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Acc plus Uganda

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Welcome to the future of Business process outsourcing.

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Acc plus Uganda

  1. 1. ACC-PLUS UGANDA LTD“Figures talk, we just translate what they say for you”
  2. 2. Services offered Investment Consulting Financial Services Quality Assurance Consulting Business Intelligence Services Business Process Outsourcing Property Management Event Management
  3. 3. Investment Consulting ACC-PLUS is an independent investment firm that provides innovative private equity solutions to institutional clients worldwide. As one of the few investment firms based in Africa, our focus is on developing companies in the emerging markets of Africa through primary partnerships, secondary purchases, and direct investments. Our focus is mainly on private equity, striving for top-quartile returns, refining our industry expertise, and cultivating relationships with leading global partners. About Acc-plus Investment Services Investors and fund managers have relied on ACC-PLUS as their trusted partner for global private equity investing. We are a leading, independent firm committed to innovation and results. Our Investment Strategy The ACC-PLUS Partners strategy offers an integrated approach to private equity through investments in primary partnerships, in secondary purchases, and directly in companies. Our Team The diverse strengths of our team enable ACC-PLUS to bring broad-based knowledge and insight to all areas of private equity investing.
  4. 4. Financial ServicesChoosing a CPA firm is one of the most important decisions you will make as a business owner. We specialize infinancial solutions for businesses both large and small. Acc-plus Financial Consultancy Services can assist and advise in small business startup matters and help your business get off to a solid start financially. We help you… Prepare an initial business plan to clarify your marketing, management, and financial plans. Determine your start-up capital needs. Identify sources of start-up capital and backup sources if needed. Evaluate and quantify your borrowing power so you know how much money you can get your hands on if needed. Select a business structure that best fits your needs by evaluating tax advantages, legal exposure, ease of operation and portability should you need to relocate. Select the right accounting software by evaluating your budget, needs and hardware. Prepare a Cash Flow Budget so you know exactly how much money you need to keep the business alive each month for the first few years. Unplanned cash requirements are always emotionally painful. Establish billing and collection procedures to maximize your cash flow. Establish procedures to monitor and control costs. Setup a home office so you can maximize your tax deductions. Prepare and file all required state and local licenses and permits. Prepare and file your application for your NSSF Number. Provide payroll and payroll tax filing when you bring on your first employee. Comply with employment laws so you don’t get hit with fines and unhappy employees. Identify your business insurance needs. Develop a solid Partnership Agreement. This is an extremely important document for all new partnerships and will help prevent a tremendous amount of financial and emotional problems down the road.
  5. 5. Quality Assurance Consulting Quality assurance is the process of verifying or determining whether products or services meet or exceed customer expectations. Quality assurance is a process-driven approach with specific steps to help define and attain goals. This process considers design, development, production, and service. AQAA was formed for the purpose of helping companies build systems with policies, procedures, work instructions and records that would ease the workflow process in the company in which it would be implemented. Acc-plus Quality Assurance Associates provides services and solutions in Quality Assurance & Scientific Support, Information Systems, and Archiving. AQAA maintains a broad client base such as federal and state agencies, chemical and manufacturing companies, financial and accounting firms, law firms, medical and research facilities, to name a few. From our inception, quality assurance and quality control have been the cornerstone of AQAA.
  6. 6. Business Intelligence Services Choosing a superior business intelligence company is essential to business success. Whether you need competitive intelligence, customers, industry or media trends, your business intelligence company needs to deliver relevant, actionable intelligence in digestible volume. Too much or too little information from your intelligence company and youre liable to overlook or miss important intelligence. If your business intelligence company requires too much effort from your users it will hamper organizational productivity. If your business intelligence doesnt integrate with your existing infrastructure, your investment in information technology is lost. ABIS is a business intelligence company that helps enterprises integrate news and business information into their daily workflow to increase organizational effectiveness and leverage external and internal intelligence. More than any other business intelligence company, we can help improve organizational productivity by reducing the amount of time it takes to find relevant information. As a leading business intelligence company, ABIS provides a single point of access to a deep archive of news and business information—further reducing the time it takes to secure relevant information. ABIS is a young and dynamic company aspiring to be a leading pure play world-class Business Intelligence and Analytics firm, providing companies with complete solution and services for their many analytical needs. We are focused on Integrated Analytics & Business Performance Measurement and provide outsourced development, customization, deployment & support services for several BPM platforms. Our services include; Business Intelligence Data management Information Technology
