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Access Risk Management Insurance Agency Co. Business Presentation


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Access Risk Management Insurance Agency Co. Business Presentation

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Access Risk Management Insurance Agency Co. Business Presentation

  1. 1. Joined force to build a solution for the effect of the current Global crisis
  2. 2. Our Vision To be the country's most preferred insurance company for its excellent customer service, enduring partnership with intermediaries, and highly professional way of conducting its business.
  3. 3. Our Mission
  4. 4. Values we live by Customer Service This is our core value. At the heart of the way we do business is the desire to deliver excellent service to our clients. Total satisfaction is what we constantly strive for. Empowerment We believe in our workforce. We are driven to create and maintain an environment where people respect each other's rights and dignity and are inspired to work as a team towards the attainment of our goals. Commitment No organization could remain as stable and as reliable as we have for so many decades without our dedication to our business and the conviction to perform to the best of out knowledge, skills, and abilities amidst the challenges that constantly face us.
  5. 5. MAPFRE REPORT OF THE CHAIRMAN AND THE PRESIDENT Luis la O and Enrique Clemente lll
  6. 6. MAPFRE
  7. 7. Accidental Death & Disablement Principal = P200,000 Daily Hospital Income Benefits Forty (40) Days Maximum Confinement Accident and Covered Illness
  8. 8. Accidental Death & Disablement Principal = P100,000 Spouse= P 50,000 4 Children = P 25,000 Daily Hospital Income Benefits Sixty (60) Days Maximum Confinement
  9. 9. Accidental Death & Disablement Principal = P250,000 Unprovoked Murder & Assault Principal = P250,000 Medical Reimbursement Principal = P25,000 Burial Assistance
  10. 10. Spill-over Spill-over Earn P250 for every directly referred plan holder.
  11. 11. S.E.C t