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Smb Sme Virtualization_Bundles - EMC - Accel

  1. 1. Training KitVMware and EMC SMB/SME Virtualization
  2. 2. The VMware and EMC virtualization bundles enable SMBs and SMEs to quickly and consistently deploy a virtualized infrastructure to consolidate their application and file share environments.
  3. 3. Our Benefits• Branding/differentiation opportunity• Higher value deals; shorter sales cycle• Customer retention• Leverage across the line card
  4. 4. Our Benefits• Easy to config/quote/sell• Simple to demo• Built for applications that run our customers’ businesses• No storage expertise required to sell or implement• Deployment guide to enable rapid, and repeatable implementations
  5. 5. Profitable• Higher value deals and short sales cycle• Recurring revenue through add-on sales (capacity, servers, software)• Services revenue at the point of sale and over the life of the solution• Supporting collateral, simplified pricing, order & config process = lower costs
  6. 6. Bundle Components• vSphere Essentials Plus, Standard Acceleration Kit or Midsize Acceleration Kit• EMC VNXe series storage• Distributor selected network connectivity• Distributor selected server• Distributor or VAR selected value add software
  7. 7. Bundle Options• Consolidation: Optimized for 5-10 servers• Availability: optimized for up to 20 servers• Scalability: optimized for up to 50 servers• Automation: optimized for 50+ servers
  8. 8. Target Market• SMB/SME organizations <1000 users• Customer doesn’t have a storage expert• Main buying criteria are price, simplicity & application affinity• Horizontal solution for all industries
  9. 9. Customer Pain Points• Application Availability – Application downtime has a direct and negative impact on the bottom line• Data Protection and Recovery – Data protection is complex and recovery can be time consuming and unreliable
  10. 10. Customer Pain Points• Infrastructure Costs – 1 server for 1 application is inefficient causing proliferation of lightly used servers with captive islands of storage; wastes power, space and cooling expenses• IT Productivity – Up to 70% of IT budgets are allocated to maintenance so fewer resources can be allocated to innovation that drive business ROI
  11. 11. Key Customer Messages• High Application Availability – Zero application downtime for failed servers – In-service migration of live virtual machines (VMs) for maintenance or load balancing• Lower Physical Infrastructure Cost – Consolidate an application & file sharing infrastructure into a 6RU package w/HA – Advanced enterprise-class features and functionality
  12. 12. Key Customer Messages• Greater Efficiency Lower TCO – Full consolidation solution with HA is space efficient (requires just 6 rack units) – Automated diagnosis and one-click support – Optimal unified storage consolidation solution for file and block applications• Automated Data Protection and Rapid Data Recovery – Data recovery in minutes with single file granularity – Data protection hosted at a remote site
  13. 13. Key Customer Messages• Increased Productivity – Save time by provisioning 1TB application storage in less than 10 minutes• Reduced Application Deployment Time – Decrease application deployment cycle time from weeks to days• Proven Best-of-Breed Technologies Virtualization bundles tested and documented for rapid deployment
  14. 14. Elevator Pitch• VMware and EMC SMB/SME virtualization bundles deliver high application availability while lowering physical infrastructure costs and overall TCO.• Designed for IT managers who are not dedicated storage experts, the bundles include VMware vSphere, EMC VNXe series of unified storage, and the customer’s choice of server and network connectivity.• The bundles have been tested and documented to ensure optimal performance and rapid deployment.• Whether a customer is starting with virtualization or has plans for a fully virtualized infrastructure, the bundles meet existing requirements and scale for future growth
  15. 15. Customer Characteristics• SMB/SME organizations across all verticals• Server-based storage & file servers that are ideal for storage consolidation• Virtualizing MS applications Requirement for Internet Protocol (IP) (NAS and/or iSCSI) connectivity only
  16. 16. Qualifying Questions• What core applications are you running and what do they do for your business?• Do you have any applications experiencing performance challenges?• What is your current strategy around application availability? Have you recently experienced an outage?• What do you plan to virtualize? How many VM’s do you plan to deploy?
  17. 17. Qualifying Questions• What is the breakdown of structured vs. unstructured data (database vs. file)?• How do you plan to protect your data & what is your protection retention policy?• Are you planning to add another server to your environment?• Would you like a demonstration of EMC VNXe storage integration with VMware?
  18. 18. Bundle Recommendations Identify the right bundle for your customer by asking these questions• How many servers/applications do you plan to consolidate?• Are any of these applications mission critical?• If any are mission critical, do not recommend the Consolidation bundle• Use # applications the customer is consolidating to recommend the right bundle• Expect the Availability bundle to be the best fit for most customers
  19. 19. Bundle Positioning Customer Needs # Servers to Consolidate Starting Point• Complete business continuity solution More than 50 Automation• Interested in advanced VMware features such asDRS/SPM, Storage vMotion• Requires HA but not zero downtime Up to 50 Scalability• Consolidate onto 4 or fewer physical servers• Requires HA but not zero downtime Up to 20 Availability• Consolidate onto 3 or fewer physical servers• HA is a future requirement Up to 10 Consolidation• Consolidating Tier 2/3 apps• Non-disruptive upgrade path to grow
  20. 20. HAPPY SELLING 