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Urban Mobility- New business models and shared mobility concepts

  1. Urban Mobility Did somebody say cashcow? Berlin, Munich and Vienna Q1 2019
  2. Agenda The Ground Transportation market: The global market and Germany Who is accilium and what we have to offer Agenda
  3. Agenda The Ground Transportation market: The global market and Germany Who is accilium and what we have to offer Table of Contents
  4. 4 VISION ON URBAN MOBILITY SHARED VEHICLES MaaS MANUALLY-DRIVEN CARS PUBLIC TRANSPORT GROUND TRANSPORTATION URBAN MOBILITY RIDE-SHARING › Individual transport by car or van with driver › Passenger short distance › first & last mile for every connecting trip (train, flight etc.)
  5. Minutes of the Global market The Ground Transportation explosion
  6. The Ground Transportation market in terms of evaluation is already as valuable, as some of the automotive OEMs. Japanese Softbank has stakes within all the new mobility players. Market Evaluation Taking over the market Source:, letzter Abruf: 25.02.2018
  7. 7 Popular Players of the Global Market 60 countries around the globe China + South America and Australia UK, USA, Israel and Russia Southeast Asia Europe + South America 11,3 Billion $ 8,76 Billion $ 1 Billion $ 1 Billion $ undisclosed 100 Million users 450 Million users undisclosed 45 Million 10 Million 4 Billion trips 7,5 Billion trips 100 Million 1,46 Billion trips 40 Million 120 Billion $ 56 Billion $ 11 Billion $ 16 Billion $ 1 Billion $ o Ground Transportation o Ride-Sharing o (Food-)Delivery o Payments o Car-Sharing o Bike etc. Sharing o Ground Transportation o Ride-Sharing o (Food-)Delivery o Payments o Car-Sharing o Bike etc. Sharing o Ground Transportation o Ride-Sharing o (Food-)Delivery o Payments o Car-Sharing o Bike etc. Sharing o Ground Transportation o Ride-Sharing o (Food-)Delivery o Payments o Car-Sharing o Bike etc. Sharing o Ground Transportation o Ride-Sharing o (Food-)Delivery o Payments o Car-Sharing o Bike etc. Sharing Market s RevUserTripsUseCasesValue Category Market Leader ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü
  8. Minutes of the German market The Ground Transportation market in Germany
  9. 10 Big Markets in Germany Small Markets in Germany Market analysis - Germany The Ground Transportation industry 53.760 € anual turnover/car 35.017 entrepreneurs 1.548 inhabitants/ taxi 95.982 taxis 5,16 Billion € Market ca. 3 Billion paid kilometers per year 847 Million Market 431 Million Passengers per year v Highly diverse market with tons of stakeholders v No sufficient countrywide service v High quality cars, low quality products v no countrywide business service v Smaller markets are more valuable per car than bigger markets v The acceptance rate for plattform fees is only at 7% within the taxi sector and 25-30% within PHVs and limousines 603 Million Market inhabitants/ taxi Taxis 15k Million passengers/year 53k 505 inhabitants/ taxi Taxis 9k anual turnover/car 68k 909 44 anual turnover/car Million passengers/year 26 The German Overview
  10. 11 The Ground Transportation industry 40 Million Market 83% 16% 1% 258 Million yearly revenue Public Transport Taxi Sharing Economy 72% 26% 2% 1640 Million yearly revenue Public Transport Taxi Sharing Economy Berlin 380 Million Market Plenty of services (Allygator, Berlkönig, CleverShuttle etc.) Some of them even run for free! RIDE-SHARING More than 8.000 taxis and 2-3.000 PHVs are running in Berlin. They have a approx. 135€ turnover per shift RIDE-HAILING Already 4.000 carsharing vehicles (plenty more to come) and an endless amount of bikes, scooters and others. SHARING (Bike, Car, Scooter) Almost 3 Million people use the services per day. The yearly turnover is 1200 Million Euros. PUBLIC TRANSPORT Taxis App Bookings 7%43% Phone Bookings 8k46k anual turnover/car Largest customer group: Business Trips 34% 13,6€ Average trip price MOIA (VW) has started a bus-sized ride sharing recently. Has yet to have success. RIDE-SHARING Close to 700 taxis are operating in Hanover. A call-center monopoly – hardly any app bookings. RIDE-HAILING No free-floating car sharing available. Approx. 300 stationary cars. Bike- Sharing is freely possible. No scooters. SHARING (Bike, Car, Scooter) More than 500.000 people use the service each day. The early turnover is 214 million. PUBLIC TRANSPORTTaxis App Bookings <1%60% Phone Bookings 68059k anual turnover/car Largest customer group: Locals 50% 15,3€ Average trip price Hanover Sources:; Berlin:, Berlin:, Hanover: 25+H_Taxi_Gutachten.pdf, personal knowledge Deep Dive Big Market Deep Dive Small Market
  11. 12 Conclusion anual turnover/car Income per car is vastly higher within the smaller markets, as much more inhabitants share a vehicle each. Berlin is a very unique sample tough, as there is no regulation for the amount of allowed taxis and/or PHVs. Phone Bookings Phone bookings still make the highest amount of requested trips, right behind people hailing their taxi from the street in most markets. Booking a taxi by an app is still not a thing in Germany. Even in Berlin more people just head to an taxi rank as they would book through an app. App Bookings Target Groups There is not a single sufficient solution for business trips in Germany. That is a billion Euros market mostly left untouched. Smaller markets have an enourmous potential that is still left untouched. Mostly there is no or just very small competetion.
