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Access Consciousness - How to Change Your Consciousness and Reality


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Within the scope of logic and with enough time and effort, you can immerse your consciousness in any reality. Here are some basic criteria which will provide you to create new thoughts in your life.

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Access Consciousness - How to Change Your Consciousness and Reality

  1. 1. How to Change Your Consciousness and Your Reality
  2. 2. • The consequences of this derailing are dependent on when do we notice our loss of focus, and how long do we let ourselves stay in that state. Habits which are formed over many years can play a huge role in this. Some people can return to the purposeful and rational behavior more easily than others, but a person who has used to being in a comfort zone and who is lacking great self-management skills, can get stuck for days or even weeks as long as something doesn’t force him/her to take action.
  3. 3. Responsibilities and Fear • It is beneficial because it gets us moving, but it’s only a partial solution. A lack of personal vision and following some rules out of fear doesn’t make us happy.
  4. 4. Frustration, Sadness, Anger • All these emotions are incredible catalysts for change, but the result depends on how to deal with them and where to direct these emotions. Sometimes it can be so powerful that it immediately throws us on the other side of the river. There is a lot of power in these intense feelings, because they make us choose – life or death, freedom or imprisonment, happiness or suffering.
  5. 5. Creating the Right State of Consciousness • There are some steps through which you can influence the state of consciousness and create new thoughts, emotions, belief and experiences.
  6. 6. Withdraw your Senses and Concentrate • Concentration is the key in performing Yogi Mudra successfully. You will achieve better concentration by practicing this technique frequently. Remember that Meditation will help you relax and maintain mental clarity.
  7. 7. Meditation • Meditation can be defined as a practice where an individual focuses their mind on a particular object, thought or activity to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.
  8. 8. Positive Reflection  Remember you cannot change the past only learn from it. Think about the event that you’re churning over, where does it really sit in the scale of things? Get some perspective. Reflect on both good and bad in equal measure, learn, (make amends if that’s appropriate) then draw a line under it and move on.
  9. 9. Physical Space • Everything in your range of vision wastes precious mental resources, so the more minimalist life, the easier it is to focus on the essentials.
  10. 10. • Access Consciousness is a life changing company which provides you the various opportunities to change our state of consciousness and create a new world.