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Accuprosys is a company that provides hr consulting services, HR Outsourcing Hyderabad

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HR Consulting Services Hyderabad – Accuprosys

  1. 1. Why We DO and DON'T Need HR Consulting Services – A Low Down for Business Leaders
  2. 2. Most business heads staunchly avoid Human Resource consultancy services. 2 O It only seems logical that at such times of cut throat competition, especially for low profit margin businesses and start- ups, searching and hiring employees on their own is monetarily more judicious. Why should a company pay 10-20% more to third parties only for hiring candidates?
  3. 3. On first thought, it appears true. But take a ring side look and you'll know that such a thought is actually deceptive. 3
  4. 4. 4 Paying for HR consulting does seem like an overhead cost. But most companies have now started to realize that their internal hiring processes are failing. However, it is one of the toughest tasks while running a business. Hiring the right person for the job and for your organization is highly crucial.
  5. 5. Getting the Right Fit 6
  6. 6. There's no doubt that acquiring the right kind of human resource for an organization plays an important role in the long run for the success of a company. But interviewing a large number of people lacking the right skills is only a burden on time and resources. 7
  7. 7. What's worth asking is that would you like to interview the best of the best candidates or only those that respond to your posting? 8
  8. 8. That's where HR consulting firms come in. O These firms get you candidates who would have otherwise been inaccessible (because that's their job!). O They pool human resources from a wide range of time-tested sources rather than only through job postings. 9
  9. 9. Traditionally, in internal hiring processes, HR personnel are bombarded with innumerable resumes that may not necessarily be suitable for a particular position. 11 O HR consulting firms scan through resumes to provide you with only the best ones with the right fit for the designation you are aiming to fill. As an added advantage, you would have to bear no expenses until they find you the best fit candidate.
  10. 10. Still Wish To Go Hiring on Your Own? This Might Help! 12
  11. 11. It's better not to hire candidates based only on gut instinct. O When you are hiring, make sure you have a well defined set of skills and requirements listed for a particular position. O Most candidates may appear to be confident and perfect for the role but you can never be sure whether they'd actually perform. O To expel uncertainties, you need to ask the right kind of questions. 13
  12. 12. O Through my acquaintance with several consulting associates in Hyderabad, I have come to know that candidates who are brought in by HR firms stay longer and perform better in an organization than those hired through internal processes. O However, if you use the right strategy (as described here) while interviewing candidates, you may not necessarily need the services of an external firm. 15
  13. 13. Beyond Hiring... There's More to HR Functions than Meets the Eye 16
  14. 14. O The functions of an HR department of an organization go far beyond just hiring the right candidates. O Making sure that a company's HR is well managed requires an eagle's eye view of the entire organization. O Because it is often not possible internally, most firms hire external HR management service providers to make sure that their most important resources (i.e. their employees) are well managed and happy. 17
  15. 15. O This translates into better performance for the company. O Understanding this requirement, many firms are offering HR management services. O Many organizations have sprung up in the last two decades offering services related to HR function in Hyderabad as well. O However, barring a few, most firms need a strategic restructuring of their services to meet present day needs of their clients. 18
  16. 16. Throughout my career as an HR professional, I have known many consultancy firms covering HR functions in Hyderabad. 20 These firms offer all HR related services, from recruitment to payroll management systems. O Some firms either provide all HR related services or none at all. O Some other firms offer a-la-carte services, in which client organizations have the freedom to choose which services they require and which they don't.
  17. 17. O These firms also carry out audits to assess the performance of organizations and then provide counseling and recommendations to enable a better coordination among the employees and management. O They propose corrective plans and programs by implementing which, organizations can improve their functioning. 21
  18. 18. Accuprosys is one such organization for HR functions in Hyderabad. The best thing about the HR consulting services of this firm is that it not just fulfills HR requirements but does it in a strategically planned manner so as to ensure maximum benefits to the operations of its client firms. 22
  19. 19. Enterprises seek HR services to achieve time efficiency and cost reduction, in turn enabling them in controlling their bottom lines. Such services help them integrate effective human resource policies, practices and programs into the regular day to day functioning of their organization. 23