  12. Agenda The Ground Transportation market: The global market and Germany Who is accilium and what we have to offer
  13. 14 Munich Berlin accilium‘s Sites & Verticals AUTOMOTIVE PUBLIC ENERGY Vienna
  14. 15 What is missing? 0201 03 Go-2-Market Assessment Although there are several unique approaches within the German market, there is not yet a game changing future proof model of urban transportation. Bigger is better is the most common approach if you’re trying to scale your business. But depending on your product and your offered services that might not be true. We take care to define the right start or deliver a shift of scenario. Business Modeling Relying solely on cheap workers in the gig economy and peer- 2-peer is not a scalable solution. Until future technology is cheap enough to replace drivers there are to many years to come by first. Together we design the perfect Business model for your MVP or your market ready product. Customer Journey Design The single biggest missing potential in future mobility is missing out on top target groups. Only focusing on young, urban audiences is not going to cut any balance positive. We’ve hands on build-up various fleets throughout the D-A-C- H market. We will guide you through every phase of this exciting but nerve-wrecking experience.
  15. 16 Go-2-Market Assessment In a nutshell Key Success Factors › Clearly defined scope › Cross over industry perspective › Outside the box thinking › Go-2-market assessment is not about predicting the future. It is about exploring the future. If you are aware of what might happen, you are better able to prepare. › The purpose of Go-2-market assessment is to anticipate extreme but conceivable futures and to craft effective strategic responses to these futures. › Scenarios (extreme pictures), meant to stretch mental models › Create and test alternative strategies and markets Results & Deliverables Business eco system Domination mobility ecosystem Exponential Linear Technologydevelopment Vertical integration Courious world Everything changes The good old time Cautious world Scetch the business model Explore the environment Analyze trends & uncertainties Build scenarios Assess strategic implications Validate strategic choices Define the scope1 3 76 8 4 52 How to prepare for an uncertain future market? Start monitoring Approach Scenario portfolio Go-2-Market Assessment
  16. 17 Business Modeling In a nutshell Key Success Factors › Neutral and trusted facilitator (especially when more parties from different industries are involved) › Willingness and opportunities to fail (fast) › Ensure monitoring, reporting possibilities along the way, to make progress measureable › The business model development process starts with proper preparation › Understand your organizational structures and correlating incentivizing schemes › Detailed business model (data based) including a sufficient business case, showing revenue stream development and correlating cost structure Results & Deliverables PHASE IIIPHASE I PHASE II Introductionandexplanation. Resultdiscussion–Individualizingworkshopformat. › Optimize Business processes, analytics and decision making › Customer Everything in order to improve the current or regain ownership of the customer interface › Growth More revenue streams generated by new business models (even outside a companies core competency) › Optimize Action plan (short-, mid- and long term) › Customer Engagement plan including a recommendation for certain suppliers › Growth 4 concrete Business model ideas (documented in BMC) and ready to be evaluated Debrief/ ResultsMaturity Evaluation Workshop Maturity level COLLECT CLEAN CONCLUDE 5 questions 5 questions 5 questions Organization Responsibilities? Competencies? Capabilities? OptimizeCustomerGrowth Collect new and sell data Current data 60% 20% 5% Strategic thrust Legal issues acc’s_RAY B2B vs. B2C Producer Broker Receiver Prototype Test your plan systematically Identify the riskiest parts Document your Plan A Business Model Development-Process = Lean Stack Business Modelling
  17. 18 Customer Journey Design In a nutshell Key Success Factors › Change perspective (Customer Centricity) › Outside the box thinking › Sufficient understanding of IT and business › Customer Journey Design enables you to pinpoint the gap between the customer experience an internal processes to design best in class services › Personas description consisting of profile & value promise › Relevance analysis of different personas over time › Customer Journey Map with › all relevant channels and › customer contact points Results & Deliverables APPROACH … Comprehensive research of the needs and expectations that the customer places on your product / service. … Definition of personas (customer archetypes) based on your most important customer segments. … Definition of concrete & relevant use cases for your company. … Merge the personas with the use cases in the workshop format with interdisciplinary teams to ensure diversified input. … Consolidation and visualization of the results. Touchpoint Touchpoint Touchpoint DoThink OnlineOffline Personas Customer Journey Channels Touchpoint Touchpoint Touchpoint Touchpoint Feel Touchpoint www Education and awareness Research and decide Purchase Use and service Repurchase Touchpoint Touchpoint Touchpoint Customer Journey Design
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