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Finding European Human Rights Law Resources


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Finding European Human Rights Law Resources

  1. 1. Bodleian Law Library European Human Rights Finding legal resources for European Human Rights
  2. 2. Council of Europe -  Council of Europe Treaties  Directorate General of Human Rights @ documents and news organised by subject  Commissioner for Human Rights @  European Court of Human Rights -  Judgments and decisions on Westlaw, Justis, HUDOC, Worldlii
  3. 3. Link through to the Human Rights and Legal affairs. Links to the institutions including a link to the European Court of Human Rights and the Commissioner for Human Rights Link to the Treaty Office
  4. 4. Human rights links
  5. 5. European Court of Human Rights: Judgments  Official Reports  Before 1 Nov 1998 known as Series A and numbered consecutively e.g. Plattform ‘Ärtze für das Leben’ v Austria (App no 10126/82) (1988) Series A no 139  After 1 Nov 1998 - Renamed Reports of Judgments and Decisions (cited ECHR) e.g. Osman v UK (App no 23452/94) ECHR 1998-VIII 3124 Available in print at Internat 121 and online on Justis  European Human Rights Reports (EHRR)  e.g. Young, James and Webster v UK (App no 7601/76) (1982) 4 EHRR 38  Available in print at Internat 150 E60 on Westlaw  OSCOLA – guidance in citing the Official Reports or
  6. 6. ECHR: Transcripts  Court Transcripts  Court web site – HUDOC - Worldlii  Netherlands Institute
  7. 7. ECHR web site   Basic Documents and texts of the court  Database of transcripts of judgments and commission decisions  To go direct to the transcripts database click on Case Law - Decisions and Judgments and then the link to HUDOC
  8. 8. Links through to the basic text including the Convention as well as the Case-law (HUDOC). You can also access HUDOC from the link in the top right. Reports section includes annual and activity reports for the court.
  9. 9. If you are looking for a specific case then use the application number (e.g. 24276/94) if you have it. If not use the case title to put the party name. For subject searching then use the Text box. Choose which parts of the collections you wish to search. It defaults to judgments only – if you need admissibility decisions (including those made by the Commission before it ceased in 1999) you need to choose decisions as well. You can also filter by other criteria using the left hand menu
  10. 10. Keywords in context – finds your keywords Analytical information including dates, party names, who the case was referred by, Strasbourg case law cited, keywords, durable URL Delivery options
  11. 11. European Human Rights Caselaw on Westlaw  UK section of Westlaw includes ECHR judgments  European Court of Human Rights Reports (includes all court judgments and selected commission decisions)
  12. 12. From the Westlaw UK home page choose the ‘Cases’ option at the top and then choose “Advanced Search” for more options
  13. 13. Using the boxes you can search the full text of the judgment for keywords, the party names for specific cases or using specific legislation. There is also option to search for cases that have cited other cases
  14. 14. Full text of the case Case Analysis has related information including: •List of reports of the case •Summary of the issues •Legislation considered in the judgment •Earlier cases considered in the judgment •Later cases which have considered this judgment •Commentary on the judgment
  15. 15. European Human Rights Case Law on Justis  Official Reports  Series A (pre Nov 1998 case law) usually prefixed with an A or A Series  EHCR (post nov 1998 case law) cited as EHCR  Has transcripts as well as reports
  16. 16. Use the top bar and type human rights – then choose human rights cases arrow. Type in your search term into the box
  17. 17. Official reports – old style series A Transcript Official reports – new style