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Access Consciousness - Tips to Control Your Expectations and Find Happiness


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Today, you will learn about the essential tips to control your expectation and its ways which will provide the help to create your own happiness and increase your decision making skill.

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Access Consciousness - Tips to Control Your Expectations and Find Happiness

  1. 1. By : Access Consciousness
  2. 2. Introduction • The nature of the relationships is simple: depending on the situations sometimes you give more and sometimes the other party gives more. Generally, most of us tend to think that because of the way we treat others, other people will put the same level of effort in return. In fact, it's not always true. The situation remains good while the "give and take" principle balances out. But I've discovered that not everyone prefers playing by these rules. This is when the disappointment may come.
  3. 3. Tips to Control Your Expectations and Find Happiness • Improve your reality or lower your expectations • Accept without reservation and give without expectation • Expect the unexpected with a positive attitude to life
  4. 4. • Unrealistic expectations of life lead to total disappointment. Too often we become so obsessed with getting the ideal partner or perfect job that find ourselves in frustration when this doesn't happen. Sometimes, we don't allow ourselves to enjoy the experience altogether focusing narrowly on particular circumstances and living up to preconceived notions. If you feel this way, don't stay on this dead-end road any longer.
  5. 5. Accept Without Reservation and Give Without Expectation • Respecting people means allowing them to be themselves. It's true that you can't change others. In fact, you shouldn't even try. I learned from experience that when you leave off expecting others to act in a certain way, you begin to appreciate them in the right manner. Usually, when you try hard to change someone, it brings nothing but disappointments as they remain the same. But just let it go, allow others to be as they are and you'll see the extraordinary transformation.
  6. 6. Expect the Unexpected With a Positive Attitude to Life • Keep in mind that sooner or later life will throw you a curveball. When hard times come, remain confident maintaining a positive attitude, instead of sinking into a depression. Don't rake over the dust and ashes of the past, but look to the future with aspirations. Just remember not to make them too unreachable. When it comes to expectations, there is one paradoxical issue. If they are too high, you risk ending up disappointed. But if you don't have expectations at all, your motivation to accomplish a goal amounts to nothing. The balance between these tendencies can save you from the perfectionism, which is far from a healthy lifestyle.
  7. 7. Expectations and Happiness • I think that many Get Rich Slowly readers have found this to be true. I know that I have. I used to feel that I deserved to have nice things, that I was entitled to have a new car and a big house and the latest gadgets. I wanted to have what my parents had — but I wanted it when I was 30 instead of 50. Because my expectations were high, I spent to meet them.
  8. 8. • Access Consciousness is a life changing company that is based on the idea that you know and that your choice is what will create your future.