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iCame iSaw iGoogled - MDGAFE


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Slide Deck for MD #GAFESUMMIT

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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iCame iSaw iGoogled - MDGAFE

  1. 1. iCame!iSaw!iGoogled!Joquetta  Johnson,  Library  Media  Specialist        MDGAFE  June  19,  2013  Googlizing  Your  Learning  Environments  with  Google  Apps
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  4. 4. Google’s mission is to organize the world’sinformation and make it universallyaccessible and useful.
  5. 5. Ecosystem - a community of living andnon-living things that work together.
  6. 6. Source:Seen Magazine
  7. 7. The Common CoreStandards call fortechnology to beintegrated seamlesslyinto instruction,thereby empoweringstudents to publishonline, criticallyevaluate Internetresources and use andunderstandmultimedias impacton instruction.
  8. 8. Do you know what kind ofGoogle Apps Account you have?
  9. 9. Do you even know if you have aGoogle Apps account?
  10. 10. Although Google Appsand Google Accountsallow you to accessseveral of the sameGoogle products,theyre different typesof accounts.
  11. 11. A Google Account is a unified sign-in system thatprovides access to a variety of free Googleconsumer products –such as Docs, Sites and Maps
  12. 12. A Google account is a user name and password.(This is different than a Google Apps Account).These accounts do not necessarily end with“”.
  13. 13. A Gmail account is a free Google Account with anemail address that ends in account also allows users to instantlylogin to the dozens of other Googleapplications like Picasa, Blogger and Maps.
  14. 14. What!?
  15. 15. GoogleSupport for help
  16. 16. When  you  sign  in  to  the  chrome  browser  or  a  chrome  device,  your  bookmarks,  extensions,  apps,  theme  and  other  preferences  are  saved  and  synced  to  your  Google  Account.    
  17. 17. Google Drive lets youstore and access yourfiles anywhere -- onthe web, on your harddrive, or on the go.
  18. 18. Google Apps is acloud-basedproductivity suite thathelps you connect andget work done fromanywhere on anydevice.
  19. 19. Let’sGoShopping
  20. 20. Read!Write!Review!Essential Question:How can a product review influence a buyers/userdecision-making?Joquetta Johnson, Library Media Specialist
  21. 21. Who  or  what  in9luences  your  decisions  when  making  a  purchase?  login to www.socrative.comroom number: thepantherslibraryYou can use your personal device or the computer
  22. 22. Objective:Today  we  will  evaluate  Chrome  Web  Applications  “Apps”  in  order  to  write  an  app  review.  
  23. 23. e·val·u·ate  [ih-­‐val-­‐yoo-­‐eyt]      to  judge  or  determine  the  signiUicance,  worth,  or  quality  of;  assess  
  24. 24. ...evaluation  of  a  publication,  product,  service,  or  company     REVIEW
  25. 25. In  addition  to  a  critical  evaluation,  the  reviews  author  may  assign  the  work  a  rating  to  indicate  its  relative  merit.      
  26. 26. Reviews  are  highly  personal  and  re9lect  the  opinions  of  the  reviewer.      
  27. 27. Movies
  28. 28. Books
  29. 29. Video Games
  30. 30.
  31. 31.
  32. 32. 1.  Log-­‐into  your  Chrome  Account  2.  Go  to  Chrome  Web  Store  3.  Select  "Your  Apps"  4.  Read  and  Rate  2  apps  (useful  or  not)  5.  Read  and  Write  a  review    for  Edmodo  and  Quizlet  Now Its Your Turn..Image Sources:
  33. 33. • writing  for  a  global  audience  • M.U.G.S  • Compose  in  Word  or  Google  Docs  •   Cut  and  Paste  review  
  34. 34. Finish  early...      Visit  the  Chrome  Web  Store  and  Uind  three  new  education  apps your findnPost  your  recommendations  to  todaysmeet.    You  will  Uind  the  link  in  Edmodo.      
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  36. 36.
  37. 37. Demo of Story Builder
  38. 38. Google+
  39. 39. Education on Air Schedule
  40. 40.
  41. 41.
  42. 42.
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  45. 45.  
  46. 46.
  47. 47. Any Questions?
  48. 48. Joquetta “The Digital Diva”
  49. 49.    
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