Tech in Ten September 2012: The Wonderful World of Word Clouds


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Preso for monthly 10 minute tech in ten segments presented during Pikesville High School's monthly faculty meetings.

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Tech in Ten September 2012: The Wonderful World of Word Clouds

  1. The Panthers Library Presents:The Wonderful World of Word Clouds A Tech in Ten Presentation September 10, 2012
  2. “Graphical representation or wordfrequency that presents a picture of themost common words used with those usedmore often displayed larger…” University of Oxford
  3. Wordle is an application that creates WordClouds (pictures made of words) based on thefrequency of the words that are entered in theWordle Site.Can you guess this Wordle?
  4. How to create a Word Cloud with Can you guess this Wordle?
  5. Shape Word Clouds
  6. Allows user to zoom In words
  9. Why use Word Clouds?quick and easy class discussionsall content areas critical thinking skills creativity
  10. How can I use this in my content area?108 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom…Word Clouds in Education Series: Part 2 Sources:
  11. Have the students each create a list ofwords that describe a "friend" and a listthat describes a "bully". Take all of theirwords and create a "friend" Wordle anda "bully" Wordle. Then, make aclassroom poster that has each Wordleon it and in big text has the question"Which one are You?". Have it posted onthe classroom door so everytime theyleave the classroom, they see thisquestion.
  12. Use a word cloud tocreate a discussion eitherin class or posted on theweb for a discussionforum. Try to create it sothat a question of inquirycan be used.
  13. Have students create word clouds that generate understanding of a concept,standards or vocabulary word.
  14. Have students read a science relatednews or journal article. Have themcompose a science fiction story usingscientific terms found in their reading.Have students create two wordclouds. One from the original news orjournal article and the other from theirstory. Can members of the class tellthe difference?
  15. Copy and paste variousauthor and writers styles tosee what can be learned.Identify parts of speech tosee amount of adverbs,adjectives, etc. How doauthor and writer stylesdiffer?
  16. Historical Document Analysis: Have youever wondered what the Magna Carta orDeclaration of Independence would looklike when pasted into Wordle? There willbe lots of talking points from the resultingword cloud. What do you predict you willsee? What themes can you identify? Howdoes the word cloud fit in with thehistorical context of the document? The Top 10 Ways to Use Wordle at School Source:
  17. Have students analyze a writingand give statistical informationusingpercentages, proportions, andnumbers of used words.Remember that you can use aword count to analyze words.What kinds of graphs could beused to illustrate this data better?
  18. Students create a word cloud toillustrate their favorite athleticpersonalities and do not includethe name. They then presentword cloud to class andstudents try to guess. Finish byincluding their word cloud aspart of a poster with a pictureof athlete, name of athlete, andparagraph about him/her.
  19. If a picture paints athousand words… thenwhy not paint a picturelooking at words youhave input into a wordcloud?
  20. Animate a Wordleusing stop motioncapability.
  21. Ask students to comeup with terms that mightlead to a new product orinnovation and put theterms in a word cloud inorder to brainstorm anew idea.
  22. Have students keep food journal ofwhat they eat for a week. If theyeat French fires three times theyrecord that. They then enter theirentire journal entry being sure togive a number value in theadvanced more or pasting theword the correct number of times.They should end up with a wordcloud of their diet
  23. These word clouds can be used asa pre-reading activity in a a secondlanguage. Students can look forthe most prominent words andbegin to decipher what the text willbe about. Student writing can alsobe put into a word cloud and youcan have other students visuallylook at the text. /
  24. www.pikesvillehslibrary.pbworks.comThis presentation and additional Wordle resources are located on The Panthers Library Site in the Tech in Ten Teacher Folder
  25. Flickr Image via woodleywonderworks Joquetta Johnson, Library Media Specialist @ The Panthers Library