orderXpress Marketing Supply Chain Optimization


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An online storefront can greatly reduce costs associated with frequently ordered business items. Speed production time. Control inventory costs. Reduce errors. Maintain brand identity. Better Supply chain management

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orderXpress Marketing Supply Chain Optimization

  1. 1. www.acculink.comCopyright © 2010 Acculink, Greenville, NC
  2. 2. The Internet Changed Everything . . . Online, you can streamline the creation, production and distribution of just about everything. Are you taking advantage of it?Copyright © 2010 Acculink, Greenville, NC
  3. 3. The Power of Online Storefronts “Companies lose 20 to 40% of annual spending on business printing through redundancy, obsolescence and other waste areas” Granada Research “E-Procurement reduces the print buying cycle time by 75%, the print buying transaction time by 65% and reduces print processing costs by 39% annually” Print E-BusinessCopyright © 2010 Acculink, Greenville, NC
  4. 4. Benefits of orderXpress Online Storefront  Accessed by multiple individuals throughout the company and beyond.  Protected brand allowing customization and personalization within defined limits.  Tiered approval and notification processes in order to maintain corporate control.  Accessible by permission so you only see what you should see.  Includes shopping cart web portal with calculation of appropriate tax.Copyright © 2010 Acculink, Greenville, NC
  5. 5. Benefits of orderXpress Online Storefront  Provides true document management, rather than merely print ordering.  Purchase smaller quantities with up-to-date information, reducing obsolete materials.  Ability to see patterns and adjust order quantities for more efficient inventory management.  Offering a path into targeted marketing, including true 1:1 print personalization.Copyright © 2010 Acculink, Greenville, NC
  6. 6. Secure Log In Enter your Username & PasswordCopyright © 2010 Acculink, Greenville, NC
  7. 7. Order History Custom ProductCategories Categories are menu driven down the left side, and represented by graphics in the center of the page. The look and feel of the page can me picked from standard skins or customized to match your corporate identity. Copyright © 2010 Acculink, Greenville, NC
  8. 8. At the Start Page Users Can: ● Browse Through Categories of Products ● Change Profile Options ● View Order History ● Access Your Shopping CartCopyright © 2010 Acculink, Greenville, NC
  9. 9. Edit and view automatically In the form filling section A PDF preview can be generated at any time. To email and share. •Reduce the proofing cycle. •Correct errors instantly. •Insure accuracy.Copyright © 2010 Acculink, Greenville, NC
  10. 10. Review your shopping cart and proceed to checkoutCopyright © 2010 Acculink, Greenville, NC
  11. 11. orderXpress Your products are produced & shipped or delivered as specified.Copyright © 2010 Acculink, Greenville, NC
  12. 12. Learn more at www.acculink.comCopyright © 2010 Acculink, Greenville, NC