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Top tips for your house build


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Starting your house from scratch can be an exciting but daunting task. Scaffolding Chesterfield have come up with this short guide on how to go about starting your project.

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Top tips for your house build

  1. 1. Top Tips for Your House BuildIf you’re planning on building your house from scratch, this can be quite anexciting opportunity, but there are legalities in place that you must follow.Ensuring you follow the correct steps is vital to ensure your project runssmoothly. Scaffolding Chesterfieldhave provided a simple guide of just some ofthe steps you may need to take, in order for you to carry out your new build.1. First step is to find a piece of land. You need to ensure it is sizable enoughto hold enough space for you to build your new house on.2. You will need to ask for planning permission to ensure you are allowed toactually build on the land, ensuring that you follow the buildingregulations outlined.3. You will need to hire an architect, to plan out the design of your home,and to organize the structural work as well as measurements. Mostarchitects will also project manage your house build for you.4. Finding trusted tradesmen is vital to ensure your house build goes toplan. From builders, joiners and double-glazing specialists.5. Ensure you hire expert scaffolders. Scaffolding is vital to any kind ofmajor structural work, to help keep the workers safe as well as providinga safe platform for the tradesmen to carry out the necessary work.6. Ensure all safety precautions are put in place. For such a big project, willinvolve dangerous and heavy equipment.
  2. 2. For more advice on scaffolding and renovations, get in touch with ScaffoldingChesterfield who are based at 49 Brimington Road North, Chesterfield, S41 9BE.01246 456109