnostic diagnose and treat more complex conditions eye specialists, but I was told tests and scans to accurately assess the Until recently, diagnosis and treatment of than many other providers in the UK. that laser would not help. condition and suitability of your eyes. higher order corneal irregularities was not However, thanks to Accuvision always possible and outcomes could not be On completion of our comprehensive testing I have managed to get near Next, using our highly sophisticated accurately predicted. This resulted in fewer procedure you will be advised of your Wavefront Analyzer a precise three patients being accepted for treatment. In such suitability for surgery and the results which perfect sight, which is dimensional mapping of any visual cases Accuvision now employs the can be achieved in your particular case. something I never expected.” imperfections is generated. This equipment Wavefront Topolyzer which has been Throughout your consultation our friendly staff JYOTI CHOUDRIE allows an unprecedented level of accuracy specifically designed to measure and will be more than happy to answer any and the data collected is used by the surgeon generate high resolution data for eyes with questions you may have and help you to to create a personalised laser correction severe irregularities. It was developed for the understand all aspects of our procedures. treatment ideally matched to your eyes. most difficult cases, in which standard ▼ ACCUVISION BECAUSE YOUR EYES ARE FOR LIFE 5
  8. 8. HELPING US TO ACHIEVE THE BEST RESULTS ▼ Throughout your time with us, our priority is to provide the highest levels of safety and patient care. Following the simple guidelines below will help us to achieve the very best outcome from your laser treatment. Your consultation beam, affecting results. We recommend If you have any old prescriptions for lenses that you avoid driving home and would or glasses (or details of any eye treatment suggest that you bring a friend to drive you you have had), please bring them along. or make alternative arrangements. These will help us to see how your eyes have altered over time, and assess how After your treatment best to treat you. Depending on the treatment you have had you will be provided with either clear Contact lenses can alter the shape of your protective shields or contact lenses to protect ▼ eye, affecting test results. For this reason it your eyes during the healing process. You is very important to stop using them for a will also be prescribed eye drops to reduce week before your consultation for soft lenses discomfort and aid healing. During the and three weeks for rigid lenses. This healing process it is important to avoid: allows time for your eye to restore its natural shape. • Rubbing your eyes • Wearing eye make-up for 2 weeks The examination process can temporarily • Swimming for 1 month blur your vision so we recommend that you • Using sunbeds for 1 month avoid driving home and make alternative • Activities which may result in eye injury arrangements. • Smoky or dusty atmospheres Treatment day Full instructions will be provided at your For your comfort it is best to wear loose consultation and on the day of surgery. casual clothing. Do not wear any We will also provide you with a schedule cosmetics, deodorant, hair products or of revisits to your clinic, to check on your perfume on the day of your treatment as progress following your treatment. vapours and particles can interrupt the laser ▼ 6
  9. 9. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS We want you to be as confident as we are in our technology and procedures, so here are the answers to a selection of the questions we are most commonly asked. Don’t forget that our specialists are available by phone to answer any other questions you may have, so please feel free to ask. How successful is laser vision Do the results last? have been documented that have not been correction at Accuvision? The effects of laser treatment are permanent, encountered in the first year of follow-up. Our success is built upon giving our but your eyes may change over time. That’s Minor complications such as haziness, patients the very best outcome that can why we recommend having the procedure delayed healing and night-time glare have possibly be achieved through laser vision after major eye changes have occurred in been reported, although these are very rare correction. Even though we treat many your life. Your surgeon can review the and in almost all cases can be treated. patients who have been refused by other changes you have had and help you decide clinics due to extreme prescriptions or eye whether or not to undergo treatment. How long before I can see well? conditions, over 99% of our patients are Visual rehabilitation after treatment is rapid. able to drive without glasses. At your What happens when I get older? Most people achieve good vision the day consultation we will discuss what can be As we reach our mid 40's, the fine focusing after surgery and find that their eyes feel achieved in your individual case. mechanism of the lens