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Online scientific volunteering icem-siie2011

Project Presentation @ ICEM-SIIE 2011 - University of Aveiro

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Online scientific volunteering icem-siie2011

  1. 1. Online Scientific Volunteering:the technological immersion for the co-construction of knowledge, employability, entrepreneurship and innovation in a logic of inclusion<br />Maria Barbas []<br />Isabel Cabrita []<br />Ana Loureiro []<br />Universityof Aveiro | 28 September 2011 |<br />
  2. 2. Online Scientific Volunteering[justification of the project]<br />“We all have something to learn and something to share” is the motto of this project, through which we aim to assess the impact of a multilingual platform which combines and makes the most of the potentials of digital environments and favours inclusion, in the co-construction of knowledge in learning/practice, in employability, entrepreneurism and innovation.<br />Maria Barbas | Isabel Cabrita | Ana Loureiro | <br />
  3. 3. Online Scientific Volunteering[goals]<br />in a voluntary cooperative and/or collaborative way, an online space will be (re)created in Portuguese, English and Spanish, which brings together e-learning environments, virtual worlds, social networks, e-portfoliosand FabLabs.<br /><ul><li>How and which technologies is it necessary to transfer which will allow the (re)creation of a multilingual environment which will make the most of e-learning potentials, virtual worlds, social networks, e-portfolios and FabLabs which can be used by individuals even if they have special needs?
  4. 4. What will the impact be of a platform in the co-construction of knowledge, employability, entrepreneurship and innovation?</li></ul>Maria Barbas | Isabel Cabrita | Ana Loureiro | <br />
  5. 5. Online Scientific Volunteering[methodology]<br /><ul><li>Carry out the lifting of technologies which can be incorporated into the platform which has been referred to and ways of making it a reality, so as to allow the desired objectives to be achieved;
  6. 6. Explore the platform with HE students in ongoing academic studies, just about to leave (at the employability stage) and/or already in a work situation;
  7. 7. Assess the impact of such an exploration in the co-construction of knowledge, employability, entrepreneurship and innovation.
  8. 8. impact on teaching and learning research in the HE environment, as well as the conditions which foster the interoperability of digital tools within a network and promote inter-comprehension, social inclusion, free access to knowledge, employability, entrepreneurism and innovation;
  9. 9. reflection about the experience of volunteering between institutions and partners with such diverse purposes and profiles.</li></ul>Maria Barbas | Isabel Cabrita | Ana Loureiro | <br />
  10. 10. Online Scientific Volunteering[outcomes]<br />“e_raízes_redes” project stimulates reflections towards a plan for global action. These reflections aim to analyse the impact of IT, in the scope of major shifts in society (of social, political, economic, cultural and contemporaneous order).<br />“Digi_ZIP_ZAP” platformintends to be a bridge betweenstudentsand web 2.0 toolsavailableat Internet, givingsolutionsandpresentingchoices for a betterintegration in a networkedsociety.<br />Maria Barbas | Isabel Cabrita | Ana Loureiro | <br />

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Project Presentation @ ICEM-SIIE 2011 - University of Aveiro


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