LIS 3353 - Group 1 - GigWalk


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  • Briefly – what does the company do? Who is their target audience?Connect business with people for flexible work. Projects focus on: Field ResearchCollect data on prices and displaysSurvey customers for feedback Verify business operating informationField Sales and Marketing Hand out promo materialRepresent a trade show Demonstrate a new product Onsite Technical ServiceInstall network equipmentRepair telecom infrastructure Troubleshoot and repair machineryPhotography and MediaPhotos of real estateWrite reviews of local businesses Record video of a public eventInspection and TestingMystery shopping storesInspect and appraise real estate Assess wiring and installationAdministrative SupportFilingData Entry Preparing Financial StatementsIn Short, an online Temp work agency, people post and accept various smaller gigs. Target employee audience is those seeking a bit more income, or for a way to explore, or to have a completely online temporary work. Employers need a certain task to be completed, that would require someone to be local, to not necessarily be a salaried employee, and it may be something as simple as verifying an advertising sign is still existing for maybe 7 bucks.
  • What is UNIQUE about their service or product?What’s unique is the blending of technology and temp work, tasks are GPS and photo verified, and the money is paid into a paypal account. This allows for long distance tasks to be done, for it to be 100% verified (for the most part) and allows for it to still traditionally be under the table. The electronic matchup of employee to employer is interesting as well. Video:
  • What challenges do they face?ChallengesExpanding to the android (it’s in beta testing)Attracting businesses to create jobs (only main is Tom-Tom for map verification)Having jobs in more then just the rather limited locations currentlyIssue with users not having jobs in their locationWith price of gas, completing smaller jobs not cost effective.Doesn’t pay enough for even gas. Best suited to large metropolitan areas. Dependent on paypalHave to take several low paying jobs until able to take higher paying (~30-50)
  • How should the company proceed in expanding the business/attracting new users?Attract business by getting the word outGet the app on the android platformLarger user baseStill need to have more jobs in more locations Expand to other businesses, allow for more jobsGet more users, allows for a greater spread of places available for work. Increase advertisementSet up own payment system rather than relying on PayPal
  • What’s the next step? What does the company’s future look like? – ConclusionNext step is to simply get the word out that this product exists. This will have more jobsGet the android app finished and outAllows more temp workersFuture looks promising if it doesn’t fizzle out. Alternatively, focus in larger metropolitan areas where users can use the app as a way to make some money while exercising, which is what most of the major users seem to be doing.
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