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LiveBinder Preso teacher


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LiveBinder Preso teacher

  1. 1. LiveBinders…Who knew binders could have SWAG! A Tech in Ten Presentation Jan 2013 Joquetta Johnson, Library Media Specialist
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  3. 3. Teachers will be able to create LiveBindersin order to construct anePortfolio to documentartifacts to reflect thefour domains ofDanielson Framework forTeaching.
  4. 4. What is aLiveBinder?
  5. 5. How to get started:1. www.livebinders.com2. create an account or login to your existing account3. In the “search for” box – enter the terms DanielsonFramework. (Look for the binder with the Pikesville Panther)4. Click on the binder5. Click “view” to edit binder6. Change the “Title” of binder to your name7. Change “Binder Authors Name” to your name8. Save and begin to create your LiveBinderTutorials: Framework Template
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  7. 7. Make Public Tag: pikesvillehs, yournameAdopted From:
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