Using Super Users / Business Champions to help steer change into an organisation


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Optimise-GB provides you with a presentation of how you can use Super Users / Business Champions in your organisation to bring about change successfully. The presentation outlines the role of the Super Users, the benefits that they may bring and shows an approach that has yielded fantastic results time and time again. Please contact me should you have any questions on and visit for more details. Many thanks Simon Misiewicz

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Using Super Users / Business Champions to help steer change into an organisation

  1. 1. Benefits of using Super Users to support operations
  2. 2. Knowledge Base Super Users are groups of people that specialise in a particular field and may also be called specialists or experts. Super Users would have received the very best in training in a particular process, application or methodology to ensure the highest standards of knowledge Super Users are called upon by the rest of the organisation for support whenever required.
  3. 3. Why use Super Users Super Users can provide an organisation with the following benefits:  Remove pressure from centralised teams in their area of expertise  Issues are identified and mitigated quickly without going through a central call system Obtain an understanding of common issues that can be mitigated with changes to systems, processes etc  Help bring about change successfully
  4. 4. What happens when Super Users are not used  Resistance to change because the voices of all people cannot be listened to  Communication is ineffective because people may not be able to understand how strategic visions affects them  Issues affecting individuals may not be considered in the strategic view leading to people feeling de-valued  System or process changes fail because the specifics of the department is not taken into consideration or is missed all together.
  5. 5. The approach for using Super Users Business Change Manager Super Users Business Com m unicateCom m unicate Communicate Communicate Communicate Communicate
  6. 6. The approach for using Super Users The Business Change Manager may bring about change but.... ...may not be able to do all the change work themselves trust fast enough with the business to bring about change ...answer all the queries that people in the business may have with all the business risks and issues at the low level ...Identify the key resistors to change ...Understand every aspect of the business
  7. 7. The approach for using Super Users Super Users can help with... ...Translating strategic communication to departmental ...Interface / implement change within their own department ...Be an advocate for change ...Be the contact point for issues that would not normally surface ...Identify resistors to change and coach the transition informally Remember that informal networks work more effectively than formal ones
  8. 8. The role of the Super User  Understand the business processes in their areas and to flag up issues and risks  Understand the systems / tools within their department and flag up issues and risks  Understand the capability requirements of their colleagues and identify and co-ordinate additional training  Work with the change managers and project managers to bring about change ensuring the path of least resistance
  9. 9. Who should be a super user? The best people that are effective Super Users are: - Effective communicators - Positive about brining change - Deal with people empathetically - Has a desire to help others - Have a desire to learn and teach new skills
  10. 10. Next steps…  Identify the key objectives for the Super Users  Identify the appropriate Super Users that are experts in the relevant application, process or methodology and are passionate about supporting other users  Form a Super User group for them to share ideas and best practice and agree terms of reference  Communicate the launch of Super Users in regards to who they are, contact details and what they aim to achieve
  11. 11. For other solutions Contact Simon Misiewicz through Web: Email: or Optimise-GB