Human Resource services


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Accuprosys provides comprehensive HR Solutions through a single window across
various domains to enhance the success of your organization.Our services are
designed to make a difference to human resource management through our unique methodologies. Accuprosys has exceptional strengths in ensuring well-timed and dependable delivery of HR solutions to clients across various sectors.

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Human Resource services

  1. 1. Human Resource Services
  2. 2. The human resources [HR] are that bunch of people that you see in an organisation that is always doing the running around, right from taking the interview part to the recruiting. The HR deal in a lot of work but most times what they actually do might not seem that visible. The HR is the team that is responsible to fill up the company with the right employees who would help propel the company to newer heights. The HR usually go by the rules laid down by the higher-ups of the company while recruting people to the company. The HR are like the back-bone of the company. No company can function properly without these talented people.
  3. 3. The human resources team mostly deal with matters concerning with regards to the employees of a company, which not only includes hiring but also management the other needs of the employees. Human resources also deal with the management to help in the planning for the building and the development of a company. Human resource departments can be related as the in-betweeners of the employees and the top-brass of the company. They are the go-to people for the employees for any of their needs linked with the company.
  4. 4. In many of the companies, human resource is reduced. Statistics show that the most the reasonable ratio is 1 human resource person for every 100 employees. This has now proved to be not enough due to the across-the-board in- house administration. In the human resource team, there are many a time only one person who expertise in carrying out a lot of areas which can make things very difficult and a bit challenging, and it is very important for the human resource team to be ready to devote themselves for something new.
  5. 5. By now it is pretty much clear, that the human resource department provides a wide span of human resource services for the company. The main function of the human resource department are employing and selection processes; classification and payroll; management and development of policy; employee development programs; training of employees, equal- employment opportunity, affirmative-action programming, etc. The human resource department have themselves involved in communication, leadership, policy recommendations, and organisation development, etc.
  6. 6. The human resource department also is in charge of planning and make proper strategies for the macro human resources management action and the enlisting policies of the organisation. Compensation packages are also drawn and also policies with regards to incentives, healthcare insurance, and all other employee-related advantages and compensation bundles. They also organise and carry out training curriculum for the company employees.
  7. 7. The human resource department also covers the many other facets of the employees. Their tasks include things such as aiding in the development of the company and the putting in action the company’s business plans and their objectives, company success by the discerning and prodding on people, working out winning change plans, and supplying of employees.
  8. 8. Employees Hiring: The human resource department is the first interaction of the potential employees and the company. The main responsibility of human resource department depends on the in-house rules of the company. The usual mode of recruit by the human resource department is by placing advertisements for the employees. Depending on the hiring need of the company, the human resource team attends job fairs and also look into other hiring duties. The human resource team then goes through resumes, prune them down as per the requirement, verify references, and have proper background checks, and most times have a first-round interviews with aspirants on the phone with follow-up interviews scheduled with the respective managers of departments. Human resource department also take care of new employee orientations, let them know about company policies, operations, advantages, and other important information.
  9. 9. Payroll for Employees: The human resource department is in charge of input of employee data into the payroll system and some of them include things such as newbie joiners, goers, changes in contracts, checking timesheets, casual and sick leaves, vacation hours, bonuses, night shifts and its allowances, overtime, salaries, week-end shifts, additional employee benefits; etc. Once the payroll is done by the human resources department, the payments for salary is made ready.
  10. 10. Employees Training: The human resource department looks into the productiveness which needs to be fine-tuned in the employees for their respective positions, planning training essentials with the managers, plan on internal and external trainings to the employees that are selected, converying with other companies and arrange for external trainings and planning for the external trainers the needed provisions to get the job done, and also get feedback of the training from the participants and also build on the training reports.
  11. 11. Employee Administration: The human resource department also make ready the employee-related documents like employee contracts, job contract changes, educational certificates, access cards preparation, placing orders for laptops and cellphones for employee use, official email ids creation, lockers allocation and protection gear, allot employee assets, allot transportation protocols, readying reports of human resource indexes.
  12. 12. Outsource of Human Resource: Human Resource outsourcing is a very crucial step to improve the skill and agility of the employees and also improving upon the company’s effectiveness to get used to change and be the leader of the market competition. In this technologically more era, almost all the companies do outsource their human resource functions. This is very advantageous and they have a direct effect on the company and they cut down cost, make effective workforce, etc. outsourcing of human resource surely has both long and short term benefits.
  13. 13. Accuprosys has carved a niche for itself as a leader in providing HR services to cater to all the needs of a company.