does not function as fairly normal 24 hours later. However, your well as when we were younger. As a result sight will improve even further, and the very How much does it cost? most of us will require reading glasses when best vision could take two to three weeks. Like your eyes, every treatment plan is we reach this age. There are treatments “I am so pleased that I different. However, while higher order available from Accuvision which can help to Can both eyes be corrected at the chose Accuvision. The whole prescriptions are more expensive we relieve this condition. same time? experience was professional include state-of-the art Wavefront Because of increased safety and from the time I picked up the diagnostics as a standard part of every If my vision changes later in life, predictability we are happy to treat both ‘pre-op’ at no extra cost. Overall our prices can I have repeat surgery? phone to discuss a possible eyes at the same time. are very competitive and you are In most cases, an enhancement may be a appointment through to guaranteed an unsurpassed level of service. solution to vision changes later in life. Our my aftercare.” Will I require multiple treatments? specialists will examine your eyes and In over 94% of cases a single treatment is CAROLINE NEWMAN Does it hurt? determine whether this can be performed. sufficient. In others, a second enhancement Laser treatment is virtually painless. However, treatment may be required to help you you may experience some mild to moderate Are there long-term side effects? achieve optimum vision. This is at no extra discomfort and watering of the eyes for a Laser eye surgery has been performed for cost to you (within a year of treatment). few hours after LASIK treatment. more than 20 years and no complications ▼ ACCUVISION BECAUSE YOUR EYES ARE FOR LIFE 7
  10. 10. ACCUVISION ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Laser vision correction is achieved by re-shaping the cornea, using a laser to remove minute amounts of tissue. With recent advances in technology our laser procedures are safer, faster and more effective than ever before. ® Wavelight Allegretto Eye-Q 400hz 3D Eye Movement Tracking custom excimer laser platform Computer controlled eye-tracking allows Where older lasers produce a broad, precise application of the laser beam even if square-shaped beam, our laser system your eye moves and ensures safe, accurate produces a rounded, sharply-focused profile removal of corneal tissue. Using such a fine measuring only a fraction of a millimetre laser beam at such high speed, the Allegretto across. This allows us to smoothly remove the Eye-Q is equipped with a synchronised 3D minutest amounts of corneal tissue with the eye tracker to follow even the fastest eye utmost accuracy. movements with a response time of less than 8ms. If eye movement exceeds the safe limits The Allegretto Eye-Q is the fastest excimer of the eye tracker the beam will momentarily laser available in the UK today. With a stop to allow re-centring of the laser. repetition rate of 400 Hz, treatment times have been reduced to a few seconds. The Wavefront LASIK/Epi-LASIK Eye-Q’s reduced treatment time provides a Instead of just correcting focussing errors, we more comfortable procedure for the patient can now take a wavefront image – literally, a and is particularly beneficial for treating high 'fingerprint' of each person's optical pathway myopia, high astigmatism or other time- – and use the information to reduce or even intensive procedures. eliminate higher order aberrations, improving visual accuity. This means that potentially your Perfect Pulse Technology® vision could be improved beyond that which Ensures safe and precise work at a high you have previously achieved with glasses or speed. Every single laser pulse is completely lenses. Applicable to both LASIK and Epi- controlled from the moment it is created to LASIK procedures, Wavefront allows for where it meets the eye. Each ultra-thin laser optimal, eye specific correction that was pulse is used to sculpt the corneal surface of previously unattainable. It can also provide the eye with the utmost precision. improved vision in all lighting conditions. ▼ 8
  11. 11. LASIK AND ‘ALL LASER’ PROCEDURES Wavefront diagnostics are part of any Accuvision pre-op assessment, providing exacting data that is used with other readings to offer the very best LASIK and Trans-Epithelial Surface Treatment – ‘all laser’ vision correction. LASIK Some patients may experience slight irritation The LASIK procedure is performed using and light sensitivity after the procedure but topical anaesthetic (eye drops) on an these effects usually last a few hours. Many outpatient basis. It is simple, fast and highly patients notice improved vision immediately predictable, performed in an appropriate after surgery, although it usually takes a few surgical environment approved by the days for the full benefit to be appreciated. Healthcare Commission. Trans-Epithelial Surface Treatment An automated device is used to create a (all laser) very thin flap on the corneal surface which