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Metaverse opportunities for the communications industry


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Metaverse opportunities for the communications industry

  1. 1. Positioning for growth: The metaverse opportunity for the communications industry
  2. 2. Copyright © 2022 Accenture. All rights reserved. The comms industry has enabled the growth of the internet but not captured the value… Can the metaverse and the evolution of the internet unlock the next wave of growth for the comms industry? Over the past 20 years the internet has reshaped our world CSPs have played a critical role, enabling the internet, while Hyperscalers captured most of the value Globally with access to internet vs 500m in 2001 5B 9x $13T Growth in mobile subscriptions from 962M in 2001 Value of global e- commerce market in 2021 vs $550B in 2001 Average market cap value created by Tech Disruptors 5x 3% 5x Average annual market cap CAGR for 10 largest CSPs Innovation leaders outgrew laggards in revenue since COVID
  3. 3. The Metaverse is an exploding market $41B 2021 market cap for NFTs +200 strategic partnerships signed by Sandbox $54B spent on virtual goods, skins, and lives in 2020 Global Metaverse Revenue expected, a $13 TrillionEconomy by 2030 (Citi) 2021 2024 $800 B $180 B Copyright © 2022 Accenture . All rights reserved. 50M Daily Roblox users 31+ BMW factories in the Metaverse 120K Accenture employees onboarded in the Metaverse
  4. 4. CSPs are the endpoint of the Metaverse, giving them a unique position to create and capture value CSPs’ distinct foundational strengths Network infrastructure & last mile Core enablers of identity, distribution, provisioning, billing, platform & marketplace Geospatial and network data Trust via service assurance and aggregation Copyright © 2022 Accenture . All rights reserved.
  5. 5. There are distinct CSPs moves that capitalize on their ‘permission space’ to expand across the value chain, defining their roles in the metaverse The metaverse stack: Experience Economy Digital Identity Software & Platforms Experience Economy Digital Identity Software & Platforms Infrastructure Existing CSP Permission Space Potential New Permission Spaces Discovery | Behaviors | Policy | Content | Services | Assets Creators | Products | Market Structures | Payments Identity | Ownership | Authenticity | Digital Twin 3D Platforms | Data Platforms | Interchange Tools & Standards Devices | Network | Compute 5 Copyright © 2022 Accenture . All rights reserved. Performance player Disruptor Orchestrator Permission space: CSP opportunity:
  6. 6. B2B B2C Performance Player Provide next-gen network to be the essential Metaverse enabler Orchestrator Enable consistent, relevant, and seamless experiences Disruptor Create a disruptive set of Metaverse experiences and platforms We are still at the early stages of Metaverse market development, but we see 3 potential archetypes across B2C and B2B emerge 3 Types of Metaverse Players Copyright © 2022 Accenture . All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Entrants must begin exploring use cases that align to their plays – successful companies will take a value- led approach and apply a rapid test & learn mindset Pursuing value in the metaverse continuum (not exhaustive) B2B B2C Experience & Device Bundles Blockchain Based Loyalty Digital Identity Virtual World Platform Employee Training Employee Onboarding Digital Twin-as- a-Service Metaverse for Government Decentralized Networks Edge & Location Services Value-Added Network Svs. Digital Wallet VR/AR Gaming & Entertainment Location-Based Services Copyright © 2022 Accenture . All rights reserved.
  8. 8. The 4 P’s of metaverse-ready networks CSPs must set and execute a long-term strategy focused on the 4Ps of metaverse-ready networks Network Products Create a new generation of network products that give customers and businesses access to the metaverse, creating value for CSPs Network as a Platform Set the foundation that brings speed and simplicity to operations and opens the door to new opportunities E2E Connectivity Performance Delivering tomorrow’s performance levels requires enhanced capabilities and coordination outside of the CSP network stack Industry Partnerships Establish CSPs as the connector for the metaverse, while enabling new business models 8 Copyright © 2022 Accenture . All rights reserved. 01 02 03 04 A once-in-a-generation opportunity for network-driven growth.
  9. 9. Build the partnership ecosystem: Move with transparency and collaboration to define your company’s permission space 3 Establish an innovation model: Test and learn your core foundations in the metaverse and applications across BUs 2 Set the charter: Define the vision and a pathway towards profitability on investments 1 Three ways to get started

Editor's Notes

  • Sources:,billion%20US%20dollars%20by%202030.

    Regional readiness
    Likelihood to adopt
    Tech readiness of CSP
    Market size
  • Other enablers: distribution (e.g., retail ecosystem, supply chain)

    Built on trust – score highly
  • Evolution

    Performance player – managing the network – edge network or consumer network – is it robust enough to deliver the demanding experiences
    Orchestrator – leveraging the baseline capabilities we talk about – can you build: payment and identity player
    Disruptor – entirely new
  • Jeff Wang, global 5G lead

    To be metaverse ready. You need to have these 4
    1. Performance (speed and latency)
    2. Platform – bring developers. Open to 3rd party individuals that will build off the network. Like app store. People build business off your business
    3. Partnerships - Meta
    4. Products – ex security, value add services