A New Approach to Document Accessibility


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Accessibil-IT has developed a new approach to document accessibility ensuring your content is able to be accessed and navigated by all users.

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A New Approach to Document Accessibility

  1. 1. Accessibil-IT Inc.A new approach to document accessibility
  2. 2. 2Accessibil-IT Inc. provides document accessibilityservices which are designed around a fullyaccessible platform allowing organizations toprovide a single PDF document to ALL users. Ourapproach optimizes accessibility withoutchanging the look or feel of the original content.Our approach protects brand design, and ensuresthe document can be fully accessed andnavigated so it is properly understood by bothvisual and non-visual users.
  3. 3. 3Why Accessibil-IT Supports Accessible PDFs It focuses on both the needs of content providers and users of adaptive technologies  Plain Text, Office Suite formats, HTML and Braille hard copy are options however they have significant disadvantages • More costly since they add incremental versions and therefore costs of production, storage an distribution • Does not maintain document integrity, branding or security • Content is typically not optimized for accurate access or navigation by adaptive technology users, which results in content being heard out of order or without the navigation experience needed to understand the content
  4. 4. 4Accessible PDFs Make Sense for All Stakeholders An accessible PDF is the ideal solution for distributing electronic content  Works seamlessly with adaptive technologies, like screen readers and refreshable Braille displays  Easily exports into all other popular document formats based on user preference  Ensures equal access and navigation for visual and non- visual users  Maintains the look and feel of the original design  Minimizes the cost of accessibility – one document can be distributed to everyone
  5. 5. Accessibil-IT has set a New Standard in PDF 5Accessibility Industry We utilize our advanced We commit to working alongside knowledge of the PDF file format your team to meet your needs Leading Commitment to add accessibility functionality on your timetable, with minimal Technical from code to the presentation to Service incremental effort required from Capabilities level your team We recognize that for We have a philosophy of fair Focus on accessibility to become part pricing which is based on Fair Content of day to day operations the length and complexity of the Pricing document, rather than the Provider and requirements of both content existence of legislation End User providers and end users must be met
  6. 6. Accessibil-IT’s Response to Common Complaints 6of the Vendor Community Use of Vendors often contract resources Accessibil-IT contracts resources Contractors to complete the engagement who when required to meet deadlines, are not skilled in accessibility however all contractors are fully trained by senior Accessibil-IT staff Adaptive There are a broad range of Accessibil-IT’s approach provides Technology adaptive technologies available an accessibility framework, Problems and not all formats are compatible, enabling compatibility with most resulting in end users adaptive technologies encountering reading problems Inconsistencies End users have a variety of In addition to compatibility with with End User preferences, and it costs time and most adaptive technologies, our Preferences money to accommodate all approach easily exports into most preferences popular document formats to accommodate user preferences
  7. 7. Accessibil-IT’s Response to Common Complaints 7of the Vendor Community cont’d Training Training programs do not PDF accessibility is teach all of the necessary complicated, and training skills programs teach only the basics. Often technical experts, such as Accessibil-IT are required. Procurement Suppliers do not deliver the Suppliers may be familiar with accessibility functionality they legislation but not technically commit to provide capable. It is critical to ensure suppliers can describe and demonstrate their capabilities Working Suppliers fail to find the most Accessibil-IT partners with other Collaboratively effective ways to work high quality service providers to together and provide put forward integrated solutions. customers with an integrated solution
  8. 8. 8Accessibil-IT understands that documentaccessibility is only truly achieved when an enduser has access to all of the information that theauthor intended to convey. Accessibil-IT pridesitself on ensuring one document reaches thewidest audience possible, cost effectively andwithout sacrificing message integrity or security.
  9. 9. 9Accessibil-IT Inc.2275 Upper Middle Road EastSuite 101Oakville, OntarioCanadaL6H 0C3P: 905.491.6875F: 905.491.6801E: info@accessibilit.com