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Data Harmony Software: How Do the Parts Fit Together? A Look Under the Hood


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An overview of the components of Access Innovations, Inc.'s signature software, the Data Harmony Suite. Presented by Alice Redmond-Neal and Jack Bruce at the 2012 Data Harmony User Group meeting on February 7, 2012 at the Access Innovations, Inc. offices.

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Data Harmony Software: How Do the Parts Fit Together? A Look Under the Hood

  1. 1. Data Harmony software How do the parts fit together? A look under the hood Access Innovations, Inc. www.accessinn.comLeveraging your content semantically
  2. 2. MediaSleuth – Search content FACETS 2
  3. 3. Results view 3
  4. 4. Details for selection, purchase 4
  5. 5. foot care 5
  6. 6. Autocompletion insearch showstaxonomy terms, NPTs 6
  7. 7. Thesaurus reappears 7
  8. 8. Under the hood… XIS  Captures and manages content  Organizes content by fields  Tags each field with XML tags  Makes content portable to site Thesaurus Master  Manages subject metadata M.A.I.  Manages content categorization 8
  9. 9. XIS providescontent management 9
  10. 10. With data depthand fieldspecificationas required 10
  11. 11. Pick list or Search forattributes in a specific field 11
  12. 12. Links to M.A.I. forcategorization 12
  13. 13. Thesaurus Mastermanages category terms: main term, NTs, RTs 13
  14. 14. M.A.I. provides rules to direct categorization 14
  15. 15. M.A.I. rules can be simple or complex,as needed, to sort out possiblemeanings of a prompt word 15
  16. 16. Manage projectswith the Admin module Manage project users and permissions Also Configure Thesaurus master details in  Enable polyhierarchies Project  Set status of new terms: accepted/candidate Admin’s  Manage term record fields TM Configure M.A.I. operations  Set number of text words scan  Set number of terms returnedTo change settings: stop project, change, restart 16
  17. 17. All parts work together Thesaurus Master manages terminology and links between concepts M.A.I. handles categorization XIS captures content, organizes into fields (metadata), and applies subject metadata Admin Module manages software access and operation 17