is This no-touch procedure is an advanced form folded back to allow the excimer laser to re- of surface laser treatment and is performed in shape the cornea. LASIK causes minimal two stages. Firstly, the laser is used to remove discomfort and provides rapid recovery the corneal surface layer (epithelium) with times. Incidence of postoperative pinpoint accuracy and regularity, thereby complication is extremely low. minimising possible stromal tissue loss. “I went to 4 different places Secondly, the laser is programmed to remove before choosing Accuvision. I exactly the right amount of corneal stromal chose them as they made me 1 2 3 4 tissue to optimise your visual outcome. feel at ease, seemed honest, Following treatment a bandage contact lens is were not pushy, and seemed to placed over the cornea for a few days as the have greater experience of epithelial layer heals. As no alcohol, dealing successfully with poorer mechanical device or suction is used during the laser eye correction treatment, the healing times prescriptions like mine. They Anaesthetic drops are A protective flap of corneal The inner corneal layer is The corneal flap is compared with normal surface treatments are were also competitively priced.” applied to the eye tissue is created and gently reshaped with the precision carefully replaced and much faster and less painful. It also avoids any JAMES BELLAMY lifted to reveal the inner excimer laser beam begins to heal immediately flap complications and is less invasive, corneal layer therefore more appropriate for thinner corneas. ▼ ACCUVISION BECAUSE YOUR EYES ARE FOR LIFE 9
  12. 12. WAVEFRONT AND BEYOND Enhanced procedures now allow the benefits of laser vision correction to be enjoyed by patients previously considered untreatable. Accuvision now treat a wider range of patients and prescriptions than any other UK clinic. Wavefront Optimised LASIK Topography Guided LASIK Some laser technologies induce aberrations A corneal topographer is an instrument that (irregularities) on the corneal shape profile measures the corneal shape and contour. during treatment. The wavelight laser platform Topography guided LASIK uses the resulting at Accuvision uses special calculations corneal contour map to guide the laser (nomograms) to prevent these aberrations pattern, thereby correcting distortions on and so helps to maintain better visual quality. the cornea. The Wavelight Allegretto Eye-Q laser uses This is especially useful for patients with high resolution data to produce much larger, corneal abnormalities and in the rare case more uniform treatment zones, vastly that a patient requires remedial procedures improving night vision. It also enables after previous standard LASIK treatment. treatment for patients with large pupils with utmost efficacy. The table opposite further summarises these options. We will advise you as to the most Customised Guided Wavefront appropriate treatment strategy for your High resolution wavefront data maps can individual case. also be incorporated into the custom treatment plan to correct for specific 'higher order aberrations'. Again the emphasis is on improving visual quality beyond standard treatment.
  13. 13. LASER TREATMENT OPTIONS AT A GLANCE This brief summary offers an overview of the range of AccuWaveTM laser vision correction treatments provided by Accuvision. At your initial consultation we will recommend the treatment that is most appropriate for you. Diagnosis Procedure Main Advantage Short sight, long sight with or Wavefront-Optimised Minimises induced spherical aberrations (the main cause for ▼ ▼ without astigmatism LASIK/Epi-LASIK poor contrast and low-light vision problems following treatment) with minimal tissue removal. More likely to maintain or improve low-light quality of vision Short sight, long-sight with or Wavefront-Guided An excellent tool for re-treatment cases from previous surgery with ▼ ▼ without astigmatism – specific LASIK/Epi-LASIK visual compromise higher order aberrations Corrects for specific higher order aberrations (that glasses or contact lenses cannot remedy) to attempt to improve visual quality “Accuvision really took their time Can improve results from previous surgery answering all of my many questions, and didn’t rush me ▼ ▼ For short sight, long-sight with or Topography-Guided Designed to regularise the corneal shape for better visual quality into anything. Looking back without astigmatism – specific LASIK/Epi-LASIK Can improve results from previous surgery now, I don’t understand what I irregular corneal topography was so nervous about. The procedure lasted only 5 minutes ▼ ▼ Thin cornea or contact sports Trans-epithelial ‘all- Leaves a smoother surface for rapid epithelial re-growth are undertaken laser’ treatment and was completely painless.” KAROLINE NAKKEN A note on Femtosecond (sometimes called IntralaseTM): Femtosecond LASIK uses a laser to create the corneal flap, rather than a microkeratome instrument. Manufacturers of Femtosecond lasers claim that use of a laser to cut the flap can reduce complications and increase accuracy of results. However, we have not found any conclusive independent evidence to date that endorses this claim over the use of the microkeratome. Currently our results are superior to published Femtosecond results, but we will continue to monitor this technology closely. ▼ ACCUVISION BECAUSE YOUR EYES ARE FOR LIFE 11
