Project change request - Project Management template


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Optimise-GB provides you with a free template for change request document. The sections within this document covers background, need and reason for change, the impact of said change, priority assessment, consequences of the do nothing option and the activities to be carried out with timescales. This is a useful tool to ensure that any activities affecting timer, cost and quality from the original project initiation document is monitored and controlled. Please contact me should you have any questions on Many thanks Simon Misiewicz

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Project change request - Project Management template

  1. 1. Change request form [Title] Author: [Author] Your Business Name Street Address Address 2 Telephone Fax E-Mail Date: [Date] Distribution: [Distribution list] Version: [Enter Version number] Version Date Authorised by Narrative 1.0
  2. 2. 1.0 Purpose The purpose of this document is to request a modification to the project deliverables, schedule or budget. 2.0 Description of proposed change 3.0 Need for change 4.0 Impact of change on project plan, budget or schedule 5.0 Priority assessment and reason 6.0 Consequences of not undertaking change request 7.0 Deadline to implement change request Project: [Project Name] Version: Author: Date: Status [Draft/Final] Page 2 of 2