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Optimise-GB provides you with a free template for the programme start up document. This is the first phase of a three phased programme methodology. This document is based on MSP, Lean and Six Sigma programme methodologies. The key difference and unique perspective for this methodology is that the programme never closes down but focuses on continuous improvement. This document reduces the number of documents that can often lead to confusion as identified in a number of methodologies. The document sets the reason for the programme in regards to operational strategies, objectives and balanced scorecard reporting. As with most programme management methodologies, the document focuses on the now (Current state / as is) again the future (to be / future state). There are several inbuilt excel templates to boot including objectives weighting mechanisms, SIPOC flow diagrams and business cases. The programme start up phase leads into the Programme Improvement plan, which identifies a number of initiatives to be authorised within the project portfolio. The third and final document in this methodology is the programme delivery report, another template, that reports back on the progress made against the strategic goals. Please contact me should you have any questions on and visit for more details. Many thanks Simon Misiewicz

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Programme start up document - Optimised Programme Methodology

  1. 1. Programme Start up [Title] Author: [Author] Your Business Name Street Address Address 2 Telephone Fax E-Mail Date: [Date] Distribution: [Distribution list] Version: [Enter Version number]Version Date Authorised by Narrative1.0
  2. 2. 1.0 PurposeThe purpose of this document is to communicate the programme strategy. Thisdocument will communicate the business area process and identify the approach, thepeople involved and methodologies that will be taken to improve the currentperformance indicators.2.0 Vision and Mission statement3.0 Strategic positioning4.0 Business process (SIPOC)SUPPLIER INPUTS PROCESS OUTPUTS CUSTOMER5.0 Performance Indicators “As is” V “To be”Programme start up document Version:Author: Date: Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. 5.1 “As is” V “To be” key performance indicatorsMeasurement Current (As is) Future (to be) VarianceSource:5.2 Area of focus5.3 List of key benefits of focus5.4 Programme plan of benefits realisationActivity to realise benefits / “To be” performance indicators Plan date6.0 Weighted ObjectivesProgramme start up document Version:Author: Date: Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. 6.1 Mandatory objectivesThese objectives are mandatory and must be achieved in any project.6.2 Ranked ObjectivesThe below objectives are required but may be flexed if other objectives are achieved.These objectives are therefore not mandatory and will be ranked as such:Objective 1Objective 2 Output documents from CareFirst are correctObjective 3 Business processes documentedObjective 4 Operational guidance notes and policies documentedObjective 5 People are competent and confident using CareFirstObjective 6 Administration time of using CareFirst is reduced Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3 Objective 4 Objective 5 Objective 6Objective 1Objective 2Objective 3Objective 4Objective 5Objective 6Objective Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3 Objective 4 Objective 5 Objective 6Count 1 1 1 1 1 1Rank 1 1 1 1 1 17.0 Quality / Critical to success7.1 Critical to Quality 7.1.1 Customer focus 7.1.2 Quality of outputs7.2 Quality assurance7.3 Responsibilities of quality assurance7.4 Reporting on quality performance issuesProgramme start up document Version:Author: Date: Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. 8.0 Approach – Framework8.1 Programme ManagementThe programme framework will be initiated with the “Programme start up” document.Once the objectives have been identified and ratified, then a “Programme improvementplan” will be written and a project portfolio (listing all projects in the programme) will bemanaged.8.2 Project ManagementEvery project in the portfolio will be initiated with a “project start up document” andreviewed periodically through the “project delivery report” and then reviewed andhanded back to the business through the “project closure report”8.3 Programme / Project toolsThe programme and associated projects will utilise the following tools:- Risk log (used to list potential problems that could impact the business, programme or project)- Issues log (used to list all issues affecting the business, programme or project)- Lessons learned log (used in everyday working to take learnings into the future)- Exception reports to request a change in the a) deliverables, objectives, targets or b) changes to the timescales, costs or quality aspects of the project plan.- Change request logs (used to list all the requested and approved changes to the programme / project)- Stakeholder schedules (This will be used to engage people and manage communication)8.4 Process ReviewA business process map will be documented for the areas where the most benefit isexpected. The process map will detail the people involved, time taken, qualityconsideration and flows of information8.5 OrganisationThere will be a clear focus on the organisation structure and in particular: • workforce have the right capability through training and developmentProgramme start up document Version:Author: Date: Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. • Caseloads / workloads is manageable • objectives for the department and individuals is aligned to strategy • communication between departments is clear and concise8.6 TechnologyThe use of technology will be reviewed to ensure that it is always available anddowntime is controlled and organised. There will be a review of other technologies tosee what improvements may be made to the efficiencies of the organisation andbusiness processes in order to deliver the expected benefits / objectives.8.7 InformationThis programme will look at the information and how it is used to measure performanceof each business process.The information review will also look at workflow of information, how it is passed ontoother people / departments, controls in place and media used. There will be a focus onfreedom of information and data protection acts.9.0 Project portfolio strategyProjects will be identified within the “Project Improvement Plan” and will be listed on theproject portfolio log. The projects will be measured against the objectives identified insection “6.0 weighted objectives”The projects within the portfolio will need to reviewed and agreed by the programmesponsor with the programme manager before commencement and resources allocated.Once the project portfolio has been agreed, projects will be started via “Project stat up”documents and their status’ will be communicated through “project delivery reports”.10.0 Programme team10.1 Programme teamProgramme start up document Version:Author: Date: Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. Programme Sponsor Name Senior User Name Programme Manager Name User Title Name Name10.2 Roles & responsibilities10.2.1 Programme Sponsors The programme sponsors will be responsible for the overall direction of the programme and to ensure it is aligned to the organisations’ objectives. They will grant permission for resources to be allocated against the chosen projects. The programme sponsor will also be responsible to approve any change requests and for the amendments to the objectives “to be” key performance indicators for the programme.10.2.2 Programme Manager The programme manager will be responsible for the execution of the programme improvement plan and to oversee the project portfolio. This will be to ensure the organisations’ objectives are achieved. The programme manager will be responsible for communicating and engaging with the identified stakeholders to ensure that their needs are identified and met by the project portfolio. The programme manager will be responsible for the communication of any exception reports that may affect the overall direction of the programme. The programme manager will issue the programme delivery reports and all associated issues / risk logs.Programme start up document Version:Author: Date: Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. 11.0 Stakeholders, communication and reporting11.1 Stakeholders for the programme Individual discussions Minutes to meetings Highlight reports Meetings Start upKey Stakeholder / Dept / Tel No. / Location11.2 Reporting and review12.0 Issues and risk managementThe programme and business issues / risks will be listed in the “programme issues log”and “programme risk log”. All mitigating actions will be identified and agreed by theprogramme team as specified in section “10.0 Programme team”The programme risks and issues will also be communicated via the “Programmedelivery reports”Programme start up document Version:Author: Date: Page 8 of 8