Ideate by Almira Cristobal


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Submitted work for the "ideate" assignment of Design Thinking Action Lab.

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Ideate by Almira Cristobal

  1. 1. By Almira C. CristobalIDEATE
  2. 2. A brilliant graduating math student needs a guaranteed approach of being hired immediately after graduation. Possible modification on problem statement: > …guaranteed approach to earn or have income immediately after graduation PROBLEM STATEMENT
  3. 3. 1. Maintain high grades 2. Prepare a good resume 3. Write good cover letter 4. Seek recommendations or referrals 5. Research for possible interview questions 6. Wear nice business clothes 7. Prepare list of companies to apply 8. Send resume to 100 companies 9. Try walk-in application 10. Do a make-over / be presentable 11. Attend job-fair 12. Post resume on-line (jobstreet, LinkedIn, etc) 13. Be on-time for scheduled interview OBVIOUS SOLUTION
  4. 4. 14. Join organizations, extra-curricular activities (academic, professional, civic, etc) 15. Earn certifications (civil service, microsoft certifications, etc) 16. Network with other people (attend seminars, social networking, etc.) 17. Apply or work as an OJT/Trainee 18. Do volunteer work with allowance 19. Be a reseller (e.g. avon, other products) 20. Do part-time job (research, project based work, etc) 21. Collect old clothes, newspaper, bottles, etc and/or do garage sale IMPROVEMENTS
  5. 5. 22. Ask mommy or daddy’s help 23. Be persistent until you get want you want (be a cry baby if needed  ) 24. Do crafts out of junk and sell them 25. Join friends, go out (or apply) in group 26. Open the piggy bank 27. Pay a visit to rarely seen godparents, aunties and uncles (money will do in the absence of gifts) 28. Ask mom to buy some candies and sell them to friends 29. Smile a lot, look cute and innocent 30. Simply ask for a job A CHILD’S SOLUTION
  6. 6. 31. Franchise a food cart or restaurant 32. Put-up own company and employ oneself where qualified 33. Put money in bank and earn interest 34. Play stocks or invest in stock market 35. Lend money and make sure it is paid with interest 36. Earn MBA or any Master’s Degree IF I AM A MILLIONAIRE
  7. 7. 37. Apply at the same university before graduation 38. Look for work near or walking distance from house 39. Use creativity 40. Use the internet (answer survey, do online jobs) 41. Write a blog and post your blog on social sites (hope advertisers will notice) 42. Pretend to be a beggar (solicit for some money) 43. Join the lottery 44. Join TV game show 45. Try luck as actor/actress (talent & looks may work) 46. Plant vegetables or any ornamental plant then sell them 47. Conduct tutorial lessons, don’t forget you are brilliant! IF I AM FRUGAL
  8. 8. 48. Be a mind reader, know what employers (or customers) want/need. 49. Be a mind controller may be better 50. Teleport in and out of bank (inspired by the movie ‘Jumper’) IF I HAVE SUPER POWER