  7. 7. Business Process Outsourcing Hiring employees, writing handbooks, keeping up with legal updates, etc… usually ends up becoming a full-time job. And let’s be honest, few companies have the experience or resources to perform their own HR functions in-house. Trying to do it all yourself efficiently and effectively can keep you from doing the most important thing in your day – growing your business. AHRO is a Certified Management and Human Resource Consulting and Training firm is committed to providing leading edge HR infrastructure support and exemplary customer service leading to improved performance of an organization. Our firm provides a wide variety of human resource services including HR outsourcing, performance management, organizational development and policy and procedure development. Our consulting services can be provided on-site or off-site or a combination that best suits our clients needs. Some organizations select our services to supplement an existing human resource department while others find it advantageous to utilize our services in place of a formal human resource function. AHROs prime role is to assist the client to identify needs, develop an action plan and facilitate change to enhance the success of your organization. Our management, human resource, and training services are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, communication and employee morale. Contact AHRO Consultants to discover how we can help you stay competitive in todays economy!
  8. 8. Property Management Acc-plus Property Management is the nation’s local property manager. We specialize in residential property management in the Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. Whether you are a property owner, prospective tenant or investor, Acc-plus Property Management has the expertise to handle your property management needs. For Property Owners Acc-plus Property Management provides full-service property management for single family homes, plexes, and small apartments under 50 units, and some of our offices have managed larger apartments. We understand how difficult it can be for residential property owners to manage their properties, while finding balance in their personal lives. Thats why we offer a full suite of services to relieve property owner stress, such as tenant placement, credit screening, maintenance, property inspections, collections, evictions, and monthly financial reporting. When you choose Acc-plus Property Management to handle your properties, a dedicated property manager will be assigned to your property. For Prospective Tenants Weve been helping individuals, families and businesses find residence for more than 20 years. With more than tens of thousands of rental properties through the East African Region, we have many single-family homes in upscale neighborhoods, economical 3 to 4 bedroom family homes, small apartment and multi-unit buildings available for rent. Every year thousands of tenants depend on Acc-plus Property Management for their relocation needs. For Investors At Acc-plus Property Management, we offer a web-based system where investors can access information on their properties 24/7. Investors can view customized property management reports that provide data such as occupancy rates, average rents, maintenance costs and other key measurements on properties. Investors can also reduce time spent managing multiple properties across several geographical regions and improve communication and operational efficiency. We have integrated cutting-edge software applications, centralized our accounting function and fine-tuned our training processes to ensure our office teams are equipped to meet all your property management needs. So if you are looking for a property management company that will deliver quality services at a reasonable price, Acc-plus Property Management is the company for you.
  9. 9. Event Management Acc-plus Event Management offers clients the full range of logistical support for functions, conferences, workshops, and seminars. We design and distribute cards, marketing materials and press releases announcing upcoming events. We design Web pages to broadcast scheduled activities and agendas and create interactive registration forms. We secure event venues/sites. We identify and confirm guest attendance, speakers, presenters, moderators, and participants as well as develop and produce the materials and collaterals to be distributed at your event. And when its over, we conduct in-depth evaluations with audiences and participants and deliver a written report fully documenting all aspects of the event. Services we offer Venue booking Vehicle hire Printing and distribution of cards Catering Decoration of venues Public Address System Music Tent and Chair hire Photography and Video coverage
  10. 10. CONTACTS For more details, our contacts are as follows; Email;, Telephone number; +256-776 266 878 Website; Blog; me.html Welcome to the future of Business process outsourcing.


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