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Digital Security

Challenges for media & entertainment companies.

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Digital Security

  2. 2. MEDIA GOES DIGITAL A CHANGING LANDSCAPE TV / STB / terminals Proprietary network Closed system, end-to-end controlled Broadcast No direct consumer relationship INCREASINGLY TOWARDS Any connected device, managed or unmanaged Multiservice content delivery networks Open system, no operator control Fully personalised content Direct consumer relationships
  3. 3. DIGITAL FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGES THE SECURITY LANDSCAPE New threats: Open networks with consumer owned devices can be attacked in fundamentally different ways than closed networks and proprietary devices. New attack surface, for example new systems such as a content or analytics supply chain. Cloud computing changes both threats and attack surface. New classes of attackers: Due to all of these factors. The richer targets and increased impact provide motive, while the new threats and attack surface offer the opportunity. Impact: It changes in nature and magnitude as loss or compromise of digital assets more directly impacts the digital business. Richer targets: There are more digital assets – such as analytics data, personal user data, content. And they’re of increasing value and susceptible to attack.
  4. 4. DIGITAL SECURITY CHALLENGES Network based attacks content, user data, devices… Visibility of malicious activity in ever more complex infrastructure Content protection throughout the supply chain Digital identity to manage your audience identity and associated personal data Increase in sophisticated cyber criminals Meeting data privacy & compliance requirements while maximising data use (personalisation, analytics…) Managing device security, including customer owned devices Data protection for a wide variety of new data (billing, usage, tracking, analytics…)