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Accenture Powering Profitable Sales Growth

Five Imperatives from the 2014 Sales Performance Optimization Study. Get the full report at:

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Accenture Powering Profitable Sales Growth

  1. 1. Is your sales approach driving profitable growth at speed or getting you nowhere fast? STOP!
  2. 2. Accenture and CSO Insights research shows how Agile Sales can accelerate your journey
  3. 3. Of companies use sales analytics/big data to better understand customers’ needs or identify sales opportunities Agile Sellers put their money where it matters < 50%
  4. 4. Of companies’ sales managers need improvement in implementing clear, effective pricing strategies Agile Sellers price for profit and make it stick
  5. 5. Is the amount of time that reps actually spend selling Agile Sellers architect the selling experience around the Nonstop Customer 30%
  6. 6. Agile Sellers apply science to move reps from the “frozen middle” Of companies need to improve consistent hiring of successful sales reps 44%
  7. 7. How far buyers are through the purchase cycle by the first sales call Agile Sellers embrace digital and dynamic channels 58%
  8. 8. GO! Get the Accenture ‘Powering Profitable Sales Growth - Five Imperatives’ research at: Join the conversation on Twitter @AccentureStrat