  14. 14. TOTAL EYE CARE SERVICES At Accuvision we don’t just provide advanced laser vision correction. Our wealth of experience and expertise allows us to offer additional bespoke treatments and specialised surgical solutions for a wide range of vision and eye health conditions. Monovision Presbyopia Treatment Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL’s) Corneal Collagen As the lens inside the eye hardens through and Intra Ocular Lenses (IOL’S) Cross-linking (C3R) age, we lose the ability to focus our vision Similar to a small contact lens, the Corneal Collagen Cross-linking with for close activities such as reading, a implantable contact lens is placed inside Riboflavin (C3R) is a new treatment that condition known as presbyopia. If suitable, the eye, in front of the natural lens, increases the stiffness and rigidity of the you may choose to undergo a ‘Monovision’ correcting severe cases of short sight, long cornea and stabilises Keratoconus. The procedure. This involves laser correction of sight and astigmatism. Intra Ocular lenses C3R treatment has been shown to increase your dominant eye for distance vision, are used as a replacement to the natural the diameter of the collagen fibres in the while the other is corrected for near vision lens in the eye to improve your vision. cornea and enhance the cross-linking of the without spectacles. Monovision offers the fibres. This has a stabilising effect on best chance of reduced dependence on Cataract Treatment progressive Keratoconus and reduces the spectacles for most situations. Cataract surgery has been performed for visual impairment associated with it. Once many years and is a standard procedure. stabilised by C3R the eye can be CK (Conductive Keratoplasty) It restores clear sight by the replacement of considered for further treatment. “It is one of the best decisions CK is a minimally invasive, non-laser the clouded natural lens in the eye, I have made. I know from my treatment that helps to overcome age significantly improving the quality of vision. NeuroVision treatment for own experience that whether related longsightedness, offering an ‘Lazy Eye’ (Amblyopia) to undergo an operation is a alternative to the ‘Monovision’ laser Keratoconus Treatment This is a clinically proven, non-surgical and procedure. This treatment uses radio waves Keratoconus is usually caused by thinning risk-free treatment for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye), very difficult decision to make, to shrink and tighten fibres in the cornea, of the cornea and results in it ‘bulging a condition in which there is loss of best but I am so pleased that I re-shaping it to improve near vision. The forward’ causing vision distortion. As this corrected spectacle vision in one or both decided to go ahead.” process can take as little as 3 minutes and condition develops, it may not be easily eyes. The eye appears healthy, but vision is NICK DRIES can restore near vision, reducing or correctable with contact lenses or glasses. poor. It is the only existing treatment for eliminating the need for reading glasses. Intacs can be inserted into the periphery of adults having ‘Lazy Eye’ which is approved the cornea to help flatten the surface and in the USA and Europe. reduce the optical defect. ▼ 12
  15. 15. TAKE THE NEXT STEP TOWARDS CLEARER VISION Corrective surgery from Accuvision is safe, fast and effective. The quality of the personal care and attention you will receive is matched only by our investment in leading edge technologies and expertise in the very latest treatments. Why not call us today and take a step closer to the quality of vision you have always wanted. After ascertaining that you are suitable for total dedication to providing the very best laser eye surgery through careful consultation outcome for you. With our competitive and examination, we will be totally pricing and personal finance packages dedicated to achieving the very best results you may also be surprised at how affordable for you. But our commitment doesn’t end treatment at Accuvision can be. Why not there. Our Lifetime Care Commitment call us and book your free no obligation provides you with the reassurance of our consultation today? To locate your nearest clinic, or to book your free no obligation consultation call 0845 000 2020 “The whole experience was painless, both in terms of the Read about previous patient experiences at surgery and cost. Accuvision is the ultimate in professionalism.” PRATICK PATEL Regulated by the Healthcare Commission ▼ ACCUVISION BECAUSE YOUR EYES ARE FOR LIFE 13
  16. 16. LET US HELP YOU TO SEE BEYOND YOUR EXPECTATIONS Call Accuvision today on 0845 000 2020 ACCU ISION Accuvision Ltd, 42-48 New Kings Road, London SW6 4LS LASER EYE CLINICS email: LONDON • BIRMINGHAM • LEEDS