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Enabling IDMP with best in class technology solutions

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  1. 1. Enabling IDMP with best in class technology solutions
  2. 2. STRATEGIC RELEVANCE OF IDMP Become compliance ready Increase compliance efficiency Digitize R&D across functions Build advanced analytics • Implement basic prerequisites to be IDMP submission ready • Increase master data quality and consistency • Increase processual compliance in organization • Raise automation as much as possible • Digitize processes and systems across R&D functions • Integrate data governance and data management • Develop and network reporting structures across the organization • Build predictive analytics capabilities within the company IDMP initiatives can be used as a starting point to drive major strategic initiatives across R&D functions, increase compliance, expedite digitalization, and build predictive analytic capabilities within R&D Preparing for IDMP can be a driver for major strategic initiatives
  3. 3. DEFINE DESCRIBE EXECUTE DISCOVER DATA SUPPLY TECHNOLOGY PROCESS CHANGE MANAGEMENT DATA ASSESSMENT • Source Identification • Source Mapping & Profiling • Pilot product(s) quality analysis DATA REMEDIATION • Improve data quality • Close source gaps • Define data catalogues DATA COLLECTION • Agree product sequencing • Standardize quality checks ROADMAP and ROM ESTIMATION • Define detailed project charters for key enabling projects. • Work with organization to identify process owners and change agents. • Identify opportunities to adopt automated approaches during execution phase. • Identify dependencies and risks to delivery or timelines. • Formulate ROM investment and value case. • Draft implementation roadmap with consideration to dependencies and risks. TECHNOLOGY SELECTION • Define requirements, solution architecture, future state tools/technologies TECHNOLOGY IMPLEMENTATION • Implement solution for extracting, maintaining and submitting IDMP compliant data TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT • As-is & to-be landscape • Assess interoperability PROCESS ASSESSMENT • Define impacted processes and function interconnectivity PROCESS CREATION • Define future state processes PROCESS IMPLEMENTATION • Implement process transformation • Create and Submit IDMP messages • Maintain IDMP data compliantly CHANGE ASSESSMENT • Stakeholder Analysis • Organizational Impacts DATA LANDSCAPE ASSESSMENT • Define the maturity of the current data landscape – data governance, master data management, data quality framework CHANGE IMPLEMENTATION • System Superusers • Change Agents supporting adoption DATA GOVERNANCE DEFINITION • Define requirements for: • Controlled Vocabularies • Data Standardization • Data Ownership • Data Stewardship CHANGE PLANNING • Training • Communication Management DATA GOVERNANCE DATA MANAGEMENT • Implement processes and governance for: • Reference Data Management • Master Data Management • Data Quality • Maintenance of Data Catalogues Accenture’s four-phased approach to assess IDMP readiness across these tiers. Data analysis and mining Data mapping and extraction Data cleansing and enrichment Collect and maintain IDMP compliant data IDMP submission 1 3 2 4 5
  4. 4. 4 Data analysis and mining Data mapping and extraction Data cleansing and enrichment Collect and maintain IDMP compliant data IDMP submission 1 3 2 4 5 IDMP SPOR check and enrichment of database if necessary Automation AI tool AI tool Automation Auto mapping with e.g. MedDRA Automation Enabling IDMP with best in class technology solutions.
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